Tech & Science Spacex: In orbit, the four space tourists are "happy"

06:25  17 september  2021
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Russian Film Crew Set to Make First Ever Movie in Space Onboard ISS

  Russian Film Crew Set to Make First Ever Movie in Space Onboard ISS The film will reportedly depict a mission to save a cosmonaut who is too ill to return back to Earth.Russian actress Yulia Peresild and film director and producer Klim Shipenko will head to the ISS later in 2021 as the crew of the ISS-66 mission.

  SpaceX : en orbite, les quatre touristes spatiaux sont « heureux » © Joe Marino / Maxppp / UPI / MAXPPP

L E Spacex vessel is in orbit and visibly, its occupants live their best life. The four American tourists are "healthy, happy and rest quietly" within the capsule, said the company in the first stage point, Thursday, September 16, in the aftermath of takeoff.

according to ELON MUSK , the space pattern X, the crew of this historic spatial cruise made 5.5 times around the earth, made the first series of scientific research and had some meals before. go to bed. "All is well," said Twitter the founder of Tesla , who traded with the crew.

The passengers of the first tourist flight of Spacex rise in the pic.twitter.com/93SSVJLL3G

James Webb Telescope Facts Including Cost, Orbit As Launch Date Set

  James Webb Telescope Facts Including Cost, Orbit As Launch Date Set The telescope will enable humans to look further back in time than ever before, improving on observations made by the Hubble Space Telescope.NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and French company Arianespace have jointly agreed on December 18 as the launch date for the Ariane 5 flight VA256, which will carry the JWST to its vantage point in space.

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A 360 °

space view: Spacex sends tourists to orbit around the earth (dailymotion)

The four tourists will now join the dome of the dragon capsule, a huge glass dome installed to offer to Passengers A 360 degree view on spatial vacuum and which replaces the system normally intended to moor to the ISS. The billionaire Jared Isaacman, the Hayley Armeaux Medical Assistant, the Aeronautical Engineer Chris Sembroski and the SIAN PROCOR science teacher turns in orbit at 590 kilometers above sea level. All are novices of space.

The mission called inspiration4, which turns further than the international space station (about 400 km of altitude) is the first to go also far into space from a repair mission of the Hubble telescope in 2009. Objective: Lift 200 million Dollars for Children's Hospital St Jude and study the effects of space on this crew composed only of amateur astronauts.

Spacex prepares to send the first civil crew into the space

 Spacex prepares to send the first civil crew into the space space-exploration-spacex: Spacex prepares to send the first civil crew in the space © Reuters / NASA / Ben Smegelsky Spacex is preparing to send the First civil crew in space (Reuters) - A completely calendar crew will perform orbit flights aboard a Crew dragon capsule of Spacex, the firm founded by Elon Musk.

The first spacex tourists started their spatial cruise #Afp #afptv pic.twitter.com/yrc1rqqtmy

? Agence France-Press (@AFPFR) September 16, 2021

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Spacex makes the bet of spatial tourism

The ultimate goal is to prove that space travel is accessible to the greatest number - even if they remain for the moment reserved for the richest - while the States. United and private companies like Spacex made the bet of spatial tourism.

The Spacex mission concludes a summer marked by the flight of billionaires above the ultimate border: first Richard Branson on July 11, aboard the ship of Virgin Galactic, then a few days later Jeff Bezos, with his company Blue Origin. But these first two flights had offered only a few minutes of weightlessness to their crew, compared to three full days for Spacex tourists who must land on Saturday off the west coast of Florida.

ELON MUSK makes fun of Joe Biden after the success of Spacex .
commercial flight the US president still does not congratulate the billionaire company © Patrick Pleul / DPA / Cover Images Businessman ELON MUSK Clash - The US President still does not congratulate the billionaire ELON Musk company has not been tender with Joe Biden in one of his last tweets. The billionaire and boss of Tesla and Spacex reacted to the Success of inspiration4 , the orbital flight that took four tourists for three days in space.

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