Tech & Science Major update? After passage ranking rollout, Google traffic continues to fluctuate

12:25  15 february  2021
12:25  15 february  2021 Source:   t3n.de

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For several days, US SEO in particular have been observing strong fluctuations in Google traffic. After a brief recovery, volatility is now increasing again.

Die Schwankungen im Google-Traffic setzen sich fort. © BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock.com The fluctuations in Google traffic continue.

Last Friday, February 12th, Google officially announced the start of the rollout of the so-called passage ranking. Search engine optimizers, especially from the USA, ascribed the traffic fluctuations of 30 or 40 percent that they had observed. We also reported about it .

Fluctuations in the Google ranking are increasing again

After the fluctuations at the beginning of the weekend had calmed down, search engine optimizers have been observing stronger fluctuations in traffic since yesterday at the latest. The large-scale monitoring of Google's rankings, for example by Cognitive SEO , shows that these are not isolated cases but rather general trends. Here, the rankings of over 170,000 randomly selected keywords are tracked daily in order to be able to identify deviations and changes at an early stage.

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In addition to the strong fluctuation around February 9th and 10th, it is also very clear that the fluctuations have increased again since February 14th. (Screenshot: Cognitive SEO / t3n)

There are also effects on the German market, albeit not as serious as in the USA.

The traffic in Germany is not unimpressed by the changes in the USA. (Screenshot: Cognitive SEO / t3n)

Also in relevant forums SEO discuss the events intensively. One user speculates that the fluctuations did not work like after an update in the traditional sense, like with Bert or Medic. Rather, it seems as if something broke with the rollout of the passage ranking on Google. As a result, the entire indexing process got out of step and US traffic slipped.

What is passage ranking?

With the introduction of the passage ranking, Google actually wants to improve the answering of very specific answers. In the future, texts and website content will no longer be indexed as a single unit, but rather divided into passages. When playing the search results, Google could then directly display the text passage that contains the relevant information. Overall, however, the passage ranking should only affect around seven percent of all search queries.

After the rollout, Google's Search Developer Advocate Martin Splitt answered questions from the Search Engine Journal in a video interview.

Splitt reassured search engine optimizers and explained that no changes to websites were necessary because of the passage ranking.

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