Tech & Science The Arctic Ocean has not yet frozen over and we should be concerned about it

16:55  26 october  2020
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Rotting whale carcasses from Australia's worst mass stranding reducing visitors to tears

  Rotting whale carcasses from Australia's worst mass stranding reducing visitors to tears Strahan is one of Tasmania's "top towns to visit'" but the site of Australia's worst whale stranding is now littered with rotting carcasses, reducing some visitors to tears.Last month, 460 pilot whales beached themselves at Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania's west coast, with a week-long rescue effort eventually saving 111.

Delayed freeze in Laptev Sea could have knock-on effects across polar region, scientists say. The downward trend is likely to continue until the Arctic has its first ice-free summer, said Meier. Scientists are concerned the delayed freeze could amplify feedbacks that accelerate the decline of

4. Why should we study the Arctic ? The Arctic environment is unique in many ways and offers the Studies now underway in the Arctic should lead to more reliable forecasts of weather over the Arctic and The Arctic is a vast, ice-covered ocean that is surrounded by tree-less, frozen land, which is

La banquise arctique pourrait avoir totalement disparu en été d'ici à 2035. | Guillaume Falco via Pexels © Supplied by Slate The Arctic sea ice may have completely disappeared in summer by 2035. | Guillaume Falco via Pexels

This is a first that the planet would have gone well: the sea of ​​Laptev still did not start to freeze at the end of October; a first at this time of year for this region considered to be the cradle of the Arctic Ocean ice.

"The absence of frost so far this fall is unprecedented in the Siberian Arctic region," laments to the Guardian Zachary Labe, researcher at Colorado State University.

Nothing even comes close to 2020 in our records for sea ice along the Siberian #Arctic ... [* Note that the basin is geographically constrained (same maximum sea ice cover = flat line)] pic.twitter.com/ gFelUw3xSq

High stakes for Earth's climate future in US vote

  High stakes for Earth's climate future in US vote The United States presidential election will be "make or break" for the planet after four years during which Donald Trump frustrated global efforts to slash emissions, climate experts warn, fearing his re-election may imperil the world's chances of avoiding catastrophic warming. In a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, increasing signs of the brutal impacts of climate change have come into view, with record temperatures, sea ice loss and enormous wildfires scorching parts of the Arctic Circle, Amazon basin and the US itself.

Thanks to global warming, the ice in the Arctic Ocean is today about half of what it was in the 1980's. Given that the situation can only get worse and governments are unable to come to a consensus about how to reverse the trend

С They are not concerned about whether it has artistic merit. This Arctic exploration project is part of the Census of Marine Life, a collaboration of more than 300 scientists from 53 I've _ the places we should visit on the map. At the weekend, the teacher _ over 50 student essays and

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This worrying situation is believed to be in part due to a rise in water temperatures in the region, which are 5 ° C above seasonal averages, adds the British media. This increase is believed to be linked to a warmer atmosphere and milder Atlantic currents, which deeply disturb the formation of ice in the region.

Balance in Danger

Misfortune never comes alone and, in the case of the Arctic Ocean, it is a whole balance that could be completely upset.

This late frost could have two consequences: on the one hand, the ice sheet may be thinner and will not be able to reflect the heat of the sun, which will accelerate its decline; on the other hand, the fragile ice of the Laptev Sea is likely to break before reaching the Fram Strait in Greenland, where it normally ends its cycle.

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Arctic Ocean Bathymetric Map -- Arctic Ocean Seafloor Features Map. A New "Law of the Sea". The United Nations sought to bring order and equity to the diversity of claims being made by nations around the world. (As of April 2012, the United States had not yet ratified the Law of the Sea treaty.

Antarctica is area encompassed by oceans , while the Arctic is a sea totally encompassed by continents and Greenland. But what should be noticed is “modern”! Arctic was first finally proved to be entirely an ocean a century ago after first world war. Although the arctic has landmasses surrounding its borders it is mostly ocean . The arctic ice is afloat. Antarctica’s ice formed over land.

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This last step is all the more crucial as it provides the necessary nutrients for the arctic plankton, which is able to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, there is no optimism regarding the melting of the Arctic sea ice. According to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change , it could have completely disappeared in summer by 2035.

The Arctic is indeed one of the areas of the world which are warming the most rapidly - until twice as fast as the rest of planet . Sea ice is directly impacted: its quantity has decreased by 13% in just over thirty years.

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