Tech & Science As big as Azure, Google and Alibaba put together: AWS is the cloud king

23:00  30 october  2020
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Starlink and the Cloud: Microsoft enters into partnership with SpaceX

 Starlink and the Cloud: Microsoft enters into partnership with SpaceX Microsoft sees potential for its Azure cloud service even where conventional Internet access is not available. That's why the tech giant is now cooperating with SpaceX. © Microsoft Microsoft's modular Azure data center. With the mobile “Azure Modular Datacenter” Microsoft wants to address organizations in crisis areas and other difficult locations in particular.

Amazon Web Services . And then there's AWS , the reigning royalty in the cloud . Given that AWS is all that would-be contenders like Oracle can talk Cloud and Everything as a Service Newsletter. This is your go-to resource for XaaS, AWS , Microsoft Azure , Google Cloud Platform, cloud engineering

Google Cloud and Alibaba are making many advancements and adding numerous features to their offered services that will keep them in the running with Azure and AWS . A big step for Google was announced earlier this year at Google Cloud ’s conference – Google Cloud Next.

Amazon's service AWS dominates the cloud market at will. The market leader comes to 32 percent - this corresponds to the shares that Azure, Google and Alibaba have together.

AWS führt den Cloud-Markt weiter souverän an. © Sundry Photography / Shutterstock AWS continues to confidently lead the cloud market.

In the third quarter just ended, grew Amazon's cloud business by 29 percent to 11.6 billion US dollars. This means that Amazon Web Services (AWS) still hold just under a third (32 percent) of the global cloud market. Because this grew by almost 33 percent to $ 36.5 billion compared to the same quarter of the previous year, AWS had to give up one percentage point in market share.

SEO: The Google pagerank of your site can be between 0 and 65,535.

 SEO: The Google pagerank of your site can be between 0 and 65,535. Even after the toolbar pagerank has been canceled, Google uses the algorithm to determine the quality of the link profile of websites. The pagerank doesn't just go up to ten. © mStudioVector / Shutterstock Google is still using the pagerank. Around six years ago, Google announced the Aus for the publicly viewable Pagerank , which was already suspected by SEO experts. The last update for the so-called toolbar pagerank was almost a year ago. In spring 2016 it was finally over.

Must read: Top cloud providers 2019: AWS , Azure , Google Cloud ; IBM makes hybrid move; Salesforce dominates SaaS. Here's a crack at stacking up the cloud providers and how Oracle and Alibaba are edging into the game based on annual run rates.

AWS is still King . Their service offerings are the most comprehensive, easiest to use and arguably the cheapest option for most workloads. Having said all that the Azure service offering is catching up with AWS . As mentioned earlier AWS got a large head start in the Cloud wars but Microsoft having

AWS remains cloud market leader

Nevertheless, Amazon's cloud service remains by far the market leader. According to analysts at Canalys, the market share of AWS - and thus its sales - is just as high as that of Microsoft Azure (19 percent), the Google Cloud (seven percent) and the Alibaba Cloud (six percent) combined. Azure grew by two percentage points compared to the third quarter of 2019, Google and Alibaba by one percentage point each.

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Microsoft can look forward to growth in long-term contracts, which for the Canalys analysts is a sign that larger customers are increasingly moving important tasks to the Azure cloud shoot. Google, in turn, is also posting increased commitment from its partners. Alibaba leads the Chinese cloud market and is led by Canalys as a top player in the Asia Pacific region.

For Chinese consumers, Ant Group app is part of the fabric of life

  For Chinese consumers, Ant Group app is part of the fabric of life The most essential item in aircraft engineer Tao Rui's possession during a recent outing in Shanghai was the Alipay smartphone app from Ant Group, a company little known outside China until it unfurled plans for the biggest IPO in history. Tao's day underscores why the planned $34 billion stock listing of Ant Group, the financial arm of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is such a big deal. Like hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers, the 22-year-old admits he simply cannot survive without Alipay, the crown jewel of the Alibaba empire.

Microsoft Azure , Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform all have similar strategies to land customers with compute, cloud storage, serverless AWS ' reach continues to expand in multiple directions, but perhaps the one to watch the most is the database market. AWS is capturing more

Comparing to AWS and Azure , Google Cloud Platform is new to the market. Any product that is new(need to accept) to the market will be It’s important to note that the cloud as we know it today is only possible due to Google . A true distributed network is only possible due to a paper published by

IBM and Oracle under "also ran ..."

All other market players, including IBM and Oracle, are not listed individually by Canalys. This means that US corporations probably have a market share of at least under six percent. The Chinese companies Tencent and Huawei are also apparently not big enough in terms of cloud presence to be named independently, as reported by The Register . Overall, all providers except the big four - AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba - have a combined market share of 37 percent.

Canalys chief analyst Blake Murray sees further increases in the cloud market in the coming weeks and months. Murray names the increasing demand for streaming and internet services as the driver in view of increasing restrictions due to the corona pandemic. The growing establishment of 5G will also further fuel demand for the cloud, according to Canalys.

Ant Group fiasco reflects battle for China's financial soul .
China's last-minute abandonment of Ant Group's record-breaking IPO stems from an intensifying battle for the soul of the nation's financial system that the fintech giant and its charismatic leader Jack Ma helped to ignite. Global markets were stunned Tuesday when Ant's record-breaking $34 billion IPO was abruptly shelved, frustrating investors eager for a piece of the fast-growing company. The debacle has prompted head-scratching over how the IPO got so close –- shares were to begin trading Thursday -– only to collapse at the finish line.

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