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16:05  28 july  2021
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Pharmaceutical Companies: Vaccine Suppliers Sartorius grows in rapid

 Pharmaceutical Companies: Vaccine Suppliers Sartorius grows in rapid The profit of the drug supplier doubled to almost 260 million euros. The Group still benefits from products for Covid vaccines. © dpa The pharmaceutical supplier has been able to increase its net profit. The Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Sartorius continues to benefit from high demand for its products needed for the production of Covid 19 vaccines and medications. Already at the beginning of the month, the Group, based in Göttingen, had again raised his forecast for the current year.

with tension have waited investors on the Google-Mother's balance sheet template alphabet.

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The TechRiese Alphabet has recorded significant growth in its second business quarter in its second business quarters. Earnings per share increased sharply from $ 10.13 to $ 27.26 after experts had previously had an EPS of $ 19.33 to the company.

The revenues also fell much better than in the same period of the previous year and climbed $ 38.30 billion to $ 61.88 billion. This makes the Google mother better than expected by analysts, the experts' estimates expected in advance to $ 56.19 billion.

stock market trading on Wednesday: These 10 important facts should you know

 stock market trading on Wednesday: These 10 important facts should you know These 10 facts are likely to ensure movement in the markets. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images Keep an eye on the complete current trading day here. 1. DAX easily expects The DAX can record slightly surcharges before the starting bell on Wednesday. 2. Exchanges in Far East in Red The Japanese key index Nikkei loses 1.70 percent to 27,493.77 points. On the Chinese mainland, the Shanghai Composite falls by 0.60 percent to 3,360.77 index points.

still online advertising in Google's search engine and other areas is the bearing pillar of the business. Google's advertising revenues rose by around 69 percent to a good $ 50.4 billion in the second quarter, as alphabet announced after US stock exchanges on Tuesday. The video platform Youtube introduced $ 7 billion - after $ 3.8 billion a year ago.

The strongest would have contributed to the increase in retail advertising issues, said Top Manager Philipp Schindler in a conference call with analysts. In addition, among other things, the travel industry and financial service providers would have spent more money for ads.

While consumers spend more time online, companies are also increasingly going to the network to achieve advertising. In the Corona pandemic, the trend benefit particularly strongly online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter with their efficient systems for displaying personalized advertising. Facebook presents its numbers to US stock exchanges on Wednesday.

Facebook Share Importantly weaker: Facebook lays down in sales and profit to

 Facebook Share Importantly weaker: Facebook lays down in sales and profit to the largest social network Facebook has disclosed its balance sheet for the past second quarter. © Provil by Finanzen.net Toru Yamanaka / AFP / Getty Images How Facebook announced on Wednesday after stock exchanges was $ 3.61 in the reporting period at $ 3.61 and thus significantly above the comparison value of the previous quarter (1.80 U.S. dollar). The analyst expectations were beaten, experts had previously placed earnings per share of $ 3.04.

sales with cloud services rose by more than half to $ 4.6 billion. Google is thus still clearly behind Amazon and Microsoft . At the same time, the division was able to reduce its operational loss to $ 591 million - from a good 1.4 billion dollars a year earlier.

The so-called "other bets" of alphabet with potential future business such as self-propelled cars or delivery drones increased sales from 148 to $ 192 million. At the same time, their operational losses spread to almost 1.4 billion dollars. That was almost $ 300 million more than a year ago.

The reserves of the Internet Group reached around 136 billion dollars at the end of the quarter. During Google as well as other tech giants increasingly targeting regulators, this is a lush upholstery for possible penalties. The quarterly figures exceeded the expectations of the analysts, the share price increased by around three percent in the post-export trade.

The alphabet share is temporarily 1.51 percent fixed at $ 2,777.33 in predatory NASDAQ trading.

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Merck restarts the bar again higher .
Zurich (Reuters) - The Darmstadt Pharmaceutical and Life Science Group Merck dares more sales and profit after a strong second quarter of 2021 than previously overlooked. The booming business with products for vaccine and drug production, as well as cancer and fertility cars provided a strong growth thrust. The board therefore increases its annual forecast for the second time in a row.

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