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11:12  02 april  2020
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Plane explodes on take-off in Philippines, killing all aboard including US, Canadian nationals

  Plane explodes on take-off in Philippines, killing all aboard including US, Canadian nationals A medical evacuation plane bound for Japan has exploded during take-off in the Philippine capital, killing all eight passengers and crew.The Lionair plane was bound for Tokyo on a medical mission when it caught fire near the end of the main runway, Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) manager Ed Monreal said.

Here’s How to Start Running So You Fall in Love With the Sport. The reasons vary, but our mission is constant. We believe the world is a better place when more people run . Treat your training time like you would an important appointment, and if you’re really struggling to commit, find a workout

Getting started with running can feel overwhelming to a beginner runner . One of the most popular types of running is simply called road running . It includes running on It is also one of the easiest ways to start your running program—all you have to do is step out your door and get moving.

Young sportswoman with smart watch taking a break outdoors in the city © E + Young sportswoman with smart watch taking a break outdoors in the city

The corona pandemic keeps us all in suspense, massive restrictions in public and private life are supposed to slow down the rate of expansion lower the virus. In Germany there are nationwide contact bans, however, walking alone or with people from your own household is generally allowed. If you are healthy and have the opportunity to be on a less busy route, running is now the ideal sport for you. Exercising in the fresh air strengthens your immune system and your cardiovascular system - however, you should be careful not to overwhelm yourself.

China players join clubs after completing quarantine

  China players join clubs after completing quarantine China players join clubs after completing quarantineThe team ended their two-week medical quarantine after all players tested negative for COVID-19, the Xinhua news agency reported.

How many times have you decided to start a home workout plan to lose 5 kg and then failed? Take a different approach and decide what you want to get good Feeling stressed or lost motivation for your workout plan ? It’s normal to get overwhelmed . Skip a day and focus on getting a quality night of sleep.

Here are 12 healthy habits the most highly motivated runners develop, with expert advice on how to make them your own. Runners that Reichmann and Sapper coach had an easier time staying motivated to incorporate strength moves when they penned them into their training plans .

Depending on your current fitness, you will find exactly the right plan for starting your run here. As a couch potato, you start with the first training plan. He gently guides you from walking through the first short passages to continuous running. If you are already active in your day-to-day life or maybe even do some sport and dare to start faster, you can set yourself higher goals. Participating in your first running competition is a great motivation. With our entry-level training plans you get fit for your first 5 km run or even your first tens.

The plan for your very first steps

Running for half an hour in a row is the first big goal in every runner's life. With a little patience and a simple system, you can achieve it faster than expected and without overwhelming yourself. Because with our plan you don't start running straight away. It is better to feel your way gently while walking. Bloody beginners without a sporty background can run 30 minutes straight after three months. Without being overwhelmed!

Werder fails with application for training start

 Werder fails with application for training start © AFPSIDPATRIK STOLLARZ State of Bremen rejects the Werder application Bremen - Bundesliga soccer club Werder Bremen initially failed with his application for a return to a restricted training organization next Monday. As interior senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) announced on Friday, the state of Bremen had given the club's plans a rejection. According to the SPD politician, Werder planned to train in small groups in two places after the weekend.

Increasing running mileage without getting injured is harder than it looks, especially if you're coming back from injury. Here is a plan of how to run more . Most running injuries can be regarded as a sign that you have pushed your body beyond its thresholds. It therefore makes sense that in order to

How to run a marathon – free marathon training plans for every kind of runner . You might not be able to clock as many miles, but lockdown is the perfect time to devour some running books. Running coach Lewis Moses offers advice on staying happy and healthy in challenging times.

You can currently buy the complete plan including important training information for 5.50 euros instead of 6.90 euros as a PDF print version.

The training plan for your first 5 km run

This training plan is suitable for athletic beginners. Those who exercise a lot in everyday life and have a certain level of basic fitness can skip the above plan and dare to prepare for a first 5 km run - be it as part of an official running event or just for themselves. The goal in both cases: walk five kilometers without breaks. To do this, you train three times a week for eight weeks, alternating between running and walking. Every week, the running share increases, while the breaks in walking become shorter. Already on the weekend of the eighth week you will walk five kilometers without breaks. Promised!

We also currently offer this training plan with important information and explanations for the training as a PDF print version for 5.50 euros instead of 6.90 euros.

Serdar Tasci toying to return to VfB Stuttgart

 Serdar Tasci toying to return to VfB Stuttgart © Aitor Alcalde Colomer / GettyImages Sevilla FC v Spartak Moskva - UEFA Champions League Serdar Tasci has been without a club since last summer. The 32-year-old had had a few offers in the past few months, but there was no signature. When asked by VfB Stuttgart , however, the former international would not hesitate for a second. In the second half of last season, Tasci was under contract with Basaksehir.

Starting to run is easy: all you need to do is step outside and go. Building a running routine Make sure your running shoes fit your feet as close as they can without being too tight. It depends on how much you train but if you really want to get better then I would recommend getting an instructor.

Finding no experience jobs is tough. Searching in right places is the key find entry level jobs. The online jobs listed below are excellent entry level jobs and can be a good fit for you if you have started searching just now. If you are looking for more low-stress jobs, here is a post that shares a lot of

The training plan for your first 10 km run

If you have successfully completed the first two plans or - for example through other sports - have good basic fitness and endurance, you can register for your first 10 km run. By then at the latest you will have left the beginner phase behind. In order to achieve your ambitious goal, you train for twelve weeks according to our training plan. In the beginning, short breaks are planned, but you won't need them in week 4. The longest run per week increases in feasible steps from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. After only three months you will be optimally prepared at the starting line of your first ten.

The training plan for the first 10 kilometers is also currently reduced from 6.90 euros to 5.50 euros.

The all-round carefree package for running entry

The individually created training plans of our RUNNER’S WORLD trainers Sonja and Lorenz are tailored to your current level of performance and your personal running goal. In addition to the preparation of the training plan, you can rely on the personal training support from the coaches, who will help you with all questions and every little motivation.

Coronavirus: In Spain, corpses discovered in retirement homes by soldiers .
With the multiplication of deaths, the funeral services, overwhelmed, would sometimes delay intervening © Ismael Herrero / EFE / SIPA Medical staff in front of a house retirement in Spain, March 19, 2020 (illustration).

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