Tech & Science The first French hydrogen trains soon on the rails

16:35  08 april  2021
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The global race to develop 'green' hydrogen

  The global race to develop 'green' hydrogen It's seen as the missing link in the race for carbon-neutrality: "green" hydrogen produced without fossil fuel energy is a popular buzzword in competing press releases and investment plans across the globe. - With their huge energy needs and reliance on imported fossil fuels, Asian industrial heavyweights China, Japan and South Korea are keen on the prospect of green hydrogen. Europe in particular is anxious to get a handle on the new and still costly fuel, having missed the boat on solar and battery technology, which is dominated by China.

The President of Alstom France Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud is considering the first essays on the way of hydrogen trains in France late 2023, and a priori a commercial commissioning in 2025.

  Les premiers trains à hydrogène français bientôt sur les rails © Endig Peter / DPA / ABACA

launched in Germany in 2018, the hydrogen train must finally start in France with the signing of a contract for 12 trains for four pioneering regions, the first tests being expected at the end of 2023. The SNCF has Past order of the first models in Alstom, on behalf of the Regions Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Burgundy-Franche-Comté, Grand East and Occitanie.

The President of Alstom France Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud is considering "the first trials on the end of 2023, and a priori a commercial commissioning in 2025". With nearly two years behind the initial ambitions of the government. "It's going to be a real demonstration, a real commercial service in every region", with "normal farm conditions", it promises to AFP. "Our goal is to make you want, show that it works," says Christophe Fanichet, the CEO of SNCF travelers.

in 3 minutes and drive 400 km wide: Hydrogen van of Stellantis comes 2021

 in 3 minutes and drive 400 km wide: Hydrogen van of Stellantis comes 2021 Collect Stellantis, the merger of Fiat Chrysler and Opel mother PSA, has announced a water van. The vehicle should come with a tankload 400 kilometers far. © Stellantis The hydrogen van of Stellantis. At the beginning of the year, the industry giant Fiat Chrysler and the Opel parent company PSA have joined the fourth largest manufacturer of the world . Declared goal is to make the car manufacturer in terms of sustainable mobility to the world market leader.

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has already indicated that the new trains would circulate between Saint-Etienne and Clermont-Ferrand, Burgundy-Franche-Comté on the side of Auxerre, and Occitanie on the line leading to Bagnères-de-Luchon (high -GAROND). Alstom is a pioneer on the hydrogen train, with a technology developed in its Tarbes plant. He circulated his first prototypes in Germany in 2018 and now entered an industrial phase, with 41 orders to date. The French group has also sold models in Italy. But where the German models are monomodes, functioning only with hydrogen, the French will be bimodes, also able to roll under catenary in electric traction. They will have an autonomy up to 600 km on the non-electrified lines.

These trains mix from the onboard and oxygen hydrogen present in the ambient air, thanks to a fuel cell installed in the roof that produces the electricity required for traction of the train. They only reject water vapor. "This is an additional step towards the + zero emission + in the rail transport," says Christophe Fanichet at AFP.

UN Report: French Air Strike Killed 19 Civilian Wedding Party-Goers in Mali

  UN Report: French Air Strike Killed 19 Civilian Wedding Party-Goers in Mali UAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso—From above, the photographs show a stretch of charred land in the middle of the desert and a mass grave covered in dried tree branches, where people living around Bounti, a village in central Mali, said those who had been killed by French airstrikes were buried. On the ground were images of strewn flip-flops; an empty parka with one outstretched arm; a mangled metal teapot and pieces of shrapnel—some designated with serial numbers—placed next to bright yellow evidence markers and metal rulers.

Conversion of the TER

Alstom will concretely install a hydrogen traction chain on a proven model among the French ter (called Coradia versatile by the national manufacturer and regiolis by the SNCF): 72 meters long, these trains of four cars will offer 218 Seating "and the same dynamic performance and comfort as the electric-diesel bimode version", according to its promoters. The contract rises for Alstom to 190 million euros for 12 trains. It provides for the provision of three trains to each of the four pioneering regions, which could be added two in options for the Great East.

various costs increase the bill to 215 million for the regions, but a help of 47 million of the State reduces the price to 14 million per rage - which is to say that of a diesel-electric train in this category. "France has everything to become a champion of hydrogen: the government is fully committed to make this ambition a reality," said the Minister Delegate to Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebari, cited in a statement. The SNCF, a long time reluctant, ended up converting to hydrogen, now considered a good option to replace the diesel. It has been aimed at no longer using diesel in 2035.

Bold challenge to decarbonise Australia in 15 years laid down by Climate Council

  Bold challenge to decarbonise Australia in 15 years laid down by Climate Council Australia needs to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2035 if it's to avoid the economic and environmental consequences, a Climate Council report says.Failure to do so could see us become increasingly economically isolated from our trading partners and at greater risk of climate-related disasters, according to the report authors.

Beyond prototypes, the market seems promising, as nearly 1.100 ter are currently using diesel. The company also tests various formulas using "green" batteries and fuels like rapeseed. But it remains to be seen if the "gray" hydrogen can be used (manufactured with processes using fossil energies, so pollutants) before switching to the "green" hydrogen (from renewable energies - by Electrolysis of water-- Really clean but much more expensive), for which France is not ready. It will also be necessary to provide channels for feeding trains.

Another potential difficulty: the type of train that must be adapted to hydrogen is manufactured by the Alsatian site of Reichshoffen. Now, Alstom is committed to giving up the factory and the train to a competitor to get Brussels' green light on his redemption from Bombardier Transport. Hence the necessary placement of a mechanism associating the future buyer. Alstom is in exclusive negotiation until the end of April with the Czech Skoda group.

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