Tech & Science What means help with light corona symptoms? The same as a normal cold?

17:53  27 january  2022
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Hana Horka died after intentional corona infection

 Hana Horka died after intentional corona infection Prague. She wanted to infect as vaccination: Now a Czech folk musician has died after a deliberately caused coronavirus infection to Covid-19. Hana Horka, singer of the band Assonance, died on Sunday at the age of 57 years. © Hendrik Schmidt A sample for a corona test (symbol image). This told her son Jan Rek to the radio station Irozhlas.cz. According to Rek, she had deliberately exposed to the virus because she wanted to avoid vaccination.

The Corona infection risk is high than ever by Omikron. And even if the courses are much more likely compared to previous virus variants: that does not mean that they run without symptoms. In addition, who is infected in domestic isolation can develop fears. What does this cough mean to mean now? Does this breathe harder than usual?

  Welche Mittel helfen bei leichten Corona-Symptomen? Die gleichen wie bei einer normalen Erkältung? © Provided by Berliner Kurier

In addition, the question arises: help me with symptoms such as cold, eyesight or fever the same means on which otherwise I trust about a flu infection?

of the general practitioner Martin Scherer knows these questions and fears of people who infect with Corona. The most important tip for the time in isolation at home was to stay left, says President of the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine.

Scientologies Frightening influence in Hollywood

 Scientologies Frightening influence in Hollywood now! The jungle camp is also not over at the current corona problem. One of the camper has caught it: just Lucas Cordalis, who was looking forward to the extreme situation, how hardly a second, was positive. Even if the man of Daniela Katzenberger has no symptoms, of course, he must not move into the camp of gray. © Provided by Berliner Kurier Also read: Mega Announcement by Jasmin Gentlemen Before the Jungle Camp: "I have been silent for too long!" >> The 54-year-olds go well, part RTL with.

For the assessment of the symptoms, Scherer gives the following orientation aid: "A slight history must feel like a cold. Everything that is about when you feel really sick: There you should consult the family doctor. "

Alternatively one can call about the medical call at the telephone number 116117 - which is also available at night, you get by phone advice A doctor over.

as possible warning signs that should be clarified, Scherer calls a sense of total exhaustion, high fever, permanent cough and shortness of breath. An increased respiratory rate without the air not can also be a possible alarm signal. A normal respiratory rate lies with healthy adults with around 12-16 breaths per minute.

But what does it help against lightweight symptoms? In fact, the home remedies are not Corona-specific against ongoing nose, neck scratching or shockedness, says Scherer. What else relieves, also relieves here, one could say.

CIA sees no foreign effort behind 'Havana syndrome' cases

  CIA sees no foreign effort behind 'Havana syndrome' cases The CIA has concluded that no foreign government is likely behind hundreds of mysterious "Havana syndrome" afflictions reported by US diplomats and that nearly all have more conventional medical or environmental explanations, a senior official said Thursday. Out of as many as 1,000 anomalous health incidents (AHIs) reported by American diplomats, intelligence and other officials, commonly dubbed Havana syndrome, about two dozen remain unexplained and are still the focus of intense examination, the official told AFP on the condition of anonymity.

against fever and pain help drugs such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. Here is not Corona the choice, but the question of whether one has certain allergies or pre-existing conditions. "Anyone who has a sick kidney should, for example, rather grab paracetamol," says Scherer.

is the nose clogged, the expert advises very classically to the nasal spray. With a scratchy neck you can grab to lollipops. It also speaks nothing against inhaling at Corona, although shear does not actively recommend that. But that only has to do with that he holds other methods like the nasal spray for more effective to solve mucus. But who does that well, who can inhale.

same applies to a bath. "If you like to bathe, that can be pleasant for that." Otherwise, as well as in grippal infections: rest and drink a lot.

But when did you survive it? "If I was seven, eight days at home, the symptoms have subsided and a quick test is negative, I can assume that I'm through," says Scherer.

What the Doomsday Clock is really counting down to

  What the Doomsday Clock is really counting down to The number of human-made existential risks has ballooned, but the most pressing one is the original: nuclear war.That matches the setting in 2020 and 2021, making all three years the closest the Clock has been to midnight in its 75-year history. “The world is no safer than it was last year at this time,” said Rachel Bronson, the president and CEO of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. “The Doomsday Clock continues to hover dangerously, reminding us how much work is needed to ensure a safer and healthier planet.

After recovery, uncertainty can consist of when and how strong one can again burden. If the test is negative and you feel fit again, you can slowly start sports again, says the physician.

Sometimes the lungs could feel something "occupied". According to Scherer, this is not a reason for distressing: "We know from many virus infects that put on the bronchi for a long time." Besides a careful start back to the training that you do not have to complain about complaints. "If I expose, for example, and out of the cough, I should not go over that." That's what you doubt.

It happens that family doctors do not want to exhibit any sick leave in a symptomless corona infection and instead point to the health department.

purely formal is also justifiable, says Martin Scherer. "A disability certificate is for the patient. If there are no symptoms, the formalias are not fulfilled. "The arrangement of a quarantine by the health department is in turn a regulatory act, doctors could not meet this arrangement - usually.

In case of an overload of health offices, as it is preceded, doctors could take over this official function and order home isolation, says Scherer. "You can also certify that."

Then you can point out the family doctor if you do not want to issue a sick leave or isolation arrangement, so Scherer continues.

because often it takes days until the quarantine arrangement arrives from the health department. Many can and do not want to wait for such a long time to avoid problems with their jobs: partly they demand a sick leave or other proof from the first day of the absence.

Dabel and Lindner should quickly clarify KfW conveyor chaos .
Berlin. The surprising KfW funding stop for efficient construction brings the Federal Government under pressure. Consumers run storm. The traffic light now advised in the coalition committee on solutions. © Rolf Vennenbernd tens of thousands of construction citizens could suddenly empty at KfW promotion. The traffic light coalition, which is under pressure due to the controversial KfW conveying stop in energy-efficient buildings, wants to rework.

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