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Trump expands boycott calls to JP Morgan, ViacomCBS, Cisco, UPS

  Trump expands boycott calls to JP Morgan, ViacomCBS, Cisco, UPS 'For years the Radical Left Democrats have played dirty by boycotting products when anything from that company is done or stated in any way that offends them,' Trump said in a statement Saturday.'For years the Radical Left Democrats have played dirty by boycotting products when anything from that company is done or stated in any way that offends them,' Trump said in a statement on Saturday. 'We can play the game better than them.

Keilar calls out GOP enablers fueling Trump' s refusal to concede. Biden says Trump' s failure to concede won't affect transition. See what Pompeo said when asked about Biden' s victory. Erin Burnett: This is who is holding up Biden' s transition process. Even if Biden does wind up winning, then -- and he has many more paths to do so than Trump -- there are very real questions about whether the fundamental promise of his campaign is even remotely achievable. Trump, because he is Trump, will not simply go quietly into that good night.

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A job portal has analyzed the first names of the company chiefs of 318.190 GmbHs in Germany between 2002-2019 in a Big-Data investigation. From this, a ranking of the most commonly represented first names in German leadership positions became.

Konstantin Chagin / Shutterstock.com © Provil by Finanzen.net Konstantin Chagin / Shutterstock.com Andreas, Michael and Christian Most often at the top

Overall, 86 male first names are located within the top 100 of the ranking of the job portal "Indeed". Only at a NEIN position appears a female first name. Katja is with 3,430 people at a management position in Germany the most common female first name of the ranking.

Bakery worker buys cereal brand for $1,000 and turns it into success

  Bakery worker buys cereal brand for $1,000 and turns it into success Carolyn Creswell was 18 years old when she spent $1,000 to buy a small muesli business in Victoria.Carman's founder Carolyn Creswell had been working at the bakery in Hawksburn, Victoria, for about six months when the owners announced they were to sell.

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She pointed out Biden called Putin in January as part of a series of calls he made to world leaders after his election. ' I would say that the president already had a conversation already with President Putin even as there are more world leaders that he has not yet engaged with,' Psaki said. 'There hasn't been anything like this in history.' In an ABC News interview, Biden said ' I do' when asked if he believed the Russian president was a killer and promised his counter part in the Kremlin would pay a price for alleged Russian meddling in the 2020 presidential election, something the Kremlin denies.

with a share of more than two percent are the most German managing directors in Indeed Ranking Andreas. A total of 7,530 times stood with this first name at the corporate tip. Two place goes to the first name Michael, who resorted a total of 6,820 times at a corporate tip. The top three completes the first name Christian, who accompanied the position of a company chief in Germany 6,450 times in Germany.

The first name Thomas can be found again with 6.220 entries at fourth place of the ranking of Indeed. A report of the AllBright Foundation date from 2017 entitled "An eternal Thomas cycle?" Notes that the name Thomas in the leaders existing at this time to 93 percent from men of all listed companies at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the most common name in German officers.

The Autopilot Economy

  The Autopilot Economy Economists, policy makers, and investors are worried that index funds are hurting markets.Yet economists, policy makers, and investors are worried that American markets have become inert—the product of a decades-long trend, not a months-long one. For millions of Americans, getting into the market no longer means picking stocks or hiring a portfolio manager to pick them for you. It means pushing money into an index fund, as offered by financial giants such as Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street, otherwise known as the Big Three.

In Germany , as you walk sadly back to your hotel room, you may wonder why your apparently friendly hosts have not invited you out for the evening. Don't worry, it is probably nothing personal. Germans do not entertain business people with quite the same enthusiasm as some of their European counterparts. The Germans are also notable for the amount of formality they bring to business. As an outsider, it is often difficult to know whether colleagues have been working together for 30 years or have just met in the lift.

These are the large companies that are listed on stock exchanges like Germany ’ s DAX, France’s CAC or the UK’s FTSE. They are called public because anyone can buy their shares. Note: do not confuse a state-owned enterprise with a public company. As well as departments, an international company may also have divisions organized according to geographical area or major product lines. Individuals within the structure. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) runs the company.

These are the top 10 CEO names in Germany with their share of the total amount. • 1st place: Andreas - 7,530 entries - 2.36%

• 2nd place: Michael 6.820 entries - 2.14%

• 3rd place: Christian - 6,450 entries - 2,03%

• 4th place: Thomas - 6,220 Enterties - 1.96%

• 5th Place: Alexander - 4,480 Engroups - 1.41%

• 6th Place: Peter - 4.110 Engroups - 1.29%

• 7. Place: Stefan - 4,070 Henungs - 1.28%

• 8th place: frank - 4,070 entries - 1.28%

• 9th place: katja - 3,430 entries - 1,08%

• 10th place: martin - 3,270 entries - 1.03%

• 17th Place: Antje - 2,520 entries - 0.79% ...

• 24th Place: Nicole - 2,030 entries - 0.64%

Ranking shows "Men's surplus"

"Diversity makes companies better, creative and more resistant. But Especially in leadership positions there is still great homogeneity in Germany and above all a strong men's surplus. ", explains Alessandra Mahnecke, Senior HR Business Partner Roof at Indeed. "I can only advise all employers to recruit the targeted female talents - even on the top level - too."

A statistic representing first names as often in Germany is currently unknown. Whether the general frequency or popularity of first names in the population with their frequency within the ranking of Indeed correlates can therefore not be excluded or included at the present time.

Overall, Indeed has identified more than 20,000 different first names as part of the analysis. Therefore, the job portal advises itself, even if the first name does not lute Andreas, Michael or Katja, do not let be stopped out of the post of a managing director. Editorial Finanzen.net

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