Tech & Science WWDC 2021: Apple's supposed opening of FaceTime and Siri

13:35  11 june  2021
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Apple brings more privacy and smart functions

 Apple brings more privacy and smart functions Apple sets in competition for users of smartphones and computers for privacy and smart functions. © Apple / DPA Apple Chief Tim Cook opens the online developer conference WWDC from Apple Park in Cupertino. New iPhone software announced on Monday is to read text in photos, automatic translation to other languages ​​is possible, the video chat app FaceTime is significantly expanded after the boom of rival services such as Zoom in the Corona crisis.

in our weekly Gadget Briefing for T3n-Pros today is Apple's supposed opening of FaceTime for Android and Siri for third-party providers.

Andreas Floemer © Jan Helge Petri Andreas Floemer

Apple seems to open his golden cage a little. The Group announced on Tuesday to offer FaceTime for both Android and Windows. In addition, Siri is to land on third-party products. What's going on there?

FaceTime for Android - Open is different

The iPhone manufacturer has only opened a handful of services for other platforms in recent years - but only when money could be earned. Here are Apple Music for Android or Apple TV Plus for all sorts of smart TVs. Paid services are now a relevant source of revenue of the technology giant. However, neither with the opening of FaceTime for Android and Windows nor the option for third-party manufacturers to integrate Siri into their hardware, Apple will rinsed regular revenues into the cash registers. So what are the motivations for the iPhone group?

More Privacy, Less Advertising: Apple Represents new software developments in front of

 More Privacy, Less Advertising: Apple Represents new software developments in front of Video: Apple: This new features get iPhone and Mac (Glomex) Data protection remains true to Apple's topic. For months, the Group has been promoting initiatives to provide users with more security on their terminals and surfing the Internet. Most recently, for example, an update of the operating systems for iPhone and iPad ensured that promotional tracking could be prevented.

FaceTime Illustration of Apple: Pretty iPhone next to ugly Android smartphone with thick edges and notch. (Image: Apple)

When opening FaceTime for other platform, Apple does not fully disinterested and social impulse to network people across platform boundaries. One of the reasons for the new offer should be able to act as an alternative to zoom or Google Meet. The video conferencing platforms of the competitors have experienced a massive boom during the Corona Crisis. Somewhat delayed Apple could jump on the cross-platform video call train.

It should not be forgotten that the full range of functions of the new FaceTime software provided with iOS 15 and MacOS 12 will only have owners of Apple devices available. Users of non-Apple platforms only have a guest status and a limited range of functions: they can only be invited to a FaceTime call, but not initiate a Facetime Call.

These devices will receive the updates on iOS 15, iPados 15, MacOS 12 Monterey and Watchos 8

 These devices will receive the updates on iOS 15, iPados 15, MacOS 12 Monterey and Watchos 8 Apple, in the course of WWDC 2021, has announced the big updates on iOS 15, iPados 15, MacOS 12 and Watchos 8. We tell you if the new OS versions are compatible with your iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple's watches. © Apple Apple Device Family 2021. with the fresh updates on iOS and iPados 15 , MacOS 12 and Watchos 8 , Apple brings many new features to its devices. Especially the iPads get some bigger features this year, which should be fooled out of the devices a little more productivity.

Apple goes on to Lock-in

maybe Apple wants to arouse desires with Android users and give them a look at the great features of the Apple ecosystem, à la "look, how great it is on the other side and what you are Create with iPhone, Macs and iPads ". In addition, you should draw parallels to Apple's iMessage: internal years ago, Whether you should offer iMessage for Android . According to Apple's former marketing chief Phil Schiller, the Group decided against porting, as a lock-in is generated with the exclusive provision of the news app. To bring the app (fully) to another platform, the Group would economically damage more than use as fewer people would buy iPhones.

Siri for third-party providers - without HomePod nothing

goes in the course of the WWDC Apple had also announced to bring Siri to third-party smart homes. Who now thinks that other manufacturers will also have the opportunity to offer SmartSpeakers with the Language Assistant who is mistaken. Apple allows only to respond to networked devices with the Hey Siri Hotword; However, they only act as a kind of relay for passing commands to the homepod, which continues to remain the main site for SmartHome operations in Apple's ecosystem.

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Apple has so far only called a single third-party partner as a partner for SIRI integration. (Image: Ecobee)

Apple is already a step towards the providers, yet questionable whether many companies will play. During the WWDC keynote, the manufacturer with the thermostatic manufacturer ECOBEE had called only one hardware partner with a first product.

The competitors in the SmartHome business, such as Google or Amazon, are more open by allowing other hardware companies to manufacture SmartSpeaker with their respective language assistants. Apple's product strategy in the SmartHome area is ultimately identical to that of the other areas to completely control your own ecosystem and sell your own product. The fact that vertical integration works successfully shows quarterly at the sales figures. And as long as Apple's sales is at this high level, the manufacturer will not change his strategy.

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