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10:30  16 october  2021
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2000er alarm: In autumn, this jeanstrend returns

 2000er alarm: In autumn, this jeanstrend returns short shorts and airy skirts soft in autumn our beloved jeans. This season we carry them in a very specific coloring © Getty Images This jeanstrend of the 2000er is back in - so you are now wearing it Getty Images Numerous fashion trends of the 2000s are back in: Whether Mini Skirt , Babydoll Dress or Funky hairstyles, stars like Dua Lipa or Bella Hadid love them. If you throw a look at the streets of the fashion metropolises you discover numerous modern interpretations of the 00er looks.

No more desire for messy jeans stacks in the closet? With this space-saving hanger-trick you provide for order

Wer Jeans aufhängt statt sie zu stapeln, spart jede Menge Platz ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto Who hangs jeans hanging instead of stacking instead of stacking, a lot of place iStockphoto

save your jeans also in stacks? In principle, nothing is obvious against this method - but unfortunately it will quickly be chaotic with time in the wardrobe or on the shelf, if you move out trousers and the denim stack to the dress mountain. Space-saving and clear, however, the storage is on the hanger - and how it works, you will first see the jeans in this short clip:

, so that the two trouser legs are lying over each other. Then pull the hook of a hanger through a belt loop, hit the pants legs up and fold a part of the hooking room over the bracket. Complete! So you can hang the pants beautifully side by side.

Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Look Like Princess Diana. That’s Kind of the Point. .
When Jacqueline Durran, the Oscar-winning costume designer who dressed Kristen Stewart for the upcoming Princess Diana fantasy biopic Spencer, worked on fittings with her lead star, they met in a building in central London where huge windows opened up with clear visibility to the streets below. “Anyone could have looked up, or the paparazzi could have gathered outside, but no one ever noticed,” Durran told The Daily Beast. “And I really liked that—no one ever looked up. The thing that people would chase Diana around London for, trying to get a picture of, is right there for them. But they just didn’t see it.

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