Tech & Science Elbe: At least one year of only lower deep ducts permitted

09:40  01 december  2022
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Because of the immense silt quantities, the navigable water depth of the Tidele between Hamburg and the North Sea has been reduced by one meter since Thursday. The restriction issued due to problems with the deepening of the Elbe will initially apply until November 30, 2023, as the General Directorate had decided waterways and shipping of the federal government in early November. Large container ships have less scope for the transport of goods over the Elbe, which angry both the port industry and Hamburg's mayor Peter Tschentscher. The SPD politician has therefore made serious allegations to the federal government responsible for draining the waterway and called for a national harbor summit.

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Ein Containerfrachter fährt im strahlenden Sonnenschein bei niedrigem Wasserstand die Elbe entlang © Axel Heimken/dpa/archive image A container freighter drives the Elbe along

The President of the General Directorate, Hans-Heinrich Witte, in the bright sunshine with a low water level, the restrictions had justified that it has been about three times as many compared to the past few years Sturmfluten and an extremely low water drainage. "Overall, additional sediment is entered in the Elbe." For the Elbe deepening, which was only declared by the federal government for the end of January, this means only improvements in the draft of 20 to 90 centimeters. Originally, with the more than 800 million euro, the permissible depth for freighter should be increased to 14.50 meters in the flood and to 13.50 meters depending on the tide.

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Because of the dispute over the deepening of the Elbe, Hamburg calls for the convening of a national harbor font from the federal government. Mayor Tschenscher and Chamber of Commerce President Norbert Auste wrote to Chancellor's head Wolfgang Schmidt (SPD), Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) and Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP). At the same time, they criticized the federal government. "Unfortunately, we have to point out that the functionality of the port or its sowing accessibility is currently not acutely impaired by geopolitical systemic rivals, but by insufficient sediment management.»

In the meantime, according to the Hamburg Senate Chancellery, a first job discussion on Senate and State Chancellery has been agreed for coming week. The meeting was embedded in the Hamburg town hall for Friday, December 9th. Further discussions - also between the heads of government of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig -Holstein. Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) had suggested this and they are also supported by his Schleswig-Holstein colleague Daniel Günther (CDU).

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The environmental associations BUN, NABU and WWF, who lives in the campaign alliance, have already warned to have a say in the port summit. Because from their point of view, the current situation shows that the deepening of the Elbe not only failed, but was even superfluous. In fact, shipping companies such as Hapag-Lloyd, CMA CGM or Ocean Network Express (One) have already stated that they have so far been easy to cope with departure restrictions.

The coastal fishermen in Schleswig-Holstein also want to be involved in the harbor summit. They call for a fucking of the Elbschlick on land or on the high lake. The deepening of the Elbe has been affecting water quality in the North Sea for years. "In contrast to the past, the North Sea water is much clearer." What sounds positive at first is a drastic change. "Due to the lack of clouding, crabs are much easier to make out for their predators."

The first snow in the Elbeandstein .
How enchanted is Saxon Switzerland in winter. There was already a first impression of it. © Mike Jäger The rocks in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains show up in the snow like a sugared tunnel. Here is the view of the striking falconers, in the background of the noise stone. © Mike Jäger That is the fairy tale in white in Saxon Switzerland. Due to the haze, which troubled the outline of the rocks, the landscape consists of gray tones, almost looks like on a black and white recording.

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