Tech & Science Volkswagen does not meet anti-pollution standards and could pay a heavy fine

22:25  21 january  2021
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Volkswagen has not yet surrendered against Tesla

 Volkswagen has not yet surrendered against Tesla © SP / Volkswagen Volkswagen has not yet surrendered against Tesla The German manufacturer is gradually catching up on Elon Musk's company in terms of electric cars. The difference is still significant, but Volkswagen has not said its last word. The second largest manufacturer in the world has been trying for several years to catch up with the electric car giant, Tesla. And he could be well on his way to winning his bet, details CNN .

Volkswagen AG is in talks with U.S. authorities to establish a national remediation fund and a separate one for California as punishment for pollution from its cars after the automaker Volkswagen , which faces billions of dollars in regulatory fines and legal compensation, has a March 24 court deadline in

Volkswagen brings forward board meeting , as NY Attorney General launches investigation into emissions Tennessee plans to hold hearings over whether the Volkswagen emissions scandal could imperil the "I don't think you can do something like this hiding in the bushes," said Ghosn, who is

Volkswagen ne respecte pas les normes anti-pollution et pourrait payer une forte amende © Peter-juelich.com Volkswagen does not meet anti-pollution standards and could pay a heavy fine The German automaker narrowly missed them European anti-pollution standards, he said Thursday, January 21 in a statement.

The Volkswagen group missed European CO2 emissions standards by 0.5 grams in 2020, despite a jump in sales of electric cars, but said Thursday, January 21, 2021 was confident for the current year. A possible fine, which could exceed 100 million euros according to European regulations, "will have no impact" on the result in the 4th quarter because provisions have already been set aside, said the German manufacturer in a press release .

New push to cut light pollution and keep the skies dark in WA

  New push to cut light pollution and keep the skies dark in WA Around the world, dark night skies filled with stars are increasingly being brightened by artificial light pollution. But now new housing developments could be forced to comply with a "dark sky" policy aimed at preserving the night sky for future generations.But in a move welcomed by stargazers, the West Australian Government has signalled it plans to treat its night sky as an asset and protect it from excessive lighting.

Drivers affected by VW emissions scandal will not have to pay more car tax. Once on the road the cars produced nitrogen oxide pollutants at up to 40 times the legal standard . Volkswagen will start to give the details of affected vehicles to retailers ‘in the coming days’ and customers will be contacted.

Keywords: Volkswagen emission test, Volkswagen deception, EPA standard , Environmental pollutions such as emission have been considered by a great. number of environmental protection were unable to meet the United States emission standards . through Volkswagen given time and

Sales of electrified cars in the EU, Norway and the UK, needed to comply with regulations, more than quadrupled in 2020 to 315,000 electric and hybrid cars, making Volkswagen the leader in the European electric market. Average CO2 emissions fell 20% to 99.8 grams per kilometer. Manufacturers should normally hit an average of 95g / km on their cars sold in Europe - but the value is adjusted to the weight of the fleet, resulting in higher individual targets for some. The regulations will be further tightened in 2025 and 2030.

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In addition, the 5% of sales of the most polluting models were excluded from the calculation for 2020, before being taken into account at 100% from 2021. "The Covid-19 pandemic has complicated" the task of the group, which includes Audi and Porsche, to achieve anti-pollution objectives, commented the boss, Herbert Diess, quoted in a statement. Software problems had also delayed the marketing of the ID.3, the flagship model of the manufacturer's electrical strategy. Volkswagen faces a fine of nearly 140 million euros, according to analyst Matthias Schmidt.

This is the order you should apply your skin care

  This is the order you should apply your skin care The order you layer your skin care products - from your moisturiser, anti aging cream and serums - can have an impact on their effectiveness. Working out the right skin care routine for you can be confusing to get your head around. You've bought all the products you need - from serums to oils and eye creams - now what? What order do you apply them in for maximum effectiveness, without overdoing it? Instead of just slapping them on in any which way, we spoke to four experts to get a definitive answer.

The companies polluted air and water, including in communities already vulnerable to toxic pollution like East Chicago, Indiana, according to legal proceedings. Coal ash contains dangerous pollutants , including mercury, cadmium and arsenic, which can cause widespread environmental damage.

Camels can go for a very long time without drinking. Other animals, such as snakes and rats, find cool places to sleep during the day and come out only at night. What makes 'Doctor Who' really unique, is that it does not have to rely on any particular actor to continue.

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The VW and Audi brands have individually respected the standards. These two brands are also driving sales of the group's electrical segment, which has planned to invest more than 35 billion euros in this technology in a few years. Thanks to new VW, Skoda and Cupra (Seat) models expected in 2021 "we will reach the standards this year", assured Herbert Diess. The group intends to offer 70 electric models by 2030 to sell 26 million units in ten years.

Daimler believes for its part to be already in the nails: "Our forecasts let us conclude that we have reached" the European objectives, explained recently the boss of the group, Ola Källenius, also confident for 2021. BMW also explained mid-January to have "more than reached" European standards thanks to a growth of more than 30% in sales of electric and hybrid cars, which represented 15% of sales.

When Anti-racist Manifestos Become Anti-racist Wrecking Balls .
As extreme as these documents and actions seem, they would qualify as legitimate if these campuses actually were bastions of social injustice. This is doubtful. My colleague Conor Friedersdorf has documented that even some of the faculty who signed the Princeton petition were not necessarily united in adherence to its specific demands, or in agreement as to the depths of the university’s depravity. Many wanted, simply, to deliver a nebulous acknowledgment that some anti-racist efforts would be beneficial.

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