Tech & Science Green power plants: How many people can live from a tree?

12:20  05 june  2020
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Brian Austin Green: 'Megan Fox realised she was better off alone'

  Brian Austin Green: 'Megan Fox realised she was better off alone' Megan Fox realised she was a better mum and person when she's not around her husband duing a trip to South Korea. The actress came home after filming The Battle of Jangsari last year and told Brian Austin Green she needed more time alone.

Since many species of trees can live for hundreds of years or more , our “investment” tree planting may perhaps last far beyond our own lifetimes. We are a couple of environmentalists who seek inspiration for life in simple values based on our love for nature. Our goal is to inspire people to

People living in high-income nations must play their part if the world is to sustain a large human population. So a world with a human population of 11 billion might put comparatively little A 2015 study in the Journal of Industrial Ecology looked at environmental impact from a household perspective.

trees produce the oxygen we need to live. But there is always talk of forest death, fire and deforestation. At the same time, the number of the world's population is increasing. Soon there won't be enough trees for all of us?

Grüne-Kraftwerke © iStock-AGrigorjeva Green power plants We breathe continuously without thinking about it. In fact, we do it 17 times a minute. Without breathing there would be no life, because every cell in our body needs oxygen from the air to function. The volume of air that flows through our lungs every day is 12,000 liters - that's more than eight full bathtubs. Since the oxygen content of the air is 21 percent and only a part of what we breathe actually gets into our body, it only uses 25.5 liters of oxygen per hour of it. Photosynthesis generates oxygen So with every breath we take something from our ambient air Oxygen. Nevertheless, we always have enough air to breathe, strictly speaking, the oxygen content of the air always remains constant. Because: Plants are the oxygen suppliers of our earth; they create it using sunlight and water in a biochemical process called photosynthesis. The amount of oxygen that an tree produces depends on the tree species, its wood density and its age. In general, a conifer produces more oxygen than a deciduous tree and a young tree more than an old one. On average, a hundred-year-old tree releases 12,000 liters of oxygen into the air every hour. So if a person needs 24 liters of oxygen per hour, a tree could give fifty people air to breathe. That sounds like a lot - and almost as if we didn't have to worry about the tree population on earth, there is enough for everyone. But this is a fallacy: trees not only provide vital oxygen, they also process carbon dioxide (CO2), which is released into the air when you breathe. Strictly speaking, we produce ten to twenty liters of carbon dioxide per hour, a tree can process 1,800 liters of this gas in the same time and thus bind the CO2 emissions of 120 people , heat and switch on the light at night - all of this uses energy. The hourly CO2 emissions for one person in Germany are just over 900 liters. This shows: Theoretically, an tree could bind the CO2 emissions of 120 people. But if you take into account our lavish lifestyle, only two of over a hundred people remain - a sobering result. One in two Germans would need a hundred-year-old tree in their garden to offset their own CO2 emissions. For this reason, the IPCC advises reducing the emissions of every person on earth to two tons per year; that's just 170 liters per hour. That would mean reducing our energy requirements to a fifth. So: Turn off the lights, turn down the heating and at best plant a tree. If you then do not see the forest for the trees, you can go to work with a clear conscience.

Tennant Creek man pleads guilty to cannabis possession after calling police on himself .
While William Pointon doesn't believe cannabis should be illegal, he says children should not have it and therefore called police when a young person stole some of his crop.Now, the 60-year-old has paid the price for dobbing himself in.

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