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10:30  05 january  2022
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It’s only a matter of time before omicron spreads through immigration detention

  It’s only a matter of time before omicron spreads through immigration detention Immigrants in ICE custody are already at high risk.Now they’re even more vulnerable as the highly transmissible omicron has become the most common coronavirus variant in the US — and advocates say it’s another factor that adds to the already compelling case for releasing them from detention.

Federal Health Minister Lauterbach wants an early vaccination. "The vaccination requirement must come quickly," he said to the RND. He work on a proposal for a vaccination obligation for people over 18 years. Lauterbach: "He should be unbureaucratic and preferred without a sanctuary. There should also be no new report structures, "said Lauterbach. "The vaccination requirement must come quickly. We can not wait for a vaccination obligation to be superfluous because we have a very high level of the population. Omikron as a dirty vaccine is not an alternative to vaccination. That would be very dangerous. "

Anti-Covid Drug: Bund is increasingly buying one million packs

 Anti-Covid Drug: Bund is increasingly buying one million packs is thus getting the perspective to enable another therapeutic option, the SPD politician continued to say. "Slowly Covid becomes a combination of more effective vaccines and treatment options to lose a disease that will lose their terror." It will work with all drug manufacturers who developed appropriate drugs. "It's rather that with fast vaccination and effective medicines, we have to make this fight as we must close the schools." © Provided by Berliner Zeitung The US drug authority FDA had p

  Lauterbach: Schnelle Impflicht, aber ohne Impfregister © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

Lauterbach emphasized in this context that it does not give any reason for the all-clear for unburping. "You can not prospect to give you the contact restrictions shortly or in the medium term," says Lauterbach. At the same time, he defended his push to shorten the quarantine duration. Studies showed that the generation period - ie the phase in which the virus spreads in the body and the phase in which a human being is contagious - is much shorter at Omikron. "So we can shorten the quarantine time to some extent, without going into the risk," he said.

The shortening is also necessary because "certain areas of critical infrastructure" could be affected by increasing infectations of personnel deficiency - in particular hospitals, elderly care as well as police, fire brigade and the supply of water and electricity. For these areas, new quarantine and isolation rules are necessary. The areas of school and travel would also have to be considered, emphasized the minister.

South America, Vaccination Champion

 South America, Vaccination Champion © Joaquín Sarmiento, AFP A Vaccination Center in Medellin, Colombia, December 14, 2021. After having experienced fruitful mortality rates in the first months of the pandemic South America has put in place an effective vaccination policy. At the point of appearing, according to the data of the website Our World in date, at the top of the most vaccinated regions in the world. with a total of 63.3% of the population having followed a complete vaccination scheme against CVIV-19, the South America h

The Robert Koch Institute reported on Wednesday morning that the number of new infections had almost doubled within 24 hours to 58.912. On Tuesday the value still had at 30,561. For the campaign to refresh vaccinations, the Minister of Health exclaimed a new goal. "According to the modeling of the Robert Koch Institute, the goal should be that more than 80 percent of double vaccines are also boomed, ie, computational 56 percent of the population," he said to the RND. The additional contact restrictions together with refreshments would drop the R value indicating how many people infected in average will drop.

According to the RND report, 59.3 million people have been in vaccinated so far. 32.7 million people have received a refresh vaccination. This corresponds to a share of 55 percent of all twice vaccinated. Lauterbach's 80 percent target therefore means that around 47.5 million people have to receive a booster vaccine. These are around 15 million people more than currently.

The Prime Ministers of the federal states meet on Friday with representatives of the federal government to re-evaluate the pandemic situation in Germany. The tips of the federal government and countries would like to advise a shortening of quarantine and isolation times, with which personnel bottlenecks are to be avoided in important facilities.An Wednesday, the ministers of health advise. Also on Wednesday the cultural ministers meet. It is expected that they express themselves for working on the schools despite the reinforced spread of the omikron variant of the coronavirus.

Impunktight: Andreas Scheuer calls Olaf Scholz to question on .
Recently, Andreas Scheuer is opposition politician and Olaf Scholz Prime Minister. But already now the ex-minister calls the Chancellor to ask the question of confidence in the dispute over the liabilities. © Thilo Schmuelgen / Reuters In the dispute over the introduction of a vaccination obligation in Germany, the former Federal Minister of Transport andreas Scheuer has now turned on.

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