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18:30  21 september  2021
18:30  21 september  2021 Source:   t3n.de

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  World-first research from the University of Queensland hopes to cure cancer, solve obesity using 'plant medicine' Imagine if you could eat potato chips to help you lose weight, or drink a medicine-infused tea to treat cancer or ease chronic pain. It's a goal of a Queensland research team whose work is attracting worldwide interest.Imagine if you could consume cheaper, environmentally friendly medicine through edible plants that have been genetically engineered as "natural drugs" grown in your own back yard.

The virtual solar power plant from small installations already operated in South Australia is now extended to the state of Victoria - and expanded a tariff.

Haus mit Solardach und Powerwalls von Tesla. © Tesla House with Soliardach and Powerwalls of Tesla.

Buyers of Solar Photos With the Powerwall storage module from Tesla, the Australian state of Victoria can now become part of the virtual solar power plant, which has been built in South Australia since 2019. Meanwhile, the virtual power plant has reached a capacity of 250 megawatts. This can be supplied with more than 50,000 households. Up to 50,000 solar systems are to be combined into a huge solar power plant, Tesla boss Elon Musk had agreed with the government of South Australia.

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Elon Musk: Chip Deficiency Brakes Tesla PowerWall Production from

Tesla: Elon Musk announces solar plates for rent - next year in Europe

Tesla makes the largest lithium-ion battery in the world Greater

storage systems are intended to puffen disadvantages of renewable energies

Australia is stronger than other countries already at the present time the problem that current becomes more resistant more expensive because the infrastructure is always renewed to its generation, and the energy transition to renewable straps is no longer renewed. At the same time, renewable energies have the problem that they can not be produced if necessary, but only if the weather conditions get it. For example, solar systems on a day of sunshine could provide large amounts of electricity and at night the households still have no light.

How nuclear power could help rising power bills and climate change

  How nuclear power could help rising power bills and climate change Australia has effectively banned nuclear power since 1998 but now may be the time to reconsider its benefits as a clean, reliable energy source as Australia commits to nuclear submarines.Nuclear power has effectively been banned in Australia since 1998 under Commonwealth legislation, including the enrichment of uranium, the element needed to produce nuclear energy in reactors.

The virtual power plant that constructs Tesla together with Australian electricity suppliers therefore uses the distributed storage capacity of the house batteries distributed under the name Powerwall. Teslas home storage product, the PowerWall 2, allows homeowners with solar systems to store energy during the day and feed this energy into the power grid as needed. As a result, the power grid is stabilized and at the same time relieved because a high proportion of the required stream can be supplied from adjacent storage, quasi shortway.

Neighborhood help in the electricity sector

The manufacturer has launched the "Tesla Energy Plan". It consists of several components. On the one hand, he guarantees the number of annual "grid support credit" in the amount of 220 Australian dollars a year and connected Powerwall. On the other hand, participants will receive certain electricity prices when dragging energy and compensation if they feed larger quantities of electricity into the grid.

The virtual solar power plant is not designed to be economically particularly interesting for infeed. Rather, the aim of the solar systems remains largely covering their own needs, and to help only in peaking other households with a kind of "power carrier". These lending operations are remunerated with network deposits, which makes the delivery and refilling for the donating to a zero sum game.

Since this type of operation has an increase in the battery capacity due to increased loading unloading dynamics in the long term, participants will receive at the Tesla Energy Plan 15 instead of 10 years warranty on their storage systems. In addition, Tesla doubles the new procurement.

Grünheide: Tesla wants to celebrate folk festival with 10,000 guests .
for his planned open day on the Tesla construction site in Grühide near Berlin On October 9, the company has requested two exemptions at the district or Spree. © Tesla So the Tesla Gigafactory 4 should look like in Grünheide. of the administration is an application of the organizer before admitting 9,000 people present at the same time, as the district announced on Tuesday on demand. Teslas hygiene concept is designed to it. Previously, had the newspaper B.Z. About it reports .

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