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19:40  13 may  2021
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The South Korean Electronics Giant Samsung wants to increase its billions of investing in chip technology in view of the global semiconductor scarce.

«Halbleiter-Machtzentrum bis 2030»: Staatspräsident Moon Jae In (M) besucht den Samsung-Produktionsstandort in Pyeongtaek. © yna / dpa «Semiconductor power center up to 2030»: President Moon Jae in (m) visits the Samsung production site in Pyeongtaek.

to 2030 will be invested in 171 trillion WON (about 125 billion euros) into the business with modern chip processors and order manufacturing (foundry), as the world's largest manufacturer of memory chips. South Korea's government announced major tax benefits and credit aids to support the investment projects of the native chip industry.

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With the higher expenses, Samsung Electronics wants to accelerate research in the field of processor technology and the construction of new production facilities. Samsung originally announced in April 2019 investments of 133 trillion Won.

The South Koreans have set their way to expand their market leadership for memory chips, which are also used in smartphones, even on so-called logic chips until the end of this decade. For this purpose, Samsung has worked together with various semiconductor design companies, part manufacturers and equipment as well as research institutions in the past two years, it was said.

The company started with the construction of a new production line in its manufacturing complex in the approximately 65 kilometers south of Seoul Stadt Pyeongtaek. The system should be completed in the second half 2022.

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  Toyota annual net profit jumps 10.3%, further growth forecast Toyota's full-year net profit jumped 10.3 percent even as the pandemic hit the auto industry, the Japanese firm said Wednesday, projecting growth despite the ongoing semiconductor crisis. For the year to March 2022, it now projects an annual net profit of 2.3 trillion yen, up 2.4 percent. "Toyota's performance was outstanding, compared with its rivals," Satoru Takada, auto analyst at Tokyo-based research and consulting firm TIW, told AFP before the announcement."Toyota has maintained steady production while releasing timely models in major markets.

also other large chip companies such as the Industry Prime Intel in the USA and TSMC in Taiwan want to significantly increase their capacity with additional billion investments. The scarcity was also triggered by the rapid increased demand for technology such as laptops in the Corona Pandemic.

South Korea must consolidate the top position for memory chips and number one in system semiconductors, said President Moon Jae in a visit to the Samsung production site in Pyeongtaek. Only then could the land achieve its goal, "to become a semiconductor power center" by 2030 ".

According to Moon, the South Korean chip companies, including Samsung and SK Hynix, want to invest 510 trillion WON (about 373 billion euros) or more in the next ten years. "The semiconductor industry has moved beyond the competition between companies to an era of competition between countries." To tackle the re-organization of global supply chains, government will offer support, such as tax benefits at national level.

planned, among other things, to 2024 tax reductions by up to 50 percent in research and development as well as up to 20 percent in investment investments. More than a trillion Won should be provided for loans at favorable interest rates for expertise.

According to the government's plans, Pyeongtaek's western part of the country, the "K (OREA) semiconductor belts are created. This should include the entire scope of the semiconductor business, including manufacturing, materials and design.

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