Tech & Science Intelligence: Do animals get smarter if they follow people into the city?

08:40  02 june  2020
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More than 500 pond turtles released into the wild in Hesse

 More than 500 pond turtles released into the wild in Hesse With the release of twelve pond turtles, the Hessian protection program to save the critically endangered animals has reached its half-time goal. According to the environment ministry, pond turtles have been released into the wild since 2002 at a total of twelve locations. A total of 1000 animals from this offspring program are to be made at home in Hessen again by 2028. © Photo: Boris Roessler / dpa / archive image A man is holding a small European pond turtle.

If so, cities may be making animals smarter than their rural counterparts. Still, most Colombo residents have never seen a fishing cat in the city — if they even know what one is. In villages north of Colombo, people have been known to pour boiling water in the eyes of fishing cats that get trapped

Her data revealed that none of the rural raccoons could get into the trash can; 80 percent of the city animals did . Gehrt and his grad students are analyzing urban Chicago coyote DNA to see if they can find genetic markers that predict shy or bold personalities—borrowing from research techniques

Wenn es um Mülltonnen geht, kennt die Kreativität der Waschbären keine Grenzen © Getty Images / passion4nature When it comes to garbage cans, the creativity of raccoons knows no bounds.

In the city, many animal species trick people. They find gaps in the system, break locks and use people's habits to get food. They are surprisingly clever and bold.

city air makes you smart - new observations show how adaptable animals become when they follow humans in their habitats. Many animal species change their strategy. Avoiding people and escaping from them is becoming increasingly difficult. Homo sapiens reproduces unrestrainedly and transforms the entire planet into its own habitat. Animals that want to survive permanently accept the rule of man and look for a niche in their world.

City Chic Collective reopening its stores

  City Chic Collective reopening its stores Plus-sized women's retailer City Chic Collective says it is re-opening its 107 stores in Australia and New Zealand as the coronavirus lockdowns ease. The apparel retailer said it had already reopened some stores over the past two weeks, but did not say how many.With online already contributing two-thirds of City Chic's sales before the pandemic, the company said it had traded profitably through the lockdowns although its gross margins were lower because of promotions.City Chic said sales of intimates, casual and streetwear had increased while there had been weak demand for its more premium apparel.

" Animals offer different kinds of intelligences which have been under-rated due to humans' fixation on language and technology. Professor Henneberg says domestic pets also give us close insight into mental abilities of mammals and birds. Get weekly and/or daily updates delivered to your inbox.

For scientists who study animal behavior, intelligence is not about acing a calculus test or taking a car Tools allow animals to get to food that they couldn’t reach otherwise. And if they can make plans for They did so by evolving big brains, the ability to solve new problems, and perhaps look into the

Not only summer and winter, rain and drought have to be taken into account here. Your new living space depends on people's habits and moods and they change much faster than natural processes. Therefore, animals cannot trust traditional, inherited behavior, they have to be able to adapt quickly - they have to become smarter.

wild boars are a classic example of how well animals can assess humans. In Germany the animals are shy outside of built-up areas and hide during the day. They take this caution away in suburbs and are open - even with the whole family. The reason: In Germany, hunters cannot attack them there because ricochets could injure people.

Raccoons crack garbage protection

In Toronto, raccoons showed people what they can do, reports the "BBC". There, as in many regions in the USA and Canada, these animals have discovered themselves in garbage cans as a pantry. The consequences were nighttime noise, overturned tons and scattered rubbish. So became a garbage can that was to serve as the Fort Knox's garbage container - unbreakable for the cheeky robbers. However, the local newspaper "The Star" quickly discovered that the raccoons were able to open the rotary lock on the lid. A reporter filmed a raccoon first knocking over the bins and turning the lock. This was very astonishing because Suzanne MacDonald of York University in Toronto had tested securing with dozens of raccoons, and none of them had been able to get the contents. "Few raccoons have figured out how to break open the containers," she said two years later. Now she is at a loss: "Frankly, I cannot imagine how the barrels could be modified, because some raccoons will always find out how to break things".

