Tech & Science RKI Chef Wieler: "We are actually in great concern" - why super mutant B1.1.529 researchers so worried

14:05  26 november  2021
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RKI President Wieler: 2G rule no longer ranges from

 RKI President Wieler: 2G rule no longer ranges from The 2G rule means that only vaccinated and recent access to events get. Wieler said, in addition, further measures needed. People should also "stay home if possible" and no longer make a meeting with many people. "We have to pull the emergency brake now," Wieler said. All of Germany is a single corona outbreak. It would now have to be protected children and older people.

So far, the Delta variant of the coronavirus in Europe growing and brings the health systems of some states already to their limits. Now, in South Africa, a new variant that worries scientists and health authorities: B.1.1.529 has a total of more than 50 mutations, of which alone 32 on the Spike protein alone. This told Tulio de Oliveira, the director of the Center for Epidic Camping and Innovation in South Africa, on Thursday, 25 November, at a Briefing .

for comparison: The highly infectious delta variant that most commonly occurs worldwide has, according to the US Health Authority, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 11 to 15 mutations in their spike protein , some of which are already helping the immune response Partially bypassed. The spike protein is the part of the virus, which is attached to human cells and target for the existing corona vaccines and antibody treatments. A higher number of mutations in the spike protein can change its shape and thus cause the vaccines and treatments to be less effective.

Celebrity chef Guillaume Brahimi and designer Tamie Ingham in Paris

  Celebrity chef Guillaume Brahimi and designer Tamie Ingham in Paris Celebrity chef Guillaume Brahimi and shoe designer Tamie Ingham have been keeping their romance low key for the past year. But it seems the lovebirds have jetted off to Paris to celebrate their first anniversary together, according to The Daily Telegraph.The 36-year-old shoe designer and heiress to the Ingham chicken fortune has been sharing photos of their trip on her Instagram account.

The new variant was first discovered in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong . The case in Hong Kong was attributed to a person traveling to South Africa. Also in Israel a first case was already reported. However, in Germany and the EU, she has not been proven to be proven, Lothar Wieler, boss of the Robert Koch Institute, declared on Friday, 26 November at a joint press conference with the Managing Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU). "We are actually in great concern," said Wieler. The variant has a high number of mutations: some have been seen earlier in other variants - others are completely unknown so far.

The goal is therefore, supplemented spoon to avoid that B.1.1.529 arrives in Germany. "The last thing that is missing now is a introduced new variant that makes even more problems," he said. Already in the night of Friday, Germany South Africa declared a virus variant area due to B.1.1.529: From Saturday, airlines should then only carry German citizens to Germany. If necessary, neighboring countries of South Africa are affected, so spoon. The EU Commission also wants to restrict travel from southern Africa to the EU to an absolute minimum.

Corona: Infusions for risk patients now also outpatient

 Corona: Infusions for risk patients now also outpatient No later than five days after the positive test result, the KV Berlin should be started with the administration of monoclonal antibodies - if there are certain risk factors and to expect a serious disease history and a stationary treatment are. © Provided by Berliner Zeitung The KV Berlin points out that patients must be informed in detail before the start of therapy. Administration must also be documented properly by the practices.

Tom Peacock, virologist at Imperial College in London, who reported the variant on Tuesday on Github over , said like Lothar Wieler, that the high number of mutations "really worrying" and that there are combinations of mutations he still Never has never seen in a single variant of the virus, which causes COVID-19.

and Francois Balloux, the Director of the Genetics Institute of University College London, said on Wednesday in an explanation to the Science Media Cente R, that the fact that such a large number of mutations has occurred in a single outbreak, on it If the variant has developed from a chronic infection in an immunogous person.

Ravi Gupta, Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Cambridge, said on Wednesday on Twitter , the variant B.1.1.529 is "worrying, and I did not say that since Delta". He supplemented: "Please let vaccination, refresh and mask yourself in public, because the mutations in this virus probably lead to highly neutralizing antibodies."

Merkel penetrates additional Corona measures

 Merkel penetrates additional Corona measures Berlin. In view of the escalation of the corona situation in Germany, the managing Chancellor Angela Merkel penetrates additional measures such as contact restrictions. She has therefore phoned her alleged successor Olaf Scholz. © Michael Kappeler The Managing Chancellor Angela Merkel (archive image). The outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) continues to penetrate stricter measures to curb the corona pandemic. "We need more restrictions from contacts," Merkel said on Thursday in Berlin.


The South African Institute for Contagious Diseases NiCd shared at on Thursday, 22 cases of the new variant B.1.1.529 were demonstrated in South Africa. With more cases, it should be expected in the course of the current genome analyzes.

The World Health Organization WHO already examines whether B.1.1.529 must be considered to be worrying. That said WHO expert Maria van Kerkhove in a briefing . It is also investigated to what extent the variant follow for the diagnosis, therapies and the vaccine campaigns.

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