Tech & Science Tesla has billed electric cars twice to its customers without repaying them

18:30  01 april  2021
18:30  01 april  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

China's biggest car brand launches rival to Tesla

  China's biggest car brand launches rival to Tesla Geely's new premium electric car brand Zeekr comes as Elon Musk goes on the charm offensive in China.The Chinese company, which owns Volvo and Lotus, announced its Zeekr brand on Tuesday to tap into China's demand for electric vehicles (EVs).

five Californian customers recently bought a Tesla electric car claimed to have been taken twice from the amount of the transaction. Documents come confirm their words. One of them told that a builder's employee told him that hundreds of people were in the same case. Some of the people concerned are struggling to recover their money.

Three Recent Buyers of an Tesla in California ( United States ) had the bad surprise to discover last week that the amount of their purchase had been taken twice on their bank account. Five people affirmed the CNBC chain to have been victims of this double billing, evidence in support. After five days of approaches, at least two of them had still not been reimbursed unduly deducted amounts.

Myths of Electromobility: How dangerous are burning electric cars?

 Myths of Electromobility: How dangerous are burning electric cars? The opener of electromobility is every means right to make electric cars bad. Particularly popular is the issue of fire hazard - and although the myth of the "fire-dangerous electric car" was released years ago. © Unsplash / Michael Jeffrey To delete a burning electric car, one needs one thing above all: a lot of water. in 2017, so long before the electric car boom , the general association of the German Insurance Management (GDV) registered around 40,000 vehicle fires a year.

The latter oscillate between $ 37,000 and $ 71,000 (between more than € 30,000 and € 60,000) depending on car models controlled. Hundreds of customers would actually be concerned, affirmed an employee of the company, cited by one of the buyers. He said that Tesla had contacted it on Wednesday March 24th to announce the availability of the vehicle commissioned in January 2021.

All his interlocutors returned the ball

Californian had provided his bank details and he found the next day That his account had been debited twice $ 53,000 (about € 45,000). He then spent the day on the phone with different Tesla interlocutors. All returned the ball, testified the buyer. He then went to the Tesla concession of Burbank where he was asked to solve the problem with his bank.

"It's unacceptable, when you pick up more than $ 50,000 and tell your client to fend for himself" , "he commented. This one is looking for a new home and fears that the situation does not hand in mind when applying for a loan. "I have trouble imagining a worst customer service ," he denounced. Nobody called me or sent an email, there is apparently no emergency to solve the situation ".

Construction of the Gigafactory: Tesla criticism irritated Federal Government .
The Federal Ministry of Economics rejects Teslas sharp criticism in the approval procedure of Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin. For no other project is done as much as for this, it says. © www.thomas-bareiss.de thomas barekeeping (CDU), middle-class officer of the Federal Government. Thomas Meiß (CDU), middle class officer of the Federal Government, wants to accept Tesla's criticism.

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