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18:15  12 may  2021
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the company as a big, happy family? For Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke an absurd idea. Why that is, the German founder is in an internal e-mail.

Shopify-Niederlassung in Toronto. © JhvePhoto / Shutterstock.com Shopify branch in Toronto.

Especially in the startup scene, it is happy to receive that employees are all part of a symbolic family. Tobias Lütke rejects this attribution, however, as an internal mail points to the shopify leadership, which was now published by Business Insider . "Shopify is, like any other profit-oriented company, no family. Even the idea is absurd. They are born into a family. You do not look like you, and you can not release one of the family, "says Lütke.

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In his e-mail, Lüke criticizes that even managers would rely on the family metaphor at the e-commerce company. As a result, especially in young employees who have never worked in another company, false expectations could be awakened. "The dangers of the Familiennenkens' are that it will be incredibly hard to leave bad service providers," adds Lütke and makes it clear: "Shopify is a team, no family."

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shopify founder is suitable A sports team as a significantly better metaphor. Although the company's understanding of employees who suddenly face for medical or personal reasons suddenly confronted with severe problems. "Outside these cases, we need to remind everyone that it depends on every other competitive (sports) team on how to show up every day and contributes to the success of the team," writes Lütke. Shopify besides internal debates on political topics

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triggers for the e-mail were after researching business insiders internal debates about racism. The events appeared after employees discovered a gallows knit Emoji, which was available in the Team Messenger Slack for Shopify Employees. In addition, employees disturbed at an internal video titled "Ten Slack Commandments", which apparently an allusion to the Rapsong "Ten Crack Commandments" of 1997 deceased US musicers The Notorious B.I.G. should be.

The incidents occurred according to Business Insiders in a temporal connection to the worldwide protests against the murder of the black US-American

George Floyd . Later Schlossfy Schloss also an internal slack channel in which employees had exchanged for diversity and racism, which led to further conflicts.

"Beyond the pure performance output, anyone who deals with endless slack trolling, sacrimine thinking, we-counter-them cleavage and zero-sum thinking, as the threat they are seen: they break teams," it says To this end in Lüke's mail to the shopify managers. And he becomes even clearer: "Bad performance and disagreement can not be tolerated."

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completely unpolitically the company is not. "The world view of Shopify is well documented - we believe in liberal values ​​and equal opportunities," writes Lütke. And sometimes the company would help to promote certain developments in this sense. But you do that because it's the company and the attached dealers directly help, and not for moralistic reasons.

Similarities to the BaseCamp Memo

This is ultimately parallel to a recently published

blog post of the BaseCamp guide from the Mail of Lütke. In it, BaseCamp boss Jason Fried announced, in the future no discussions about political and social issues at work. This led internal and externally to violent criticism. One third of the workforce announced and Fried and apologized in the end publicly for the blog post.

The comparison with BaseCamp rejects shopify according to Business Insider information. Discussions on current social topics are still allowed. The e-mail was merely intended to remember the employees of the fast-growing e-commerce company to the company goals.

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