Tech & Science Energy Group: RWE is the second largest solar system operator in USA-with Qatars Aid

13:11  03 october  2022
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Climate Relief Can’t Wait for Utopia

  Climate Relief Can’t Wait for Utopia How wishful thinking hampers the clean-energy revolutionDecarbonizing the economy will require an unprecedented amount of new energy investment. Fossil-fuel infrastructure built over centuries needs to be replaced within the next few decades by clean-energy alternatives. The United States will need to build hundreds of thousands of square miles of wind and solar farms; deploy enough battery storage to keep power flowing through the grid even on calm, cloudy days; and at least double the country’s transmission-line capacity.

RWE-Vorstandsvorsitzender Markus Krebber auf der RWE Bilanzpressekonferenz Foto: imago imageshttp://img-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/tenant/amp/entityid/AA12wL0P.img?h=152&w=270&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f&x=111&y=70 © provided by Wirtschaftswoche RWE CEO Markus Krebber at RWE Balance press conference Photo: Imago imagesdata-copyright =

RWE buys the US solar system operator con edison clean Energy for $ 6.8 billion. Katar's state fund QIA contributes 2.4 billion euros - and thus rises to RWE's largest shareholder.

RWE is strengthening its business with renewable energies in the United States with an almost seven billion euro purchase. The energy group buys the regional supplier Con Edison from New York from the solar system developer and operator Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, as announced in Essen on Saturday evening. With the $ 6.8 billion (6.9 billion euros)- including debts- comprehensive takeover, RWE almost doubles its stock of wind, solar and battery storage facilities in the USA and now comes to an installed output of 7 , 2 gigawatts (GW).

Calls for better consumer protections intensify as complaints over shoddy solar panels soar

  Calls for better consumer protections intensify as complaints over shoddy solar panels soar A campaign for greater consumer protection from shoddy solar companies comes as government regulators seek more power to investigate unscrupulous operators.In a campaign to be launched today, Energy Consumers Australia is seeking to fix what it says has been a "challenging, confusing and even disappointing" experience for too many people buying solar panels.

for RWE it is the biggest takeover since Innogy was split off in 2018. In terms of financing, the Essen Group receives support from the Katar State Fund. This draws a compulsory change bond, which is 2.43 billion euros. This means that Qia can start with a good nine percent with RWE and rise to its greatest shareholder. The golf state is already involved in Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen and Porsche in Germany.

"The takeover of con Edison Clean Energy Businesses means an enormous thrust for the green expansion of RWE in the USA, one of the most attractive and fastest growing markets for renewable energies," said CEO Markus Krebber. In this way, RWE in the USA becomes number two among the operators of solar systems and number four with renewable energies as a whole. The distance to number one, Nextera, which comes up with an installed performance of 58 gigawatts, is large.

Mudgee solar farm: NSW wine town divided over renewable energy project at Burrundulla

  Mudgee solar farm: NSW wine town divided over renewable energy project at Burrundulla One of Australia's most beautiful and beloved wine towns is being torn apart over plans for a gigantic solar farm. A plan to install 25,000 solar panels has pitted one family against many in the community.Mudgee, in central NSW, is famous for its food, wine and stunning countryside and was just voted Australia's top tourism town for the second year running.

around 90 percent of the installed capacity of three GW at Con Edison Clean Energy consists of solar systems. RWE thus screwed the solar content in its portfolio to 40 out of three percent. In addition, according to RWE, there is a development pipeline of another seven GW, which the group's project pipeline will grow there on 24 GW.

Germany wants to switch its energy supply to renewable energies, but is currently fighting with the failure of gas deliveries from Russia. Gas should serve as a bridge technology according to the end of coal and nuclear power. Against this background, the activist RWE shareholder Enkraft criticized the step: “It is completely incomprehensible that the largest German energy supplier in the largest energy crisis in Germany is carrying out a seven billion euros in the USA. In Germany, electricity customers no longer know how to pay electricity prices, and Mr. Krebber goes shopping with the high profits in the USA. ”Enkraft holds 0.15 percent of RWE.

Queensland is building the world's largest pumped hydro system. How does the technology work?

  Queensland is building the world's largest pumped hydro system. How does the technology work? Queensland is planning to build the world's largest pumped hydro facility to reach it's new renewable energy goals.It's the centrepiece of the state's new renewables target, coming in the form of two new pumped hydro facilities, one of which will be the largest of its kind worldwide.

With the implementation of the takeover, RWE expects RWE in the first half of 2023. Con Edison Clean Energy should contribute an operational result (EBITDA) of $ 600 million to win from RWE in the first year. The group had already planned 15 billion euros for investments in “green energies” in the United States. "I am pleased that Qia supports the ambitions of RWE to grow faster and stronger with additional equity," said Krebber. RWE wants to finance the part of the purchase price that Qia does not bear with loans. The dividend of 90 cents per share planned for 2022 should not be shaken.

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Germany: the energetician RWE will close his coal power plants by 2030 .
© In Fassbender The power plant at the Lignite of the German RWE energy giant in Neurath, in western Germany, 17 January 2022 The German RWE energy giant, a long time one of the largest CO2 issuers in Europe, announced Tuesday that he wanted to stop the production of coal electricity by 2030 in the Rhine mining basin, advancing from Eight years his plans.

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