Tech & Science IBM develops the first 2-nanometer chip of the world

15:10  07 may  2021
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50 billion transistors fit according to statements of the research department on the chip. These are almost twice as many per square millimeter than TSMCS five-nanometer chips for iPhones.

IBM präsentiert einen Wafer, der mit der neuen Zwei-Nanometer-Methode des konzerneigenen Forschungslabors gefertigt worden ist. © IBM Research IBM presents a wafer, which has been manufactured with the new two-nanometer method of the Group's own research laboratory.

45 percent more power and 75 percent less energy consumption should bring the new technology from IBM compared to the seven nanometer competition. This promises the Group's research laboratory IBM Research in its press release . The breakthrough is of great importance for the entire semiconductor industry. The authors include a number of benefits for products, humans and the environment.

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High acceleration at lower CO2 printing

So a quadrupling of the battery life of mobile phones through the chips is possible. In addition, data centers could significantly reduce their CO2 footprint. Last but not least, a "dramatic acceleration" wave from laptops to faster internet access. In addition, autonomous vehicles could benefit from a faster object recognition and reaction time. The research laboratory in Albany (USA) has achieved performance by using Nanosheet technology. With it, the experts put three material layers on each other, whose stacks are arranged side by side by side and pMOS transistors. When the technology could be ready to market, do not assume the authors. experts go from 2023 from . IBMS own series is based on their guess only 2026 on the new process. The experts estimate the manufacturing cost of the two-nanometer chips with the now presented method as a lower than in current seven nanometer semiconductors.

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IBM has packed transitors in the new two-nanometer process in stack. (Image: IBM Research)

"2-NM" is a marketing term

IBM had also announced the first five-nanometer wafers four years ago. However, the Group does not have the opportunities to produce its own designs. The latest seven nanometer processors "Power10" for example manufactures Samsung for the Group. The Register emphasizes , "2-Nm" is a naming convention to show that the processor node is smaller than the conventional five-nanometer design. In fact, no component is really two nanometers. The transistor gate has a length of twelve nanometers. In comparison, Intel's 14-nanometer gate is 20 nanometer long, Samsung seven nodes measures eight to ten nanometers. Another number helps with the classification: 50 billion transistors should fit with the new method on a 150 square millimeter large. This would correspond to 333 million transistors per square millimeter. At TSMCS five-nanometer process, there are 170, in Intel's ten-nanometer processes 100 million transistors. IBM has recently closed a manufacturing partnership with the processor market leader. Observers assume that the US manufacturer serves as an option if Samsung can not deliver.

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