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12:00  23 april  2021
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Mix and match vaccine study extended to include Moderna and Novavax jabs

  Mix and match vaccine study extended to include Moderna and Novavax jabs A study assessing the benefits of mixing and matching coronavirus vaccines has been extended to include the Moderna and Novavax jabs. The Com-Cov study, led by the University of Oxford, has been investigating the immune responses of volunteers given a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine followed by the Pfizer jab - and vice versa. © Reuters The Novavax vaccine has not yet been approved for use in the UK The additional study will seek to recruit adults aged over 50 who have received their first dose in the past eight to 12 weeks.

This new experience brings Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365, Microsoft 365 Defender, and more into the Microsoft 365 security center. Learn what's new . Admins can configure Outlook on the web mailbox policies in Exchange Online PowerShell to prevent users from reporting spam false positives and spam false negatives to Microsoft. You can't disable the ability for users to report phishing messages to Microsoft.

This article details how to add a 'report phishing ' button in Outlook . Using it will allow you to report phishing attempts automatically to a security pro. Below are the steps you can use to reproduce a ‘report phish ’ button in Outlook that automatically sends your security or IT department a full copy of the phishing emails. It also does much more that forwards the email, it sends the junk mail as an attachement in an email, preserving the message headers that will be needed for forensics.

Outlook Terminal Invitations Are Nothing Unusual. Many of them end up daily in e-mail mailboxes landing, Landab. Some may be slightly preliminarily accepted - a mistake.

Neue Phishing-Methode: Termine über Outlook. © Shutterstock New Phishing Method: Appointments over Outlook.

Only e-mails and SMS , now calendar invitations. A new phishing mesh is held by: users should currently review and treat Outlook terminations that end up in mailbox and calendars. This advises the consumer center Bremen. Background Be mass collateral attempts from data collections to verify e-mail addresses in this way to abuse them for spam, identity theft and attacks on online contacts.

Deliveroo says orders have doubled but growth will slow as lockdowns ease

  Deliveroo says orders have doubled but growth will slow as lockdowns ease Deliveroo has revealed that order numbers more than doubled over the last year - but warned its rapid growth will slow as lockdowns ease. © Associated Press Deliveroo said the post-pandemic outlook was uncertain. Pic: AP The takeaway delivery platform - whose shares slumped on its much-anticipated stock market debut last month - said orders in the first quarter were up by 114% year-on-year.But the company acknowledged that it was "difficult to say how much of this growth has been driven by the special circumstances of the current lockdown restrictions".

Phishing is the malicious practice of using email messages to lure you into disclosing personal information, such as your bank account number and account password. Often, phishing messages use untrustworthy links to fake websites that request your personal information. We recommend that your Safe Senders List not include banks, credit card companies, or ecommerce senders or domains, because these senders' addresses are the most frequently used by phishers .

The data scientist: is building the recommendation system and thus needs all the order data up-to- date all the time to train his systems. The management: Wants aggregate overviews of overall growth. The data lake/ data warehouse solution to those requirements will emerge as something like this. Alright, so now new people, other than the ones currently using the data -lake can find the data . Now we can start adding nodes to our data mesh , we can go either way, by breaking out a shiny new microservice or by breaking one of those nasty old legacy pieces. Let’s consider the microservice case first.

Therefore, it may well be that the invitations seem to come from known, colleagues, whose mail accounts have already been hacked. So whom is somewhat strangely at such an invitation, it should be easy to listen to the listener and ask if the invitation is genuine, the consumer guards advise. Otherwise, the mails of the scammers often fell through strange sender addresses or spelling mistakes. Other languages ​​are suspicious. Do not accept

, do not cancel: delete

as calendar spam Identified invitations should not only be accepted. Also clicking on cancellation buttons is taboo. It applies: Delete only, both the mail and the appointment in the calendar, which may already be landed out there, depending on the Outlook setting without its own access.

Coronavirus: Evening update

  Coronavirus: Evening update Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Friday evening. We'll have another update for you tomorrow morning. 1. Pregnant women should be offered vaccine - expertsPregnant women should be offered a Covid jab in line with their age group, the UK's vaccine advisers have announced. The new guidance from the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation says the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are preferable because data from the US in 90,000 pregnant women has not raised any safety concerns. The advice brings the UK into line with other countries.

Example to create compliance search: New -ComplianceSearch -Name “ New Phishing Message” -ExchangeLocation “All”. Allowed parameters are few but we require these two at least for better searches: ContentMatchQuery – The ContentMatchQuery parameter specifies a content search filter and uses the KQL – keyword query language syntax. New -ComplianceSearch -Name “Remove Phishing Message” -ExchangeLocation “All” -ContentMatchQuery “‘virus’ AND ‘your account closure'”. ExchangeLocation – This parameter specifies the location to look for the search.

Outlook for Microsoft 365 Outlook 2019 Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 Outlook 2010 More Less. You can combine the calendar items in two Outlook Data Files (.pst) or calendar folders within the Navigation Pane, so that the items appear on one calendar. Clear the Include Subfolders check box. Click Import items into the same folder. If you have multiple accounts, you might have different Outlook Data Files. Click the destination account where you want the calendar items to appear.

While the mail can be deleted directly, Outlook asks when deleting the appointment from the calendar whether the sender should be notified. This is important to prevent by clicking on "No". Otherwise, the scammers would have achieved their goal as well: they know that this mail address is actively used.

Protection by Outlook Settings

To prevent invitations from being automatically released in the calendar, you have to change the Outlook settings. Under "File / Options / E-mail / History", the item "Automatically edit meeting requests and answers to meeting inquiries as well as votes".

Here you just have to take out the check mark. And who has set up an automatic answering of meeting inquiries, should deactivate them again to protect themselves from calendar spam. dpa

HSBC quarterly profits surge on improved UK economic outlook .
HSBC's profits have surged by a better than expected 79% to $5.8bn (£4.2bn) in the first quarter, largely thanks to an improved economic outlook in the UK. © Reuters HSBC pointed to an 'improvement in the forward economic outlook' The upturn allowed the banking giant to release $435m (£313m) that had been set aside to cover bad debt, boosting its bottom line despite a squeeze on revenues caused by low interest rates. HSBC had put aside a total of $8.8bn (£6.3bn) over the course of last year, including just over $3bn (£2.2bn) in the first quarter, as the pandemic took hold of the global economy.

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