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23:40  02 march  2021
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Sampaoli, a fada at OM

 Sampaoli, a fada at OM © Supplied by Sports.fr Jorge Sampaoli, a volcanic coach! Frank McCourt hit hard this Friday night.

These are crackpots that spoil everything they touch. He ostentatiously wears a cross in his pillow ads .

Spoilers Don't Spoil Anything. I’ve got a weak spot for pulp fiction, especially when it involves a mysterious twist. I like unironic thrillers and mediocre Agatha Christie imitations. Basically, I like any kind of fiction that lets me forget for vast stretches of time that I’m sitting in an airport terminal. Erroneous intuitions about the nature of spoilers may persist because individual readers are unable to compare between spoiled and unspoiled experiences of a novel story. Other intuitions about suspense may be similarly wrong, and perhaps birthday presents are better wrapped in transparent cellophane, and

Frank McCourt espérait à son arrivée faire de l'OM le rival du PSG en France. © Supplied by Sports.fr Frank McCourt hoped upon his arrival to make OM the rival of PSG in France. The supporters believed in a misunderstanding. But no. Marseille Mayor Benoît Payan said Monday that OM owner Frank McCourt told him about his ambition to win the Champions League. The American businessman doesn't just want to play European competition, he really wants to lift the big-eared cup! He is counting on Pablo Longoria, the new president of the Marseille club, to "build a plan". He explained it on RMC on Tuesday night. “We will have to invest and keep our goal in sight” “We want to win titles with OM. But it takes time, it's a complicated challenge. I met the mayor, we share the same goal, like the supporters, that of winning the Champions League, that's what I want. The ambition is still there, and we will continue until success ”, thus launched McCourt, whereas Longoria had been recruited by Jacques-Henri Eyraud to lead phase 2 of the“ Champions Project ”, based on the trading of players ... Frank McCourt argued: “The ambition is clear: OM must be competitive every year. We must be regularly in the top 3 and qualified in European competitions. And once we are regular, we can propel ourselves to the next phase, that of winning the Champions League. I don't have a magic wand. We will have to invest and keep our objective in sight. Sport is always unpredictable, but we are well armed ”. Without specifying the new budget for transfers ...

???????? "Winning the Champions League again is what I want and that's what I'm committed to."

McCourt writes letter to OM fans

 McCourt writes letter to OM fans © Supplied by Sofoot Boston Pacific . This Friday, Olympique de Marseille experienced two major institutional upheavals: the dismissal of its president Jacques-Henri Eyraud, replaced by Pablo Longoria, and the enthronement of Jorge Sampaoli as coach until 2023. In one An open letter addressed to Marseille supporters and published on the La Provence website, Frank McCourt reiterated his commitment to the club and put forward his future projects.

Quotes tagged as " spoil " Showing 1-18 of 18. “Love Jo all your days, if you choose, but don't let it spoil you, for it's wicked to throw away so many good gifts because you can't have the one you want.” ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women.

No Spoilers : No Spoilers allowed. All story information must be hidden. AGOT, ACOK, ASOS, AFFC, ADWD: All book information through the end of that novel. Need help with Acronyms? Extended: Everything in the marketplace including book canon, show canon, TWOW sample chapters, trailers, games, apps, SSM, relevant notablogs/interviews, and official NEXT season info/images/videos released by HBO. Production: (Extended) + NEXT season actor/filmmaker interviews that contain spoilers + unofficial NEXT season info/images/video not released by HBO.

???? OM owner Frank McCourt assumes his ambition to "win the C1 again" and announces that he wants to "continue to achieve this goal."

- Top of the Foot (@topofthefoot) Eyraud representative of OM After ejecting Eyraud from the presidency, to the delight of Marseille supporters, to "put football back at the center of the project", McCourt, who also withdrew the stake in default against the groups, is probably making a big mistake by proclaiming his goal of winning the LOC. The Bostonian has obviously not grasped the specifics of European football and this suddenly frustrates Marseille fans. Worse, in the aftermath, McCourt confirmed that "JHE" no longer had "day-to-day operational responsibility" but that he could "represent OM in the League". An official status which will not please at all the Ultras of the Sky and White. Read also: The Eyraud flop, Aulas had planned everything Eyraud, McCourt settles his account

Facebook is finally cracking down hard on anti-vaccine content. It is facing an uphill battle. .
Facebook critics say the anti-vaccination communities that have flourished on the platform are fueling Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy.Facebook’s big push is meant to help bring an end to a pandemic that has killed more than 2.5 million people around the world. But for some of the people who have for years been sounding the alarm about the dangers of anti-vaccine groups and pages on Facebook and Instagram, the announcement — even if it’s a step forward — feels like too little, too late.

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