Tech & Science The forces of evil invade us and no one is talking about it, except CNews: viewers shocked by this lunar program

15:40  04 october  2022
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This Sunday October 2, 2022, CNews broadcast a new number of in search of mind. A program that gave pride of place to religion and which annoyed viewers. In question ? WTF debates on angels, demons and the place of evil in our society, the hypocrisy of the chain which usually never hesitates to criticize other religions, and the discomfort of seeing journalism be mixed with beliefs.

  Les forces du mal nous envahissent et personne n'en parle, sauf CNews : les téléspectateurs choqués par cette émission lunaire © CNEWS

Do you remember when, younger, our grandparents told us that the cartoons were stupid and that it was better to read books? When our parents reminded us not to believe what was said on the internet because there were a lot of nonsense? Surprise, they are now the targets of Fake News on Facebook and of programs as WTF as it is stupid on television. Latest example? CNews, quite simply.

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  ‘Rape, torture, executions': UN investigators document Russian war crimes Crikey, now that's what we call a Northern Territory traffic jam. Watch as a car is trying to avoid huge saltwater crocodiles on Cahills Crossing while crossing the East Alligator River in the Northern Territory's Kakadu National Park. Via @rachellemay.wa on Instagram

CNews surprises with its religious program

"It is a more sneaky reality than all viruses, more dangerous than all epidemics, more contagious as well than all infections, but it is rarely mentioned and even less taken seriously" Introduces the journalist of the show in search of mind this Sunday, October 2, 2022, before swinging without stuttering the biggest possible enormities: "This reality is the forces of evil, under all their manifestations. They extend their power In all the spheres of society, the news shows it amply to lead us to despair ".

Yes, while we thought that the title of the most unwilling sequence of the year was intended for Slam and its candidate for the ultra Dédé response, this program has finally been seized the crown and D 'Explore competition as it has proven to be as mind -blowing as WTF.

Ex-Fox News host, Chris Wallace, new CNN celebrity interview show tanks in the ratings

  Ex-Fox News host, Chris Wallace, new CNN celebrity interview show tanks in the ratings GAME OF LOVE Trailer (2022) Bella Thorne, Benjamin Mascolo © 2022 - Vertical Entertainment

A program moved to a news channel?

with a program rich in completely farted debates capable of passing the pillars of counters of PMU bars for philosophers based on "angels and demons, how to fight against evil and against the devil?", "Witchcraft", "Was there a civil war in paradise?" Or "The role of an exorcist", Cnews has become the space of an hour the theater of a surrealist sequence which had to have more than one humorist depressed as she herself exceeded the stadium of the parody .

And necessarily, when we know that most religions, other than Christianity, are badly viewed in France and regularly subject to lively debates which borders on racism, on CNews in particular, seeing this same channel open the door To such a program embodied by journalists with guests with improbable words (Poke this priest who notably went out without trembling: "We have power over the devil") made the teeth cringe many viewers.

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, 71, brands Russia an 'evil empire', joins Ukraine fundraising drive

  Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, 71, brands Russia an 'evil empire', joins Ukraine fundraising drive Organisers said Hamill agreed to participate in Kyiv's 'Army of Drones' project, which acquires remote-controlled flying drones and funds their maintenance and pilot training .Ukraine has received 986 unmanned aerial vehicles worth around $51.8 million through the initiative to date, which are vital for the Ukrainian army to 'constantly monitor the 2,470-kilometer (1,500-mile) long frontline and provide an effective response to enemy attacks,' according to the United24 website.

Angry viewers

"Why get bored with reason and critical mind when a fanatic traditionalist takes control of the media? #Bolloré" can we read on Twitter, just like "incredible time zones, in Paris It is 11 p.m. while in Tokyo it is 6 am and in the premises of CNews we are in the 17th century "," I who believed that it was poverty exclusion or racism the causes of our problems while in fact It's just that we lack baptized. To say that we have been breaking our heads for so long, you have to quickly make a law to force everyone to baptize and everything will be better "or" it is purely mind -blowing this Kind of program, in 2022 .. Damn it is not possible to fall so low in obscurantism and stupidity! ".

The message has passed, but it should not, however, be heard by the leaders.

If viewers have nothing against religious programs - those of France 2 on Sunday morning are adopted by all, it is the hypocrisy of CNews which annoys Internet users. While this chain is associated with a continuous concept of information, the public believes that it is dangerous to mix genres (beliefs vs news) by taking up the codes of a classic info program ( TV set, reports, journalists), especially since some CNews journalists were pinned after disparaging other religions such as Islam over programs or newspapers.

Show of force in Mozambique's north, but jihadist threat remains .
A column of brand-new armoured vehicles is parked outside what remains of a government building in Quionga, a village in Mozambique's restive northern province of Cabo Delgado. The militants had raided Quionga last year, burning down the local government office and setting up shop in the village. They were using it as a base to carry out attacks on both sides of the nearby Tanzanian border. © Kun TIAN Mozambique Rwandan forces eventually ousted them in August 2021. - 'Isolated attacks' -A year on, calm has returned to the area, and so have most of Quionga's inhabitants.

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