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19:40  11 june  2021
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 Sustainable Washing: 3 Reasons Why Washing # Each Grade Count Life and Protect Nature - A Heart Project for Former Ski Runner Felix Neureuther (37). The nature lover is at home in the mountains, the more concerned make it the current environmental developments: "I feel and experience how our climate is increasingly changing more and more how the glaciers move into the Alps," says the athlete. © Ariel FelixNureEutherarielDreeN2Low.jpg Every little contribution could help counteract this development and drive climate protection - even when washing laundry.

is powder or liquid detergent better for my laundry? We have the answer to what happens if you wash everything only with liquid detergent

Das passiert, wenn Sie nur mit Flüssigwaschmittel waschen istockphoto © iStockphoto that happens if you wash only with liquid detergent washing actockphoto

laundry is (actually) quite simple: first disconnect the dirty laundry for color, small or Pack sensitive parts into a route network, then add everything into the washing machine, add detergents, set temperatures and get started. Nevertheless, despite the routine, a few specific questions deal again and again. does it e.g. a difference, whether I wash at 30 or 40 degrees? or What happens when I only wash everything at 30 degrees? and should I prefer to use powder or liquid detergent?

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Especially with the last question, there is often uncertainty, which is better for the laundry. Short and short: Both detergents provide fresh laundry. Liquid detergent is better suited for greasy stains, while powdering agents are mostly helpful in heavy pollution. but there are also reasons, Why it is more meaningful to wash the laundry more frequently with liquid detergent.

Why is liquid detergent better than powdering agents?

Although both detergent variants ensure that our laundry is fresh, clean and germ-free, liquid detergent has a clear advantage over the powder: It always dissolves completely, just as high or low the water temperature of the washing. Since liquid detergent is already liquid, it can be easily mixed with the wash water and thoroughly clean the laundry. On the other hand, some powder locations do not always dissolve completely at lower water temperatures and can then find themselves as small lumps after washing on the clothes. For removing the detergent residues, a renewed spin cycle is usually necessary - this is not only bad for the environment, but also for the purse!

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liquid detergent extends the life of the washing machine

a further reason why it should be more common to liquid detergent access, that it can be better expedient compared to powdered detergent. As on clothing, small sticks of the unresolved powder can accumulate over time in the washing machine and e.g. Collapse the drainage system or cause malfunction. For a long time to have something from the washing machine, you should therefore minimize these risks as much as possible.

should be completely dispensed with powdering media?

Not necessarily. It is better to reduce consumption and only use it when the laundry is very dirty or stubborn stains. For normal cleaning and the removal of welding noise and Co., however, it is sufficient if you use a liquid detergent.

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