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19:23  20 january  2022
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Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals: Tour canceled!

 Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals: Tour canceled! The former Pantera Frontmann Philip Anselmo and his solo band The Illegal have canceled their festival performances in Europe because of the Coronavirus pandemic. © Provided by www.metal-hammer.de Phil Anselmo and the illegal at the Hell and Heaven on March 14, 2020 in Toluca, Mexico of the former Pantera-Frontmann Philip Anselmo and his solo band The Illegals have their festival performances in Europe because of the Coronavirus pandemic canceled.

The FC Ingolstadt has seven points behind the relegation place as the final light. On the home Schanzer is waiting with ascension aspirant Darmstadt 98 the second highest Away team.

Schritt für Schritt wollen Ingolstadt und Coach Rüdiger Rehm aus dem Keller klettern. © Imago Images / Stefan Bösl Step by step, Ingolstadt and Coach Rüdiger Rehm want to climb out of the cellar.

Ingolstadt: Stojanovic stays in the goal

that sounds like David against Goliath, and Rüdiger Rehm also has "respect for Darmstadt 98 and their previous seasonal performance", and at the same time referred to the "high stability" of the lilies, which would also reflect the table image. Nevertheless, for the 43-year-old, there is no reason to despair: "I think chances can be calculated," rehearsed on the virtual press conference on Thursday also confidence.

rumors confirmed: PayPal checks introduction of a separate stable coins

 rumors confirmed: PayPal checks introduction of a separate stable coins PayPal now confirmed the rumors: The payment service provider dares another push into the Krypto universe and works on its own stable cooin - especially for payment transactions. © Provided by finanzen.net Indranil Mukherjee / AFP / Getty Images • PayPal dares another step in Krypto Nutrition Offensive • Introduction of a separate stable coin for payment transactions • Corresponding details in source code The PayPal app appeared PayPal has been interested since Quite some time for crypto curren

comes Muslius game permission in good time?

The Schanzer had once again hit the transfer market during the week and committed defender Visar Musliu. It is open to start whether the 40-color national player will start Nordmasedonia right now, Rehm said - and hopes: "At Muslie, it is still open if it works in time with the right to play, but he's absolutely an option."

With Stojanovic, the FCI coach gave a further winter new entry despite its gross Patzer at 1: 2 in Heidenheim an application warranty: "Dejan stays in the goal. He had a good appearance, but also after the mistake a good radiance. He is experienced enough and knows that he made a big patzer. However, he can handle it too. Our keepers deliver a good fight. "

Rehm wants the opponent stresses

New entry trio in the starting eleven? So Rehm wants to annoy "Vorde Heidenheim"

 New entry trio in the starting eleven? So Rehm wants to annoy Ingolstadt's coach Rüdiger Rehm praises opponent Heidenheim in the highest tones, with a new trio in the Startelf he wants to keep the hope of the leaving class. © imago images / stefan bösl vs. Dresden's plan folded excellently: Ingolstadt's coach Rüdiger Rehm and Filip Bilbija.

Rehm warns in front of Darmstadt's force, demands in the defensive "as well as to stay without error" and announces the highest intensity: "Every opponent will have it hard if you are always in the double situations come. We always need pressure and stress on the ball guide. So we want to defend in the future. So we will defend, "the ex-professional described the approach in the defensive. And offensive? "Front is about pushing the thing over the line more often and bringing 50: 50 games to our site."

The recipe sounds simple, but whether it is for the home-bad Schanzer (1/3/5) against Darmstadt, with 17 meters (5/2/3) second in the away table, a 50: 50 game will show itself . "We'll take it step by step and try to improve things that were not good in the week," revealed rehm fundamental. Of course, he also knows that hurry is offered: "Fact is that we do not have much time for it and have to be stable over 90 minutes as soon as possible."

best against Darmstadt.

light and delicious: Tomato soup with naan .
The exam phase is on and in the kitchen it has to go fast. This is this tomato soup with Naan exactly the right thing. © Zeitjung This recipe became the loyal companion of my girlfriends and me last year. We met for cooking during the lunch break of an zoom seminar. So it had to go fast. That was the birth of our tomato soup. In the following weeks - in the examination phase - we cooked them almost every day. The tomato soup is easy and fast to make and is still healthy.

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