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13:25  01 october  2020
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Richard James's Mayfair penthouse goes on sale for £2,500,000

  Richard James's Mayfair penthouse goes on sale for £2,500,000 The Mayfair luxury architect designed duplex penthouse of British fashion designer Richard James OBE at 11-13 Pollen Street near Saville Row is for sale for £2,500,000 with Dexters.The architect-designed duplex penthouse is where the bespoke Saville Row designer created fashion designs for clients including Prince William, Elton John and George Clooney - and could be yours for £2.5million.

This blog post gives you a summary of all the WSL news, including what’s available now and what you can expect in the future . 4 years ago, at Build 2016, Microsoft surprised the world by announcing Windows Subsystem for Linux – WSL (also known at the time as “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows ”).

Nevermind that its slide-out control center resembles something sexy and sensible straight out of the future . Deepin extends beyond being a Linux distribution, though (and yes, it’s available in English and 31 other languages). It’s also a standalone desktop environment that you can install on top of any

CII best Practices (Bild: Linux Foundation) © DEFAULT_CREDIT CII best practices (Image: Linux Foundation) There is speculation that Microsoft is relying more on Linux. In the end, Linux could be the Windows kernel.

A few days ago, Eric S. Raymond (ESR), developer and author, announced that we are approaching the final phase of the desktop wars. The winner? Windows on Linux. Raymond argues that “WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) makes it possible to run unmodified Linux binaries on Windows 10 . No emulation, no shim layer, they are simply loaded and executed ”. In fact, you can now run standard Linux programs on WSL2 with no problems.

That's because Linux is well on its way to becoming a top notch offering on the Windows desktop. Several Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Red Hat Fedora, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED), now run smoothly on WSL2. That's because Microsoft replaced its WSL1 translation layer, which converted Linux kernel calls to Windows calls, with the WSL2. With WSL2, Microsoft's own Linux kernel runs on a thin version of the Hyper-V hypervisor.

Elsa Hosk lists her Soho apartment for $3.5M

  Elsa Hosk lists her Soho apartment for $3.5M Elsa Hosk has listed her airy two bedroom, two bathroom apartment located in New York City's trendy Soho neighborhood for $3,500,000. The 31-year-old Swedish supermodel enlisted the help of Carl Gambino and Adam Modlin of the Modlin Group to get the 1,750-square-foot property on the market.Hosk's 'rare gem' of an abode is nestled in a charming pre-war building amid the world class restaurants and shops of Soho’s famous Cast Iron Historic District.

Computers will have Windows on non-writeable chips built in and there’ll be no method of installing Linux . Let’s hope that day never arrives - Corporate control is antithetical to a healthy society and My personal view on Linux is that the future of Linux lies with standardized platform targeted forks .

Linux is largely what runs enterprise computing both on in-house servers and on the cloud. Windows Server has been declining for years. It's not just Microsoft's Azure customers who are turning to Linux . Guthrie explained, "Native Azure services are often running on Linux .

That's not all. With the current Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20211, you can now access Linux file systems such as ext4 via Windows File Manager and PowerShell. In addition, Microsoft developers make it easy to run Linux graphical applications on Windows.

Raymond points out that others are also working to make Windows applications easier to run on Linux. Specifically, he points to Valve Proton, a wine-based compatibility layer designed for running Windows Steam games on Linux.

"Games are the most demanding stress test for a Windows emulation layer, much more than business software". If you can run Windows games on Linux, why not run Windows business applications too?

He also correctly noted that Microsoft no longer depends on Windows for its cash flow, but on its Azure cloud offering. Incidentally, on which more Linux instances run than Windows Server instances.

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Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables (in Executable and Linkable Format) natively on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

What is the Windows Subsystem for Linux ? The Windows Subsystem for Linux lets developers run a GNU/ Linux environment -- including most command-line tools, utilities, and applications -- directly on Windows , unmodified, without the overhead of a traditional virtual machine or dualboot setup.

If that's the case, why should Microsoft keep investing money in the infamous, troubled Windows kernel - over 50 fatal bugs fixed in the last patch Tuesday roundup - when it can freely use the Linux kernel? Good question. He thinks Microsoft can figure it out and switch to Linux.

Microsoft wants you to replace your existing PC-based software, such as Office 2019, with software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs such as Office 365. Microsoft also encourages you to move your voice, video, chat, and text communications to Microsoft's Azure Communication Services (ACS) even if you are not using Teams.

With SaaS programs, Microsoft doesn't care what operating system you are using. The Redmond-based company still makes money, regardless of whether you run Office 365 on Windows, a Chromebook or, yes, Linux.

There are two possible ways for Windows. First, there is a Linux-based Windows. It just makes financial sense. Or the existing Windows desktop is replaced by Windows Virtual Desktop or other desktop-as-a-service ( DaaS ) offers.

How An OJ Simpson Trivia Game Found Its Way Onto A ‘1000 Games For Windows’ CD From 2001

  How An OJ Simpson Trivia Game Found Its Way Onto A ‘1000 Games For Windows’ CD From 2001 1000 Games for Windows is a shareware compilation disc once found in the Harvey Norman bargain bins of the early 2000s. On the surface it appears to be a fairly standard disc filled with a variety of smaller games and programming experiments from around the world. On it, there's classic kids adventure games like Jiji and the Mysterious Forest, a copy of Earthworm Jim that's likely illegal and demos for a bunch of popular games like Indy'sFor context, this discovery came about when I decided to whip out my old PC game collection and relive the good old days. I'm a big fan of never throwing anything out on the odd chance I'll need it again later.

Linux has all the features you need in an operating system and is fully hardware compatible. Some people say that you get what you pay for, but this is Linux is more secure than Windows because of the way it's designed and handles user permissions. This is one reason why most of the web runs on

On Windows , the system is constantly doing stuff in the background that it doesn't tell you about—for instance, while I don't really consider myself that Bryan: That was an astoundingly well put set of reasons for using Linux and free software! I 'm having one of those " the future is in good hands"

Even if Microsoft pursues a DaaS approach, a common basic operating system is of course still required. This, like Chrome OS, will provide just enough of an operating system to run a browser with a minimum of other local resources.

Google decided to save money and increase security by using Linux as the base for Chrome OS. That worked really well for Google. This can also be a model for Microsoft.

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Now in the insider test: initial setup of Windows 10 based on the application area .
© Provided by Dr. Windows Windows Insider Program Microsoft has published Windows 10 Insider Build 20231 in the Developer Channel. It brings an interesting change that you don't even see at first glance, because it affects the setup of Windows 10, i.e. the initial setup. Many PCs are mainly used in a certain scenario. It is the gaming PC, the multimedia center, the classic office or family PC or the creativity laboratory.

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