Tech & Science 4 tricks to use the hair dryer in the household

17:51  25 january  2022
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in most households is the hair dryer in the bathroom and is used to dry the hair. But the hair dryer has other tricks on it.

Sie nutzen Ihren Föhn nur zum Haare trocknen? Der Haartrockner kann im Haushalt noch viel mehr leisten. Wir verraten vier Tricks. © Provided by the house Do you use your hair dryer only to dry hair? The hair dryer can make much more in the household. We reveal four tricks.

Some unpleasant household tasks or one or the other problem can be solved with an hair dryer . The good thing: pretty much every household has a hairdryer, which can be done against dust and stains. They have to try these four tricks with the hair dryer.

Trick 1: Remove stains with the hairdryer

Candlelight on the dining table gets a romantic mood. The abdominal crescling, however, finds a sudden end when discovering stains from wax on the tablecloth. These stains can not be removed so easily. With the hair dryer, this problem is solved. To remove the stain, first place a delay on the affected area. Then set up the hair dryer on the highest stage on the spot. While the stain liquefies through the heat, the extinguishing paper simply sucks it on and the wax is removed . Simpler than the hair to dry.

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Trick 2: The Hair Dryer Purses the Dust Way

There are in the household, which unfortunately very hard cleans and free from dust. For example, the heater counts. In her interior, the dust collects and with a commercially available dust of the dust you can not get well between the slats. The trick with the cleaning of the radiator is to puff the dust with the hair dryer from the radiator. The hair dryer acts as a reverse vacuum cleaner. Before using the hairdryer, set a damp cloth under the radiators and align the hairdryer at high level from top to the heater, so that the dust is pushed down onto the cloth.

Trick 3: The unruly cake glaze snail

a delicious cake glaze is intended to give the backwork for the Sunday Cake Mug the finishing touch. But the tough fluid clums and does not want to be evenly distributed. In this case, the hair dryer becomes a helper in the kitchen. Turn on the hair dryer at a low level and align it on your cake. Due to the temperature, the glaze becomes a bit more fluid and you can distribute them evenly with the air and support a brush.

Trick 4: Remove with the Hair Dryer Remove Sticker

rather than bin at a sticker and then annoy the sticker's residues, you can easily remove stickers with the hair dryer. However, that only succeeds when the sticker is hot melt adhesive. Align the hairdryer at high level on the sticker, so that the adhesive begins to mush through the hot air below. Then the sticker can be easily removed .

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