Contamination of the Covid by minks: perhaps the "first known cases" of transmission from animals to humans (WHO)

 Contamination of the Covid by minks: perhaps the © Jonathan NACKSTRAND Probable cases of contamination of Dutch people by minks could be the "first" known cases of transmission "of the new coronavirus from animal to man, according to WHO The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that the probable cases of contamination of Dutch by mink could be" first known cases of transmission "of the new coronavirus from animals to humans.

Not even close to all humans are smarter than the smartest animals . There are always extremely intelligent members of species on the end of a bell During its annual meeting in 2012, the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) organized a symposium with the following title

People often say that intelligence is something lucky individuals are born with but that’s not always the case. Intelligence can be both inherited and acquired. Intelligent minds are curious. It bothers them if even a single leaf is left unturned. They ’re always looking for answers and exploring mysteries.

Bold in the new living space

And the raccoons are not alone. Intelligence is important to enable animals to thrive in man-made places, said Emilie Snell-Rood of University , Minnesota, about the "BBC". Elephants have learned methods of breaking through electric fences. Japanese crows place nuts on the street in such a way that they are cracked by a car. The crows are even smart enough to put the nuts down in front of traffic lights so they have time to pick the goodies. London pigeons are known for traveling from station to station in S-Bahn wagons to collect the crumbs on the platform. Characteristics such as boldness, flexibility or the desire to try something new help animals to gain a foothold in the new environment, said Sarah Benson-Amram from the University of Wyoming at the broadcaster. But it is difficult to prove whether the animals in the city are really smarter or whether they only behave differently because they live in a different environment. This can be seen from coyotes. They move boldly in cities and are more keen to experiment than in the country. But that may also be because it is smarter to be more careful in the wild with natural enemies and in the face of food that can run away.

Virtual fencing aims to reduce roadkill and help protect endangered wildlife

  Virtual fencing aims to reduce roadkill and help protect endangered wildlife An invisible roadside fence designed to reduce the number of animals being killed on Queensland roads is being trialled on the Sunshine Coast. Concerned about the amount of roadkill on her street, Mudjimba resident Christine Pitcher lobbied the local council for virtual fencing to be installed in the area."I spoke to various neighbours about it and they were pretty upset about what was happening ... particularly because some kangaroos were being hit and being left to die," she said."There were also a couple of people in the street that hit them and had damage to their cars.

The biggest problem with asking about animal intelligence is defining what we even mean by In other words, living in a group forces an individual to become smarter , rather than a smart individual These behaviors are far above and beyond what most people would assume an insect is capable of.

In some large cities , people have to pay a fee when they drive their cars into the city centre, in a policy to reduce the number of cars in the city . Caused by this policy, Tokyo grew significantly to become the smartest city with the lowest percentage of air pollution and traffic jam, development of

Niches in the human biotope

Taking the perspective of the revolution, animals live in a revolutionary change situation. The living conditions on the planet change radically within a very short period of time - something like this has only happened before humans as a result of natural disasters. In this short window of time, some curious and adaptable species penetrate the gaps in the human biotope city. It also shows that some rodent species and other small mammals have developed larger skulls in a human-disturbed environment. This can mean that cognitive skills have also developed.

But this does not have to mean that humans are accompanied by semi-wild clever animals in the long run. Species usually occupy the niches in the newly created biotopes. After a phase of evolutionary change, calm returns. After the phase of courageous intelligence, the niche found is defended. How the animals set up and which species prevail, man can hardly influence. It is quite conceivable that the animals prefer to feed themselves effortlessly on the nutrients in the sewer system.

Scientifically confirmed: Men find this sexy in women

 Scientifically confirmed: Men find this sexy in women © provided by COSMOPOLITAN Men find this sexy in women At last we know for sure: Men find it super sexy in us women ... How many times have we had our heads over it shattered what men find really hot. Is it enough if we dress sexy and have humor? A study finally gives us insight into how men think and what most of them find sexy.

Maria Konnikova on new research into human intelligence and evolution. As a species, humans are incredibly smart . We tell stories, create magnificent art and astounding technology, build cities , and The connection between head size and intelligence does create incentives for babies to arrive earlier.

If I were the smartest person alive I would invent something valuable. 4. What would you do if you had a pet monkey? If I had a space ship I would travel into the open space. 6. What would you buy if you had a million dollars? If animals could talk I would ask them some questions.



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