Tech & Science "WhatsApp": What happens on 15 May with my account?

16:40  15 may  2021
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The popular messenger WhatsApp has new terms of use. These had taken care of many seeking and criticism in recent months. Many users returned WhatsApp to the back and since then alternatives as signal or Threema . To this day's May 15, the users should absorb the new rules. But what happens if you do not do this?

Wie geht es nun bei WhatsApp weiter? © Dean Drobot / Shutterstock.com What's going on at WhatsApp?


The company behind WhatsApp has been part of Facebook since 2014. Users had mostly indignant about it, should be transmitted that collected data to other parts of the Group - which was already the case before. For the users themselves, nothing is changing in communication. First, the changes in the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use should be confirmed until 8 February, but shortly thereafter, the deadline was postponed to the 15th of May.

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What WhatsApp is currently saying

It was originally said that users can only quickly access functions of the messenger if they do not agree with the new rules. For the time being, this should not be the case, like WhatsApp explains on his help page . Accordingly, the functionality would not be restricted on 15 May and accounts should not be deleted.

, however, this corresponds only to another postponement. WhatsApp wool users who have not agreed to the changes yet give time time and recall them again. After a few weeks, this memory will eventually be displayed permanently. However, there is no exact information about this period.

As soon as users get this permanent memory, fewer functions will be available. However, according to the company, users can no longer access their chat list, but among other things, voice and video calls still accept and tap notifications to answer messages. After more weeks of this limited functionality, WhatsApp is also blocking these features. There would be no news or calls more sent to the smartphone.

The account will not be deleted after this step, but it applies a guideline for inactive users. This states that an account is deleted after 120 days of inactivity - if no connection is made via the application. For more information, there is also on the Help page .

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