Tech & Science Plantations of 6,000 trees, rainwater harvesting ... The ideas of Saint-Denis against the heat in the city

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Poissy's recipes to avoid “street pooling”

 Poissy's recipes to avoid “street pooling” © DR. Poissy. A fogger has been put into service in the Saint-Exupéry district to prevent acts of vandalism on fire hydrants. The thermometer must exceed 30 degrees this Thursday afternoon, and even 35, this Friday in Yvelines, like the rest of Ile-de-France. This intense heat episode could launch the season for the “street pooling” phenomenon in certain neighborhoods.

What began in 2007 with a drastic departure from traditional rainwater harvesting -- building an And in the case of rain barrels, it's having enough. Especially for those on smallish city lots or with for info on the DIY solar heat , visit www.builditsolar.com. any questions or to share your own ideas

Следующее. Our First Rainwater Harvesting Swale - Permaculture - Продолжительность: 14:40 Handeeman 107 961 просмотр. 28, 000 gallon off grid rainwater tank installation in 1 day Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

Saint-Denis, le 31 juillet. Au coeur du pic de chaleur, des jets d'eau rafraîchissent les enfants au parc de la Légion d'honneur. © LP / Claire Guédon Saint-Denis, July 31. In the heart of the heat peak, water jets cool the children in the Legion of Honor park.

At 4 p.m. this Friday, the Porte de Paris in Saint-Denis looks like an oven. Two dying shrubs are cooking in their giant plastic pot. A1 motorway traffic blocks the horizon. In the hot air, polluted with exhaust fumes, pedestrians walk while quenching their thirst to reach the city center or the Stade de France. Masked users wait for the tram in single file, following the faint shadow cast from the shelter. Dusty tiles and tar refract heat. It is 39 ° C and it is unbearable.

How is the third largest city in Ile-de-France, enclosed in the built-up continuum of Greater Paris, preparing to withstand the high temperatures promised to return each summer? "Saint-Denis is very ill-suited to what awaits us, architecture and buildings amplify the phenomenon of heat," notes Laurent Monnet, deputy mayor in charge of ecological transformation. The new socialist municipality also declared a state of climate emergency during the first council of its term of office, on July 23.

Thiago Silva in history

 Thiago Silva in history © Supplied by Sports.fr SILVA Winner this Friday evening of the Coupe de France with PSG against Saint-Etienne (1-0), the Brazilian central defender joins the closed club of recordmen of the event, including Dominique Bathenay, one of his predecessors in the club of the capital. And 22! Thiago Silva has just signed a 22nd national trophy won with Paris Saint-Germain . To the seven Ligue 1, five League Cup and Champions Trophy titles, we must now add five French Cups.

Harvesting the rain seems like a no-brainer. But is it too expensive? And could you live with an AstroTurf lawn? The rainwater Graf system. You should expect to pay no more than £1, 000 for installation by a competent plumber or builder, and according to Chandlers no crane is required.

Here is Part 7 of the sunken greenhouse project, where I talk about the rainwater harvesting system, cooling tunnel progress and the gravity powered

"In 2050, the same temperatures as Seville"

Last year, these same teams (then in the countryside) had taken readings: at Porte de Paris, when the ambient air was only 27 ° C, the thermal measurements made at the asphalt level reached 57 ° C. "In 2050, temperatures here will be the same as those in Seville currently," adds the elected. It heats up but it also dries up. Water management will be the key for the future. »

In its program, the municipality will launch permits to make the soil waterproof. "In agreement with the inhabitants, the objective will be to break dozens and dozens of m2 of concrete and tar in public space, to return to the earth and allow water to infiltrate", explains Laurent Monnet. In the schoolyards, “oases” will be set up to bring freshness.

Var. A painting by Achille Laugé sold at auction for € 160,000 in Saint-Raphaël

 Var. A painting by Achille Laugé sold at auction for € 160,000 in Saint-Raphaël © Pixabay / Daniel_B_photos A painting by Achille Laugé was sold at auction for € 160,000 (illustration photo). Nine bidders, including some Chinese or British, attempted, Friday July 24, to acquire a pointillist canvas by Achille Laugé, during a sale organized in Saint-Raphaël (Var). It was ultimately a French collector who became the owner of the "Amandiers en fleurs, route de Cailhau" for € 160,000, four times the price of his initial estimate.

Building a Rain Roof as another option to harvest rainwater for home, garden or livestock use. Specifically this is set up for my rainwater garden area but could be If the trees in the middle section look different than the original project video, that is because those were lost due to a javelina event.

