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23:25  27 april  2021
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James Brown recalls U2 coming to his aid after drunken night

  James Brown recalls U2 coming to his aid after drunken night Journalist and broadcaster James Brown has recalled riding on U2's tour bus after a drunken evening in the VIP section of a concert.The journalist and broadcaster was touring with the rockers in the 1990s and recalled how Bono and his bandmates let him share their bus on the way home.

Sheila « éjectée du showbiz » à cause de son âge : « Les dinosaures vous emmerdent ! » © Guillaume Gaffiot / Bestimage Sheila" ejected from showbiz "because of his age:" The dinosaurs are emmerious! Guest on South Radio Waves on Tuesday, April 27, Sheila entrusted the intransigence of the Showbiz medium. Because, according to her, her age would have played against her singer career, unlike that of her male counterparts.

It's not a secret, women are the first victims of inequalities . The artists like Sheila - and even Hoshi, tacled for his physique despite his talent - do unfortunately no exception. Passage on South Radio waves Tuesday, April 27, the singer confides on the environment of the show, ensuring that it is a masculine world. "A woman does not have the right to age" , she feels, "After 40 years, she is ejected, I see it everywhere. So me, I cling." And when the septuagenarian is recalled from Jane Birkin's presence (74 years old) on the media scene, she does not tell them.

Sheila E: I'm still grieving Prince's death

  Sheila E: I'm still grieving Prince's death Sheila E - Prince's former collaborator - says she's still grieving the loss of the music icon.The 63-year-old musician - who toured with the late icon and briefly had a romantic relationship with him in the 1980s - has revealed that grief can strike her "at the drop of a hat", five years after Prince passed away.

"yes, but if you look good, we do not pass them", assures Annie Chancel of his real name, citing the name of Julien Clerc, who will blow his 74th candle in October 2021, like that of an artist still acclaimed by French radios. " Women are excluded (...) We can do all the most beautiful albums we want, you do not hear them in radio. I find it totally illogical", Hamme Sheila. A phenomenon that would affect other singers in the image of Sylvie Vartan, 76 years old, and Françoise Hardy, 77 years old and of which health is not good. "It's because we are dinosaurs," summarizes the person concerned. And to conclude: " The dinosaurs weigh you and they would like to go to the radio."


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@sheilaofel : "After 40 years a woman does not have the right to age otherwise she is ejected from the middle of show-biz. Men like @julienclerc_off go to the radio, women not. Dinosaurs weigh you ! "

Russell Crowe confirms which character he's playing in Thor: Love and Thunder

  Russell Crowe confirms which character he's playing in Thor: Love and Thunder Russell Crowe has dropped a major spoiler for 'Thor: Love and Thunder' by revealing he will play Zeus in the Marvel sequel.The 57-year-old actor was confirmed last month to have joined the hotly-awaited Marvel sequel after being spotted on set with other cast members.


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April 27, 2021 Entrance in the polemic is by the way because of its Age that Sheila has recently been

in the heart of a rumor diverted into polemics . On April 21, the chained duck revealed that it was recruited to restore the coat of arms of the Astrazeneca vaccine, which recently suffered from a bad advertising . The vaccine used against coronavirus was accused of provoking thromboses in those who receive it. So that his administration was suspended the time of a few days in March 2021 before the European drug agency approves. The satirical newspaper has surprised more than one by saying that

the ex-wife of singer

Ringo was chosen from other celebrities "over 55 years old" to participate in a communication campaign supposed to be Defend AstraZeneca . And this, also because of the musical preferences of Prime Minister Jean Castex. "I found myself in the midst of all that for no reason. I have never made a pub for anyone . It's very serious!", Sheila denies, always at South Radio's microphone. [


] # 10heursMidi ???? Accused of promoting AstraZeneca vaccine,


denies: "I found myself in the middle of all that for no reason. I have never made a pub for anyone. It's very serious!"



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Ewan McGregor: Star Wars prequels are 'not Shakespeare' .
Ewan McGregor believes that the 'Star Wars' prequel movies suffered in quality because of director George Lucas and his obsession with using CGI technology.The 50-year-old star played the role of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel trilogy of the iconic sci-fi series but he has admitted that working on those films could be "tedious" due to director George Lucas' obsession with using CGI technology which meant there was very little to work with for the actors other than the dialogue, which was not the greatest prose committed to screen.

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