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19:58  22 july  2021
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Volkswagen wants to be a Tech Group

 Volkswagen wants to be a Tech Group Wolfsburg. CEO Herbert This presents an ambitious strategy. It's about electric cars, autonomous driving and a lot, lots of software. But in the implementation, the same diesel and gasoline play plays a central role. © Hendrik Schmidt Herbert This is the Board of Management of Volkswagen. Herbert this had shoes and a dark blue suit. The Austrian wants to make a technology group from Volkswagen, but the extravagance of an Elon Musk is then strange.

Volkswagen boss Herbert This is sure that electric cars are soon more expensive than burners - and calls for a quick end of state promotion.

Volkswagen boss Herbert This advances for a fast end of state promotion of certain propulsion types. "Electric cars do not need any state buying bonuses in a few years, because then they are mostly more expensive than a burner in making," said the economic week. "Even more attractive would be electric cars compared to other cars if all drive types would be equally treated in promoting," says the VW boss: "The diesel is promoted with eight billion euros tax advantage a year, which is a multiple of state e-car Buying bonuses. Kerosene for planes is even tax-free. This distorts the market, is harmful to climate protection and should end as soon as possible. "

VW Share Inquired: Volkswagen boss This is receiving new contract until 2025

 VW Share Inquired: Volkswagen boss This is receiving new contract until 2025 Volkswagen boss Herbert This will lead to the Group in the coming years. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images The Supervisory Board has approved by this as CEO to October 2025, according to the Communication of a contract renewal of this. This and its board team successfully promoted the transformation of the Group together with the employee representation in recent years, said Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Pötsch.

In addition to the conversion of cars to electric drive, the VW Group also wants to enter the business with new, climate-friendly ship drives. "50 percent of ship engines worldwide come from our group," said this. "We could convert the engines to natural gas in the coming 15 years and then on ammonia drive. This would fit well into the business model of Man Energy Solutions, with a large lever for climate protection. "However, this must," the international shipping organization IMO make appropriate specifications ", so that a market for the new technique arises.

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Man Energy Solutions has since 2020 a consortium for the development of an ammonia-operated motor for shipping. The technique is considered alternative to hydrogen drive. Ammonia is an e-fuel and can be made as hydrogen climate-friendly with renewable energies, but is easier and less expensive to handle.

More about: Three years ago, we explained the then new VW boss to the "almost perfect salvation charter". He could strip the "almost" despite critical questions at the HV. Now he can, equipped with a new contract, to rebuild the group like no before.

DGB boss requires "Social Deal" in climate protection .
DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann has demanded more social compensation in climate protection. He said the German Press Agency in Berlin: "In order for the transformation to be a social success, the Green Deal must also become a social deal. That would be a departure we need. " © Britta Pedersen / DPA Central Image / DPA Reiner Hoffmann, Chairman of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), speaks in the DPA interview.

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