Tech & Science Malware turns hacked WordPress websites into fraudulent online shops

14:30  24 november  2020
14:30  24 november  2020 Source:   zdnet.de

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Web pages getting redirected to another site ? You have been infected by the WordPress hacked To make it even harder, hackers will convert the redirection URL into a string of ASCII numerals This way, they can keep reinfecting your website with WordPress hacked redirect malware as many

Steps to Handle Malware on Your WordPress Website : 1. Back up your website first before making changes 2. Install WordFence and run a scan 3 Learn how to build an online business in 30 days. The theme my WordPress website uses is Avada, the #1 most downloaded theme on Themeforest.

WordPress © DEFAULT_CREDIT WordPress Cyber ​​criminals hijack websites using brute force. They then smuggle in malicious code that ultimately shows a fake online store instead of the actual WordPress website. The aim of the attacks is apparently to damage the search engine ranking of the hacked pages.

Researcher Larry Cashdollar from the Akamai Security Team has analyzed the activities of a new group of hackers. It takes targeted action against vulnerable WordPress sites in order to infiltrate fraudulent online shop without being noticed. The cyber criminals damage the reputation of the website and its search engine ranking.

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WordPress hacked – these two words strike fear and confusion into the hearts of site admins. A hacked WordPress website can mean loss of The most obvious way in which malware can be injected into a WordPress hacked website by a hacker is by uploading a file straight up.

Common malware threats include: Pharma Hacks – Injects spam into your website database or files. Backdoors – Allows hackers to gain access to your When most people think about a website being hacked , they think about the hacker defacing the website by placing a message to visitors like Your

The attacks were discovered earlier this month with the help of a WordPress honeypot. The hackers tried to take over the administrator accounts of the WordPress sites using brute force in order to overwrite the site's index file and smuggle in malicious code.

According to the researcher, the well-camouflaged code was primarily used as a proxy to forward all incoming traffic to a command server controlled by the hackers. From there, certain visitors were presented with a fraudulent online shop instead of the page they requested.

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Cashdollar found more than 7000 different online shops in its honeypot that were prepared for visitors to the legitimate WordPress sites. In addition, the hackers are said to have generated XML sitemaps for the hacked WordPress pages, which not only contained the real pages, but also the fake online shops. They transmitted the sitemaps to Google's search engine. They were then deleted again to avoid detection.

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Your site is hacked with SQL injections so I don’t think that plugin caused it but Securi sees the hack . And you just cleaned up one hack … imagine what someone like me might stuff into an export file…

A hacked site may redirect your visitors to pornographi. Cleaning the Hacked Database Tables: This is required to remove any infected malware files from your database tables. Removing Backdoors: Another method that hackers use to gain illegal entry into your website is by back.

As a result, the researchers achieved that

Google recognized new additional keywords for the hacked website - which, however, had no relation to the actual content of the page and thus led to a downgrade in the search engine ranking.

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Is Your Hacked WordPress Website Really Hacked ? Here are a few things you should be looking into to try and identify the source of your WordPress hack . For example once we worked on a hacked Spanish WordPress website where only mobile traffic coming from Google.es was being

The researcher suspects that the actual aim of the attacks is to damage the search engine ranking of a site in order to then demand a ransom from the operators in order to reverse the changes. "This makes them easy for criminals to carry out attacks as they only need a few compromised hosts to get started,"

told Cashdollar . "Given the fact that hundreds of thousands of abandoned WordPress installations are online and millions more with outdated plug-ins or weak access data, the potential pool of victims is enormous."

Outdated plug-ins in particular are a popular target for cybercriminals to target WordPress Hacking a website as it is often not updated automatically or at least in a timely manner. In October, WordPress was even forced to update an insecure plug-in without the knowledge and consent of website operators. Unauthorized persons could also completely compromise a website.


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