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10:20  28 september  2020
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Trump is shutting down WeChat in the US but will let TikTok live until after the election

  Trump is shutting down WeChat in the US but will let TikTok live until after the election Both companies have Chinese owners. One of them has support from Trump-backers.And the administration says it will do the same thing to TikTok, the mobile video service popular with tens of millions of Americans — but only after the November election.

TikTok is now a tale of two apps. Most of TikTok ’s Western audience originally belonged to Musical.ly. Its Eastern audience, however, knew the original app better, and TikTok still runs a separate version of the app in China called Douyin. Although Musical.ly was extremely popular in the USA, it was founded

Government blacklists more than 50 Chinese-made apps, citing ‘threat to sovereignty’.

Fiche sur le réseau social chinois TikTok © Janis LATVELS File on the Chinese social network TikTok

An American judge granted a respite to TikTok on Sunday evening, a few hours before the entry into force of a suspension of the popular app on download platforms in the United States, but the political-technological saga continues.

Update on the issues.

- What did the judge decide?

Donald Trump signed a decree in early August to ban TikTok, which belongs to the Chinese group ByteDance, unless it passes into the fold of an American company.

The government wanted to apply it, starting with a suspension of mobile application stores.

Judge Carl Nicholas, appointed to Washington by Donald Trump in 2019, ruled in favor of TikTok, which had filed an appeal on September 18 but has however for the moment refused to suspend the total ban on the platform on the ground American, scheduled for November 12.

China Says TikTok Parent Company ByteDance Said It Had Only Learned About Trump Deal in the News

  China Says TikTok Parent Company ByteDance Said It Had Only Learned About Trump Deal in the News The president has said he has agreed to a deal to allow the social media platform to continue operating in the United States.President Donald Trump said Saturday he supported "in concept" an arrangement which would see TikTok move to be owned by a new company, TikTok global, which Oracle and Walmart will both have shares in.

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So without delay, Tik -Tokers should move to these two Indian apps. Open the TikTok App and tap on the three-dot icon located at the top right corner. Of course, there is always a way to get access to banned sites but you should not access these sites as they are restricted for a reason.

The reasons for his decision are under seal to protect potentially confidential information, but are to be released on Monday once the two sides agree.

"I think this is a reasonable decision on the part of the judge," responded Carl Tobias, professor of law at the University of Richmond in Virginia. "It gives them a little more time to find a solution."

- What consequences for users?

Without the intervention of Carl Nichols, from Monday, the 100 million American users of TikTok could certainly have continued to use the application, but they would no longer have had access to the updates, necessary for its proper functioning.

And it wouldn't have been possible to download it for those who don't already have it.

TikTok also argued Sunday morning that this suspension of app stores could cause it irreparable damage in terms of growth, while it gained some 424,000 new American users per day at the beginning of the summer.

TikTokers are making thirst videos about Draco Malfoy and 'Harry Potter' star Tom Felton had the best response

  TikTokers are making thirst videos about Draco Malfoy and 'Harry Potter' star Tom Felton had the best response "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton shared a joke reaction video to a trend created by Draco Malfoy-obsessed fans on TikTok. #DracoTok, as its known, is a collection of TikToks with over 600 million combined views. One week ago, Felton commented on a couple of the videos, sending his fans into a frenzy. Now he's uploaded his own reaction video to #DracoTok, and told fans, "Hide nothing, I find this all hilarious!" Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. After an increasing amount of interaction with the #DracoTok trend on TikTok, "Harry Potter" actor Tom Felton just took everything to the next level.

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Un juge américain a accordé un répit à TikTok dimanche soir, à quelques heures de l'entrée en vigueur d'une suspension de la populaire appli des platformes de téléchargement aux Etats-Unis © Drew Angerer An American judge granted a break to TikTok on Sunday evening, a few hours before the entry into force of a suspension of the popular app from download platforms in the United States

The mobile app is used to share short videos, between 15 and 60 seconds. Users dance, play back their favorite songs, perform parodies, stage their animals, film themselves telling their life story or taking a stand on current affairs, among others. They decorate their clips with numerous filters and special effects.

These short, funny formats, which surf on the music of the moment, meet with immense success, in particular with a young audience, but not only. The pandemic has exploded its meters, the social network offering an often welcome escape during the Great Containment.

Globalized in 2018, TikTok is the international version of the Douyin application (its name in Mandarin), intended solely for the Chinese market. Its servers, where user data is stored, are located in the United States and Singapore.

TikTok Lost Half a Million Daily Users After Pompeo Suggested Trump Wanted Ban

  TikTok Lost Half a Million Daily Users After Pompeo Suggested Trump Wanted Ban As negotiations over a potential Oracle-Walmart deal simmer, a Trump administration order that could remove TikTok from Apple and Google app stores is looming.The figure was revealed in court filings on Wednesday as the Chinese-owned company appealed to a U.S. judge to grant an injunction against a Trump administration order that could see the app removed from Apple and Google stores in the U.S. Sunday.

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Le logo de ByteDance à l'entrée des bureaux de la société, le 8 juillet 2020 à Pékin © GREG BAKER The ByteDance logo at the entrance to the company's offices, July 8, 2020 in Beijing

It has been downloaded over 2 billion times, and is used by nearly 700 million people around the world every month.

- What to expect now?

TikTok proposed to create a new company, dubbed TikTok Global, with Oracle as a technology partner in the United States, which would take 12.5%, and Walmart as a business partner, which would take 7.5%.

The Americans would hold four of the five seats on the board. But the finalization depends on the goodwill of the tenant of the White House and the Chinese government.

"We are continuing our ongoing dialogue with the government to finalize this project, to which the president has given his preliminary approval," TikTok said on Sunday evening.

The entertainment app has become the new symbol of the battle between the United States and China for dominance of the high tech sector.

The host of the White House, campaigning for his re-election, insisted that he would not give his approval if the American activities of TikTok remained under Chinese control.

ByteDance, which includes American investors, announced that it had made a "request for authorization" to export technology, without specifying on what subject.

This initiative could concern the famous algorithm that made TikTok so successful: it allows users to display the content most likely to interest them, according to their tastes, and to lead them to spend as much time as possible in watch video after video on the platform.

China refuses to let this precious computer system fall into the American purse.

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TikTok download ban temporarily blocked by US judge in a blow to the Trump administration .
A federal judge on Sunday ruled in favour of TikTok, blocking the Trump administration's temporary download ban set to take place tonight at 11:59 p.m. TikTok has been a target of the Trump administration since July, and last month, the president signed a pair of executive orders against the app and its Chinese owner, ByteDance, leading to the download ban. The president said last week that a deal between ByteDance and US-based Oracle and Walmart had his "blessing," but the deal has been muddled due to conflicting statements from the involved companies. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

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