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06:21  10 november  2017
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Fast Pair is Android's answer to Apple's effortless AirPods pairing

  Fast Pair is Android's answer to Apple's effortless AirPods pairing Apple users are quickly growing accustomed to effortless wireless pairing between the iPhone (or Mac computers) and AirPods, but Google has been working on something that should remove at least some frustration from connecting Bluetooth gadgets to Android phones. Some speakers and headphones let you speed up the pairing process with NFC, which is pretty convenient, but now devices running Android 6.0 and above will get yet another, even better option: Fast Pair.

Although many manufacturers are using pure Android , Google is still fighting to reduce the fragmentation in the Android experience. Next up, file transfers, with the public beta of Files Go now available.

10 Nov. Google attacks Android ' s major problem with Files Go .

a screen shot of a computer: Android N Devices (image: Google.com)© Provided by Forbes Media LLC Android N Devices (image: Google.com) The great thing about Android is that pretty much any company looking to make a smartphone can run with the operating system. If it wants to tap into a wealth of applications and a strong foundation of an ecosystem, then signing up for Google’s flavour guarantees not only the OS, but a suite of apps that help meet user expectations.

The last year has seen a rise in the number of ‘pure’ Android handsets, where manufacturers focus on using Google’s apps rather than implement their own solutions for problems already solved. It allows smaller companies to focus on the hardware, safe in the knowledge that the software bases are covered. The recently launched Razer Phone, and the return of the Nokia name through Finnish start-up HMD Global both use pure Android both as the core of their handsets and as a marketing point to promote that the handsets have the features consumers want.

Google explains how all those Drive files got locked

  Google explains how all those Drive files got locked On Halloween, some Google Docs users got a spooky surprise when they were locked out of their own documents for 'violating Google's terms of service.' In a blog post, Google stated that its automatic security detects and prevents access to files that might contain viruses, malware or 'other abusive content.' The bug caused Docs and Drive to misinterpret the signals from these systems, which resulted in erroneously marking particular files as violating TOS.

With Android Go tailored for devices running limited internal storage — usually 8GB or less — there was a need for a storage management app that could identify and delete files and At least that' s the case for a majority of Indians, and Google is looking to solve that particular problem with Files Go .

Android Go , or Android Oreo ( Go edition), is the new version of Google ' s OS designed for budget-friendly phones in developing markets. Files Go . Keep in mind that these apps may be slimmer and faster, but they might be missing a feature or two.

But with some of the biggest names still planting their own apps into the home screen field (including the likes of Samsung, Huawei, HTC, and OnePlus) the issue of app and data fragmentation remains a concern for Google. After all the goal is to have every Android phone interact with every other Android phone, with Google’s services, and allow consumers to move between manufacturers while staying within Android.

That’s where the portability of the stock apps comes in useful, and it is one reason you’ll still see many manufacturers work hard to have their own apps (and cloud services) present on Android devices so they can act as a firewall to keep consumers inside their product range.

So when Google releases a new app with the intention of rolling it into the stock offering, you should pay attention. In the case of Files Go – which The Verge’s Jacob Kastrenakes reports is currently in beta – Google has decided to improve the transfer of individual files between devices. It’s an area that can be haphazard at the moment (Android Beam is an option, but requires NFC and tapping action).

Google Assistant can ID that song for you

  Google Assistant can ID that song for you You don't need to have a Pixel 2 to get a built-in song identifier anymore: Google has finally given Assistant the ability to compete with Shazam. Next time you hear a nice tune playing, you can simply ask Assistant "What song is this?" and it will reply with the title and artist. It will also toss in an info card with the title of the album where you can find the track, the date it was released and embedded links to Search, YouTube and Play that make it easier to get the song or to listen to it again.

Having problems with your Android device? We can solve it! Users will need to locate an APK (what’ s an Android APK file ?) from a third party source and then manually install it. Here’ s an APK Mirror post that includes links to every major version of the Play Store.

With Files Go being a Google app, that includes instant results, autocomplete, and search filters. The search feature works offline as well, and Files Go will also show the location of duplicate files .

Once it leaves beta, Files Go will open up easy file transfer wirelessly between local devices, it creates a tool that will hopefully become expected by end users, and reduces the fragmentation of Android software by (eventually) sitting on top of any manufacturer solutions with a genuinely global option.

You can download the beta of Files Go here.

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Google Assistant can help troubleshoot your Pixel 2 phone .
Plenty of companies offer chat support to troubleshoot problems with your phone. But do you really want to talk to another human for what could be a simple fix? You don't have to... if you have a Pixel 2. Android Police has discovered that you can ask Google Assistant for help with battery issues. Ask why your battery isn't charging properly and the AI companion will not only run a diagnostics check, but look for particularly power-hungry apps.

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