Tech & Science Surface Duo 2: Leaks Show Big Camera Clubs and Better Equipment

22:50  26 july  2021
22:50  26 july  2021 Source:   t3n.de

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So soll das Surface Duo 2 aussehen © Techrat / YouTube This is how the Surface Duo 2 appears

Microsoft's smartphone with double display was not a hit in its first version. Now there are first pictures of the alleged successor.

Microsoft Surface Duo is a device that splits the minds. In our big test at the beginning of the year we were equally done and irritated. So camera, equipment and software could not keep up with the chic design and the good workmanship of the folding phones. So at the end a device remained, which his potential could not unfold.

maybe the second generation makes it better. Now lactic images of the alleged Surface Duo 2 have surfaced - in a YouTube video. Its origin is unknown, but as Windows Central writes , it should be two "fast final prototypes" with the devices shown. That's what the portal has confirmed.

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The most striking change compared to its predecessor is the large camera cloud on the back of the device. If the Surface Duo was still a very thin and - if it is possible for a folding phone - inconspicuous matter, reminiscent of the camera jack of the Surface Duo 2 on ordinary smartphones. He believes the Leaks three cameras. In addition, the fingerprint reader was removed and intimately integrated into the switch-on button. The USB C connection is now located in the middle on the right side of the device. Overall, Microsoft will continue to set two separate, hinged screens.

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Microsoft Surface Duo in the test: Schick and slim with too many compromises

Apparently Microsoft wants to react to one of the greatest criticisms of his first foldable. The camera of the Surface Duo namely was integrated into the frame on the inside and qualitatively about the level of an average selfie camera. That should change with the new camera system, but at the expense of the design. Therefore, in the forums on the US technology pages, it is already very discussed whether the camera jack is really a profit or if the device is losing attractiveness.

The rest of the equipment should also improve Microsoft with Surface Duo 2. How Windows Central is writing is to be installed a current snapdragon 888 processor, and the device should support 5G and NFC. Overall, the technique should correspond to that of a current smartphone. The equipment of the predecessor, on the other hand, had already been obsolete at the start of sales. The Surface Duo 2 should be delivered at the latest from October - probably, however, as the predecessor, initially only in the US. In Germany, it should then be released only next year.

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