EasyOn Gutter Guard is used to keep leaves, redwood tree needles and roof sand grit out of the gutter and a huge 15, 000 gallon rainwater catchment system

Saint-Denis, le 31 juillet. Le pic de chaleur transforme la porte de Paris en fournaise. LP/Claire Guédon © Provided by Le Parisien Saint-Denis, July 31. The heat peak turns the Porte de Paris into a furnace. LP / Claire Guédon

“Do you know when the last time it rained? To this question asked several times this Friday afternoon to passers-by in Saint-Denis, no answer is clear. "I think it was a month ago," asks a resident of Franc-Moisin. "Ten days ago, right, night?" », Thinks a resident of the Pleyel district remembers.

The Bourget measurement station indicates that only 9.2 mm of rain fell in July, 50 mm less than the seasonal norm. It is precisely this treasure that fell from the sky that the city now wants to recover from the roofs of public buildings, instead of letting them slip into sewers or canals. This winter, for example, was very rainy.

A thousand trees planted per year during the mandate

A stone's throw from the nightmarish Porte de Paris, here is the Legion of Honor park, the green lung of Saint-Denis. Long jets of water spray a large lawn, through which young children run shouting their joy. "I take my grandchildren there until the park closes at 9 pm, so that he suffers as little as possible from the heat," says a grandmother living in social housing in the city of Joliot-Curie.

Instits and teachers on a TV set to bring school home

 Instits and teachers on a TV set to bring school home © OUEST-FRANCE Some “Lumni” courses were shot at Recording Studio 130 in Saint-Denis, like this Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Close 130 teachers toured relentlessly from mid-March to July 1, 2020, to produce Lumni courses, broadcast on France 4 during confinement. 430 hours of programs were carried out. Report in Recording Studio 130, in Saint-Denis. "My role is to promote the learning of science.

Here is a tour of my whole house rainwater harvesting system that accounts for approx. 90% of my family's needs here in the Arizona Sonoran desert. If you are interested in rainwater harvesting I hope it my give you some ideas of things that you can do in your own area of the world.

As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating . New research estimates that a worldwide planting programme could remove two-thirds of all the emissions from human activities that remain in the atmosphere today, a figure the scientists describe as

“I would like there to be more greenery and fountains”, underlines the inhabitant of Franc-Moisin. A wish that the municipality hopes to grant, since it intends to plant 6,000 trees during the mandate, that is to say a thousand per year. “We are going to transform Parc Marcel-Cachin, to grow 1,500 large trees and make it the city's second green lung,” explains Laurent Monnet. We will choose species that are resistant to drought and that will withstand climate change. »

Esquisse du projet de la municipalité qui veut planter 1 500 arbres au parc Marcel-Cachin, à Saint-Denis. DR © Provided by Le Parisien Sketch of the project of the municipality which wants to plant 1,500 trees in Marcel-Cachin park, in Saint-Denis. DR

The low slopes of the quays of the Seine at the level of the Ile-Saint-Denis bridge will also be returned to nature. "We would also like to make places of life and relaxation, with barges-restaurants for example", specifies the deputy mayor. The city will offer in parallel the program called Adopte un Arbre, to encourage residents, but also companies to join financially with the plantations.

Permits to revegetate will also be granted to transform the nooks and pieces of unused sidewalks into an earth barrier for flowers or shrubs. "The difficulty with these spaces is that they are then maintained by the inhabitants and that they do not turn into giant bins", notes Laurent Monnet.

Wet sheets spread out and short showers

In the city of Joliot-Curie, a few residents took refuge in a shady square to absorb the heat and avoid the furnace of the homes. "In the apartments, it's hard to sleep," confirms the resident of Franc-Moisin. Windows cannot be left open because of the noise of motorcycle rodeos at night. We then put on slightly damp sheets to ventilate and stop the sun during the day. »

Joliot-Curie's grandmother gives her grandchildren very short showers to cool them down. “I did this last year, during the heatwave but it was so hot the water was drying on them. »The D system, which reminds us that the other major issue is the adaptation to the heat of homes and in particular large social housing complexes.

Mbappe's injury 'worries us' – Marquinhos .
Kylian Mbappe's injury has left Paris Saint-Germain's Marquinhos worried ahead of next month's return to Champions League action.In their first competitive match since the suspension of football in France due to coronavirus in March, PSG clinched the Coupe de France crown thanks to Neymar's 14th-minute goal on Friday.

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