Tech & Science FSK gives the Russian answer to "Alien" a release from the age of 18 - but the German distributor fights back.

17:25  17 october  2020
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FSK age rating shows: "Monster Hunter" is obviously much more brutal than expected

 FSK age rating shows: The FSK today announced its decision to film the video game "Monster Hunter" with Milla Jovovich. The result is one of the biggest FSK surprises of the year - after all, everything spoke in advance for an FSK 12. © Constantin Film FSK age rating shows: "Monster Hunter" is obviously much more brutal than expected If we had had the opportunity To bet on the FSK of " Monster Hunter " in advance, we would have lost a lot of money. Sure, the video game adaptation comes from Paul W.S.

"The results of the analysis by the OPCW designated laboratories of biomedical samples collected by the OPCW team and shared with the Federal Republic of Germany confirm that the biomarkers of the cholinesterase inhibitor found in Mr Navalny’s blood and urine samples have similar structural

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In the first attempt, the FSK has the science fiction horror "Sputnik - It grows in you", which on December 4th DVD & Blu-ray is released, approval is granted from the age of 18. The German distributor Capelight has already lodged an objection.

The psychologist Tatyana Klimova ( Oksana Akinshina ) and the scientists and military officers of the The Russian space agency is doing everything to separate the astronaut and the alien from each other again. But before that succeeds, the creature from another world has to be fed on so as not to endanger the host unnecessarily ...

Top chemical weapons watchdog group confirms Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent

  Top chemical weapons watchdog group confirms Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said the substance was “similar” to Novichok.The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’s (POCW) finding on Tuesday backs what a toxicology report in Germany found last month. Novichok is one of the world’s most lethal nerve agents. It was developed by the Soviet Union and was used on a Russian double agent in the UK two years ago.

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The FSK 18 is a real surprise

We also saw“ Sputnik ”at the Fantasy Filmfest - and yes, some of the scenes are pretty hey juicy, but they're not completely out of the ordinary for a science fiction horror film. That's why the FSK decision came as a surprise to us too. We therefore asked Capelight about , the FSK's reasoning for the 18+ decision:

The FSK gave “Sputnik” credit for not having any harmful effects on young people due to its unreality and artificiality - but at the same time the splatter elements were so drastic and disgusting, and the moments of violence are so explicit and shocking that, according to the first assessment, a release from the age of 16 is still out of the question.

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That was the name given to the real-life secret negotiations between German and American He agreed to work on the project only after finding the answer to that. Eighteen years on, there can be few Russians who still think of Putin as Stierlitz, but the series remains ingrained in Russian culture.

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The objection procedure is already running.

The German distributor Capelight, which has submitted an application for a release from the age of 16 from the start, naturally sees things differently - and has therefore already filed an objection against the non-granting of a youth release.

Capelight managing director Steffen Gerlach justifies the move towards FILMSTARTS as follows:

“For 'Sputnik' we have applied to the FSK for an age rating of 16 years and over. From our point of view, this is also appropriate, since this is an alien horror film comparable to ' Alien ' (1979), ' Life ' (2017) or ' Event Horizon ' (1997). An FSK 18 would create different expectations among the audience, since more violence and splatter would be anticipated than the film has to offer.

In 'Sputnik' the strong story, high-quality production design, suspense and atmosphere are in the foreground. There are only sporadic spikes in violence, which, however, never serve the end in themselves, which one might assume with an FSK-18 title.

Young people have a stake in our future. Let them vote.

  Young people have a stake in our future. Let them vote. 75 million American citizens can’t vote in this election. What if we changed that?In the last year, there’ve been encouraging signs that we might rethink this. Democratic candidate Andrew Yang argued for a voting age of 16, and a bill proposing a voting age of 16 died in the US House in March 2019 with a majority of Democratic representatives supporting it.

Russia in the 18 th century is dominated by two greats, both of whom lived in the 18 th century: firstly Peter who created a naval power, modernised the country in the European style and established an empire with a new capital looking west, and secondly Catherine who continued Peter’s reforms and

A. Sweden is a land of contrast, from the Danish influence of the southwest to the Laplanders wandering freely with their reindeer in the wild Arctic north. And while Sweden in cities is stylish and modern, the countryside offers many simpler pleasures for those who look for peace and calm.

At capelight pictures we do not pursue the strategy of providing our titles with the highest possible FSK seal just to make them optically more attractive for a certain target group. We hope that the review committee will share the argument we have before it. ”

The objection was already successful once.

Incidentally, the chances that“ Sputnik - It grows in you ”will still be approved from the age of 16 on the second attempt are even greater not too bad. After all, Capelight has only recently had success with such an objection procedure - and that has not just paid off at the box office.

" Follow Me " was only released from the age of 18, before it was finally able to start in German cinemas with an FSK 16. The escape room thriller has been exceeding all expectations there for weeks - and has subsequently triggered a veritable gold rush mood among smaller German distributors who are now looking for suitable horror materials in order to take advantage of the Corona-related absence of big blockbusters .

The FILMSTARTS review of "Follow Me"

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French, Italian captives freed with top politician in Mali .
Mali announced Thursday the release of an elderly French aid worker, two Italian captives and a top Malian politician, all believed to have been held by jihadists. French President Emmanuel Macron immediately voiced "immense relief" at the release of the worker, the last French hostage in the world, and expressed France's continued support for Mali in its fight against an Islamist insurgency. Mali's presidency said in a tweet on Thursday that Frenchwoman Sophie Petronin, 75, and Soumaila Cisse, 70, were on their way to the capital Bamako.

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