Tech & Science Origins of COVID-19: Scientists claim a new survey

10:40  15 may  2021
10:40  15 may  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

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Personnel de sécurité devant le Wuhan Instity of Virology, lors de la visite de l'équipe de l'OMS, en février 2021. © AP - NG Han Guan Safety Personnel in front of the Wuhan Instatity of Virology, when visiting the WHO team, in February 2021.

In a letter published in the science journal on Thursday, May 13, a group of scientists asserts that there are not enough elements to determine if the origin of CVIV-19 is natural or if it comes from a leak accident of a laboratory. The authors of the letter claim that no hypothesis is dismissed.

In total, about twenty scientists, some of which are recognized worldwide for their work on viruses, wrote this letter . In their platform, scientists call for an investigation of all possible origins of the SARS-COV-2 . They also remain cautious on the hypothesis that affirms that a bat virus would probably have reached man, via an intermediate animal.

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According to these biologists, no element "has been found to support it", while the thesis of a laboratory accident has not been sufficiently examined. Moreover, the work of the common mission of Chinese and international experts , copiliated by WHO at the beginning of the year, had failed to raise all suspicions.

China rejects the hypothesis of laboratory leak

The authors of this letter believe that the World Health Organization , which investigated the origins of the pandemic, did not carry out an "examination" Balanced "of the theory that coronavirus could come from a laboratory. "We must take the hypotheses on natural and laboratory contagions seriously until we have enough data," adds the scientists

China, however, rejected the theory of the accident on many occasions, but it must Also deal with the publication of three academic work, carried out in Wuhan and disclosed on Twitter by the account of an anonymous scientist. They reveal that The Virology Institute of the City led experiences aimed at changing certain pathogens.

Although Chinese scientists claimed that no leakage has taken place, the authors of the letter claim that a new survey is conducted more independent, more objective and more transparent.

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