Tech & Science According to Google: These are the most popular diets in 2020

12:15  19 october  2020
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The paleo diet is a dietary plan based on food eaten by those during the Palaeolithic era. The reason for this is because hunter-gatherers are presumed Completing the top 10 diet trends of 2020 so far is the Noom Diet , with 540,000 searches currently. Of the diets on the list, Noom is the most modern.

Every week, it seems a new diet trend pops up that claims to solve all our problems and help each one of us get healthy, fast! But which food plans are really up As we make plans to eat healthier this year, we dug into the 2020 list to learn more about how these diets affect every type of body and health

If you want to start a diet, you can usually find out about various weight loss methods online. These diets were most searched for in 2020

Bei diesen Diäten herrscht besonders großes Interesse ISTOCKPHOTO © ISTOCKPHOTO These diets are of particular interest ISTOCKPHOTO

Low Carb, Keto, Paleo: Those who want to lose weight can choose between countless diets. But which ones arouse the most interest among Google users? The website Golfsupport.com used the search engine analysis tool “Ahrefs” to analyze the global Google searches from January to September 2020 and thus identified the 10 biggest diet trends. The ketogenic diet (Keto for short) made it to the top of the ranking by a long way - with a fabulous 25.4 million search starts (this corresponds to approx. 69,000 requests per day).

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The Most Popular Diet Trends for Men. This doctor-backed diet was developed to prevent and lower high blood pressure, hence its name: Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH). And the best thing about it is that there are no crazy rules, according to Jennifer Koslo, R.D.

Google recently released the 2019 Year in Search report. Per its data, here are the top-trending diet queries—from Keto to Noom—for 2019. This diet is best suited for those with a more sedentary lifestyle, who might not require a full 2,000 calories per day. The math is simple: By consuming fewer

The ketogenic diet is a form of nutrition that is very high in fat. For this, the proportion of carbohydrates is drastically reduced. The body should learn to use fat as an energy source, which helps to lose weight and should even minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Fettreiches Fleisch, Avocado und Co. sind leckere Keto-Lebensmittel ISTOCKPHOTO © ISTOCKPHOTO High-fat meat, avocado and Co. are delicious keto foods ISTOCKPHOTO Here is the complete overview:

1st place: Keto diet (25,434,000 search requests)

2nd place: Intermittent fasting (11,700,000 Search queries)

Click here for our author Lucy Binder's fasting self-experiment.

3rd place: Paleo (also known as "Stone Age Diet"; 3,834,000 search queries)

4th place: DASH diet (2,070,000 search queries)

place 5: Atkins diet (1,512,000 search requests)

place 6: military diet (954,000 search requests)

place 7: sirtfood diet (927,000 search requests)

place 8: Whole30 (558,300 search requests )

place 9: alkaline diet (549,000 search queries)

place 10 : noom diet (540,000 search queries)

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