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01:40  06 december  2017
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Vladimir Putin signs bill targeting foreign media

  Vladimir Putin signs bill targeting foreign media So he's signed it. Of course, there was never much doubt Vladimir Putin would put pen to paper on a piece of legislation that's been rushed through both houses of parliament in roughly two weeks. But now that it's officially law, we'll soon see how Russia's media foreign agent bill is to be used.

Today's BNP " dirty dozen " are: 1. Tony Lecomber, prominent in the BNP hierarchy, served three years in jail for a nail bomb plot. He got another three years in 1991 for stabbing a Jewish teacher and has 12 convictions in all. 2. Kevin Scott, BNP organiser in the North East, has convictions for assault and

GMB General Secretary Kevin Curran today exposes the BNP's " dirty dozen ", twelve more BNP "politicos" who have criminal records for offences ranging from violent assault to criminal damage.

Close up of an Asian black-spined toad on bamboo in evening light.© Getty Images Close up of an Asian black-spined toad on bamboo in evening light. Nowhere in Australia is safe.

That's the warning from the head of the nation's Invasive Species Council, which wants levies on air and sea cargo to fund a biosecurity fighting fund to stop the arrival of deadly insects and plants capable of causing an ecological disaster.

"We're calling them the 'dirty dozen' because the case studies include some of Australia's most deadly invasive species - red fire ants, the eucalypt-killer myrtle rust, red-eared slider turtles and yellow crazy ants," council CEO Andrew Cox said on Wednesday.

Jessica Simpson mom-shamed for pic of 5-year-old daughter in makeup

  Jessica Simpson mom-shamed for pic of 5-year-old daughter in makeup Jessica Simpson heard it from the parent police.In the image, Jessica and her mini-me, Maxwell, both wear makeup. Maxwell is seen with dark lipstick while sitting in the makeup chair inside of MAC Cosmetics.

The Dirty Dozen List is an activism tool that gives back power to individuals who want a voice in the culture. People can participate by taking easy online actions, from sending emails to sharing social media messages. The Dirty Dozen List has a track record of uniting thousands of individual actions

The Dirty Dozen List is an activism tool that has instigated tremendous changes, leading to policy improvements at Google, Hilton Worldwide, Verizon NCOSE announced the 2017 Dirty Dozen List on February 22 via a live online press conference. You can watch a recording of the press conference

"Nowhere in Australia has been safe from these deadly incursions."

Queensland is battling fire ants. The Asian black-spined toad, which pumps out poison through its glands, has turned up in the cooler regions of Victoria and NSW and has now reached Western Australia.

Native plant killer myrtle rust - which infests the eastern seaboard - has now crossed the Bass Strait to Tasmania, Mr Cox said.

"Australia's environmental border controls are a leaky sieve and must be fixed," he said.

Defiant Iran refuses to bow out of MidEast affairs

  Defiant Iran refuses to bow out of MidEast affairs Iran on Thursday brushed off suggestions it should curb its reach in the Middle East and denied accusations of meddling, saying it was "going nowhere".Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a regional battle for dominance being fought by proxies in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and other countries -- a tussle which has drawn in the West.

The Dirty dozen : The Fatal Mission, The Dirty Dozen - Franko #11, Dirty Dozen (1967) Official Trailer - Lee Marvin, John Cassavetes World War 2 Movie HD, DIRTY DOZEN THE SERIES EP. 2018 Dirty Dozen List launch, naming and shaming mainstream facilitators of sexual exploitation.

It’s a campaign to name and shame the mainstream entities and individuals that benefit from sexual exploitation. Since it started in 2013, The Dirty Dozen List has produced results. IHG, the premiere hotel chain with brands like Holiday Inn and Crown Plaza, voluntarily removed all pornography from its

Mr Cox is calling on the federal government to act on the findings of a 2017 national biosecurity review.

These include setting up a biosecurity fighting fund paid for by air and sea levies, basing a biosecurity "champion" within the federal environment department and the compilation of a national priority list of invasive threats.

Portrait of a red-eared tortoise.© Belikart/Getty Images Portrait of a red-eared tortoise.

Australia's deadly dirty dozen explained

A 'dirty dozen' of foreign insects and plants are making their way around Australia risking ecological disaster. Here's a look at the worst of them.


This invasive aggressive South American species has spread itself all over the world hitching rides on ships. It puts already threatened Australian species, including turtles, crocodiles, lizards, frogs and some birds, under threat. Current eradication program effectiveness is being jeopardised by importation processes.

Japanese Government Makes Pikachu an Official Ambassador

  Japanese Government Makes Pikachu an Official Ambassador He shares the role with Hello Kitty.As ambassador, the electrifying character is now responsible for boosting the city’s profile among member states of the Bureau International des Expositions. Every few years, the organization meets to select a world city to host the upcoming World Expo. The World Expo is an event aimed at “educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress, and fostering cooperation” among international communities, according to the bureau’s website. The members will choose between cities in Japan, France, Russia, and Azerbaijan to host the next one when the committee convenes in November 2018.

BRITAIN'S most toxic towns and cities have been shamed in a damning report by the World Health Organisation as pollution is linked to big rises in dementia cases. Eight out of 10 of our communities now exceed acceptable health guidelines when it comes to air quality - with a dirty dozen totally

Environmental Working Group released it’s 2018 Dirty Dozen list and it serves as a solid reminder that we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to cleaning up the food system. This year, the report found that almost 70 percent of non-organic samples tested positive for at least one pesticide.


They look cute but don't be fooled! Often kept as pets, due to their small size and low cost, these turtles can be 'bitey'. This less than endearing habit leads to them being dumped into Australia's waterways.

The turtles pose major threat to native turtles. Breeding populations have been found in NSW and Queensland, with individual specimens spotted in Victoria, ACT and WA.


This toad could steal the Australian cane toad's "most hated" status. In recent years, about 10 of these guys have been intercepted each 12 months. There have been several actual incursions since 2000.

Like the cane toad, they spray a poison through their glands to ward off predators, posing a danger to snakes, goannas and quolls.


This is a fungus that causes disease in Australia's most dominant plant family, Myrtaceae.

It was first detected in 2010 in NSW and is now established in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Its targets include the medicinal tea tree and lemon myrtle.


Named after the heavyweight boxer this aggressive, illegally released aquarium fish is hardy, adaptable and a prolific breeder that can quickly dominate native fish populations.

So far, one cichlid has been found, in a popular swimming pool in an isolated flooded quarry near Yamba on the NSW north coast.


First detected in Cairns in 2007. They have a broad floral appetite and will compete for pollen and nectar with native birds, mammals and insects.

Their incursion was subject to a failed eradication program because some Australian states didn't want to provide funding.

Source: Invasive Species Council

Netflix checks in on Redditor after sudden bout of binge-watching .
As we all watch Netflix, it watches us too. The streaming service records detailed analytics of our viewing habits which is either creepy or awesome depending on your point of view. The streaming service records detailed analytics of our viewing habits which is either creepy or awesome depending on your point of view.

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