Tech & Science Chinese space probe Tianwen-1 sends first photo of Mars

19:40  05 february  2021
19:40  05 february  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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La première image de Mars prise par la sonde spatiale chinoise Tianwen-1. © CNSA / Reuters The first image of Mars taken by Chinese space probe Tianwen-1.

The Chinese space probe Tianwen-1, which is heading towards Mars, sent its first photograph of the red planet this Friday, February 5. The craft, launched in late July from China, is expected on the outskirts of Mars around February 10.

This is a black and white image taken about 2.2 million kilometers from Mars by the Chinese space probe Tianwen-1 . This first photo received on Earth of the red planet appears to show a gaseous assembly and what resembles craters.

The photo shows Valles Marineris (canyons near the equator of the red planet), Schiaparelli (a large crater) and the Acidalia Planitia plain, says CNSA, the national space agency.

Nasa's Perseverance rover is bearing down on Mars

  Nasa's Perseverance rover is bearing down on Mars The biggest, most sophisticated vehicle ever sent to land on another planet , the Nasa robot is being targeted at a near-equatorial crater called Jezero.Touchdown is expected shortly before 2100 GMT on Thursday 18 February.To get down, the Nasa rover will have to survive what engineers call the "seven minutes of terror" - the time it takes to get from the top of the atmosphere to the surface.The "terror" is a reference to the daunting challenge that is inherent in trying to reduce an entry speed of 20,000km/h to something like walking pace at the moment of "wheels down".

We have visual! Here's a first image of Mars from Tianwen-1! Source: https://t.co/ATCp8U2qMu (CASC / CNSA) pic.twitter.com/e0ppKIzdYf

- Andrew Jones (@AJ_FI) February 5, 2021

Tianwen-1 is made up of three components: one orbiter (which will revolve around the star), a lander and a remote-controlled robot with wheels (responsible for analyzing the ground).

The unmanned wheeled robot, contained in the probe, is expected to be deployed to Mars in May. Weighing over 200 kilograms, it is equipped with four solar panels and is supposed to be operational for three months.

An ambitious mission

Among its missions: carrying out analyzes of the soil, the atmosphere, taking photos, or even helping to map the red planet.

Ambitious, China hopes to do during this first independent attempt to explore Mars almost everything the United States has achieved in several Martian missions since the 1960s. That is to say, place a probe in orbit, land a lander, then bring out a remote-controlled robot.

The mission is named Tianwen-1 (Questions to Heaven-1) in homage to an ancient Chinese poem that deals with astronomy.

The Emirates probe has entered the orbit of Mars .
EMIRATES-SPACE-MARS: The Emirates probe has entered the orbit of Mars © Reuters / CHRISTOPHER PIKE THE EMIRATES PROBE ENTERS THE ORBIT FROM MARCH by Lisa Barrington DUBAI (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) 's first space mission to Mars reached the Red Planet and went into orbit on Tuesday after a 494 million kilometer journey of seven months, allowing the start of sending data on the Martian atmosphere and climate.

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