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05:08  29 november  2017
05:08  29 november  2017 Source:   usatoday.com

Facebook to let users see if they 'liked' Russian accounts

  Facebook to let users see if they 'liked' Russian accounts U.S. lawmakers called the announcement a positive step. The web page, though, would fall short of their demands that Facebook individually notify users about Russian propaganda posts or ads they were exposed to. Facebook, Alphabet Inc's Google and Twitter Inc are facing a backlash after saying Russians used their services to anonymously spread divisive messages among Americans in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. elections. U.S. lawmakers have criticized the tech firms for not doing more to detect the alleged election meddling, which the Russian government denies involvement in.

Facebook says artificial intelligence has sped up removal of terrorist - www.ksdk.com. 5 Ways Facebook ’s AI Will Fight Terrorism ; On Instagram and WhatsApp Too. Facebook had recently deployed its artificial intelligence system to take up the fight against terrorist content on Facebook .

Facebook says artificial intelligence has sped up removal of terrorist content . Jessica Guynn, USA TODAY Published 7:12 p.m. ET Nov.

Facebook sign at Facebook headquarters in Hamburg, Germany© Daniel Reinhardt, EPA Facebook sign at Facebook headquarters in Hamburg, Germany

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook says it's able to remove 99% of Islamic State and Al Qaeda terrorist content before it's flagged by users thanks to advances in artificial intelligence that are helping stop the spread of terrorist content.

Once Facebook is aware of the terrorist content, it removes 83% of it within an hour of it being uploaded, the company said Tuesday.

"We are encouraged by these numbers but we know we have to work to do and we are working on getting better and faster," said Monika Bickert, who runs global policy management. She would not say how much terrorist content — how many posts, images, videos and the like — is removed from Facebook.

Facebook to Show People the Russian Propaganda They Followed

  Facebook to Show People the Russian Propaganda They Followed Facebook Inc. will show people which Russian propaganda pages or accounts they’ve followed and liked on the social network, responding to a request from Congress to address manipulation and meddling during the 2016 presidential election. The tool will appear by the end of the year in Facebook’s online support center, the company said in a blog post Wednesday. It will answer the user question, “How can I see if I’ve liked or followed a Facebook page or Instagram account created by the Internet Research Agency?” That’s the Russian firm that created thousands of incendiary posts from fake accounts posing as U.S. citizens.

But it acknowledged that it had to do more work to identify other groups. Founder Mark Zuckerberg first detailed his AI -based plan in February. Facebook reveals measures to remove terrorist content . 15 June 2017.

Nearly all of the content it has removed this year was spotted by AI tools. Quick removal of terrorist content has been a focus of European guidelines regarding social media sites. Additionally, Facebook is also working on finding old content .

"The 99% and 83% that are removed are pretty impressive on the surface but the question is: Are we talking about 1,000 videos or 10,000, or 100,000?" says Seamus Hughes, deputy director of the program on extremism at George Washington University. "What's glaringly missing are the actual hard numbers."

Attacks on Western targets and sharp criticism from European officials have intensified pressure on Facebook to crack down on terrorist activity. European officials are calling on technology companies to take more responsibility for the content on their networks and to provide more information to authorities that could help them foil or investigate attacks.

Terrorist groups use popular Internet services such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to spread propaganda, attract and train new recruits, celebrate terrorist attacks and publicize executions. They also use messaging services to communicate.

YouTube advertisers quit over predatory child videos

  YouTube advertisers quit over predatory child videos Several major companies have pulled their advertising from YouTube after their ads were shown on videos of young children that had attracted scores of comments from pedophiles. An investigation reported Friday by U.K.'s The Times found comments from hundreds of pedophiles posted on YouTube videos of scantily-clad children. Among the videos, most of which looked to have been uploaded by the children themselves, was a clip of of a pre-teen girl in a nightgown that had 6.5 million views, the Times said. The YouTube algorithm would then suggest other, similar videos, say of other children in bed or in baths.

Facebook said that once a piece of terror content was flagged as being such, it removed 83% of The company said that it had focused on Al Qaeda and IS up until now because they represented the Mrs May, along with several other European leaders, has said that she wanted terrorist -related

Facebook : AI has sped up removal of terrorist content . From The Terminator to Blade Runner, pop culture has always leaned towards a chilling depiction of artificial intelligence ( AI ) and our future with AI at the helm.

Facebook says it's rooting out and removing extremists' propaganda and messages by using sophisticated algorithms to mine words, images and videos.

Melbourne's first new rail tunnel since 1980 to open early

  Melbourne's first new rail tunnel since 1980 to open early The early opening comes with a catch for commuters. The government is planning a 44-day construction blitz, that will see the Hurstbridge line shut down in March and April next year.Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said the lengthy closure would allow for faster progress on the project.“Previously it had been advised there would be two periods of disruption, bringing them together means there’s less disruption,” she said.“But it gives us the chance to get on and get the work done so much more quickly.

Sign in/ up . Some readers may find this content disturbing. Terrorism is a priority topic for Facebook , and it has invested in software to try to stop some extremist content ever getting on the site. But moderators have told the Guardian a vast amount of terrorist -related content still gets

The tech giant now uses AI to detect and remove online terrorist content . Facebook has never revealed its behind-the-scenes work publicly before, but the recent terrorists events pushed the company to take a public stance against this phenomenon.

Artificial intelligence can't do the job alone, so Facebook has a team of more than 150, including counterterrorism experts, who are dedicated to tracking and taking down propaganda and other materials. It's also collaborating with fellow technology companies and consulting with researchers to keep pace with the ever-changing social media tactics of the Islamic State and other terror groups.

Facebook is part of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which was formed in June with companies such as Google, Microsoft and Twitter. The companies share a database of "hashes" — essentially digital fingerprints — to track and take down videos and images that appear on their services.

Facebook says it has prioritized going after Isis and Al Qaeda because it believes they pose the greatest threat globally but it plans to expand to terrorist content posted by other extremist groups.

The challenge: When chased from Facebook, terrorists set up shop elsewhere. Terrorism experts say extremists have decamped to smaller outfits such as messaging service Telegram, which use end-to-end encryption.

Some of the techniques being developed by Facebook to combat terrorism can be deployed in other areas including Russian propaganda, Bickert said.

A Russian organization linked to the Kremlin targeted unsuspecting Americans with Facebook posts and ads to stoke outrage over polarizing issues from gay rights to gun rights in the tense political climate surrounding the 2016 presidential election.

Executives from Facebook, Twitter and Google were recently summoned to a series of hearings on Capitol Hill to answer questions about election interference by Russians on their platforms. Russia has denied any meddling in the election.

"Facebook is having conversations with Capitol Hill at a higher clip than before," Hughes said. " It's going to raise the question: If you can do this on terrorist content, then why can't you do this on fake news and Russian propaganda?"

Facebook Messenger Kids is a locked-down chat app with parental controls in mind .
Facebook has launched a new version of Facebook Messenger, aimed at children under the age of 13. The app, called Facebook Messenger Kids, works much like a trimmed-down version of the mainstream version of the app. The biggest difference is that it’s designed with parental controls in mind.

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