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17:30  26 october  2021
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millions of penalties at audits

 millions of penalties at audits © default_credit flexera With the correct asset, compliance and license management, companies can ward off. Unfortunately, there are fulfits in many places, so that in software audits often penalties will be due in millions. IT Asset Management (Itam) can help to trace the overview of the stocks. While SaaS, Cloud and containers revolutionize the IT landscape in companies, but remain the tools and best practices for the management of IT assets at the same level.

veritas netbackup recovery vault Bild veritas © default_credit Veritas NetBackup Recovery Vault Picture Veritas With the Veritas cloud storage service Recovery Vault can reduce costs and strengthen the resistance to ransomware through an AIR-CAP.

Veritas Technologies , has announced NetBackup Recovery Vault , a fully managed storage AS-A-Service Data Repository for Veritas NetBackup . The extension acts as AIR CAP storage, thus isolating the backup data and makes it resilient against ransomware. Customers can also use Recovery Vault as long-term storage and reduce the cost and complexity of their cloud storage environment.

"Backups are the last defense line against Ransomware," explains Eric Waltert, Regional VP umbrella at Veritas Technologies. "Enterprises need simple, secure and cost-effective ways for long-term data storage in the cloud. Recovery Vault is supported by NetBackup and thus meets all requirements for recovery.

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Easy Saving Data in the Cloud

Cloud Storage from a Public Cloud Service Provider to be obtained and managed by its own IT experts can cause IT security gaps and compliance problems. Recovery Vault simplifies this process and reduces the risks because NetBackup serves here as a secure and uniform interface. This will manage back and restore the data on the one hand and, on the other hand, simplifies the provision of cloud-based storage systems. In addition, companies can choose from leading cloud storage providers. Customers can be used flexibly with various providers with a subscription application-specific new memory automated.

Low total cost of ownership

In view of continuous data growth, the cost of data backup in the cloud is difficult to predict. With the following measures, Recovery Vault helps to control the cloud storage outputs:

Cheap, abundant renewable energy powers cluster of Quebec data centres

  Cheap, abundant renewable energy powers cluster of Quebec data centres With vast amounts of cheap and renewable electricity mostly generated from hydro dams, Quebec is seeing more and more tech giants setting up power-hungry data centres in the Canadian province. "Our rates are among the most advantageous in the world," said Cendrix Bouchard, spokesman for public utility Hydro-Quebec, which manages generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the province. "Companies came here because it's cheap, but above all because the energy (99 percent of it) is renewable," Paquet said to AFP.

Reduction of unexpected data transactions assistance in migrating data from cost-intensive tape stores to cheaper and long-term cloud stores Constant operations through automation and consolidation of privacy and storage management free Election of providers, which are optimally tailored to the company. Reducing the amount of data sent, stored and retrieved via the cloud

High resistance to Ransomware

Recovery Vault is disconnected from the other networks by an AIR cap. This reduces the risk that Ransomware and other harmful codes compromise the integrity of the data on the primary storage systems and their backups.

In addition, Recovery Vault cloud memory offers NetBackup protective functions:

Unprocessable cloud storage and data encryption when transferring the data as well as in its storage. The data is protected and the compliance guaranteed. Anomalie detection based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unexpected changes to the backups are recognized before it comes to data encryption. Through the NetBackup Intelligent Cloud Policy Engine, the complexity of data storage in the cloud can be abstracted. New workloads in all important clouds are automatically detected and protected.

"The traditional approaches to cloud data but can no longer compete with the increasing complexity of IT, the increase in threats and economic expectations," explains Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group . "Recovery Vault helps companies to protect their data in the cloud from ransomware and data losses, plan disaster recovery as well as to meet compliance and governance requirements. Integration into the NetBackup platform also improves operational efficiency and reduces costs. "

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