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08:31  09 may  2018
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Google Maps offers new location-based features to app devs

  Google Maps offers new location-based features to app devs Updates tailored to help ride-sharing companies and other businesses track vehicles in real time.The web giant on Wednesday introduced the Google Maps Platform, a collection of streamlined APIs designed to help third-party developers incorporate location-based features into their apps. The first companies to benefit from the updates will be ride-sharing companies and businesses that need to track their vehicles' locations in real time.

Google Maps is about to get a lot smarter . Indeed, the way Google Maps gives directions has also been redesigned with more intuitive, landmark-based querying and more thorough and accurate transit directions.

Google Maps pushes update with Uber integration a bolder UI. Our Picks. Popular. Matt Silverman— August 20. There's still a long way to go. So smart . Google Maps has a new release brewing that should roll out within the next few days.

a close up of a car© Provided by Allure Media Pty Ltd Google's annual I/O developer's conference always provides an exciting swathe of Google-related updates and improvements to their services and so far, it's delivering. Their key messaging this year is solving problems with AI and with the incoming upgrades to Google Maps, their advanced AI and algorithms will help you find things to do, places to eat and organise getting together with your friends.

I've almost exclusively used Maps to get from point A to point B, though occasionally I delve into it's more exploratory features - the ability to track down restaurants nearby has certainly saved me a couple of times. The updates that Google are bringing to the service look to flesh out those exploration features a little more. Here's the new features you'll find in Google Maps this year.

Google Pay makes its way to the web

  Google Pay makes its way to the web Google Pay is no longer confined to smartphones. As promised, Google is rolling out its rebranded shopping experience available on the web for both PC and iOS device users. As on your phone, this is as much about cementing Google's presence in e-commerce as it is ordering . It's partly an answer to Apple Pay, which has been available on the web since 2016. This puts Google's foot in the door when dealing with newcomers, and gives existing fans a reason to stay inside the ecosystem.

Note: You can save maps on your device or an SD card. If you change the way you save maps , you’ll have to download the map again. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .

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Google Wants To Match You With Restaurants

Maps will now display a Netflix-like "match" function that gives you a percentage likelihood that you'll enjoy a particular restaurant or venue, in addition to giving you reasons why. Google are positioning it as "your own expert sidekick" and that sounds pretty great to me, a human being who can never decide where I should go to eat or drink without first reading every review and top 10 list I can find. This takes that search out of your hands and puts it up front.

From their blog post, it basically uses algorithms and AI to determine that you're interested in particular food groups and events and then gives you a number. It's a cafe dating update. It will help me greatly.

The Explore Tab

Perhaps the most immediate and noticeable change will be to the Explore tab that occupies the bottom bar in Google Maps. The update that's rolling out over the year will still provide the current list of restaurants and cafes, should you want to eat, but also provide 'trending lists' like a Good List that uses information from experts, AI and publishers to determine what you should be doing. That's purely food-based, of course, but events will also be curated too, with start times and dates posted straight to Maps.

Google will reportedly revamp News with video and speed tweaks

  Google will reportedly revamp News with video and speed tweaks The company may be adding Play Newsstand and YouTube features.The revamp will consolidate Google's various news services -- Play Newsstand is likely to close as part of the move, with Google News getting a new app. The rework will add YouTube's news section and incorporate the AMP technology Google uses to load pages faster on mobile.

Google Maps is about to get a little bit smarter . There are two ways to access Driving Mode: by pressing and holding down on the Android home screen and adding the Driving Mode shortcut icon, or through the sidebar within the Google Maps app.

Best Smart Home Deals. For everyone else who gets around in other ways , though, Google Maps remains your best companion.

"For You"

Another way to personalise the Maps experience aside from 'Match' is an entirely new tab that will live alongside Explore, Driving and Transit in Maps bottom bar. For You is kind of like explore, but also gives you a chance to follow particular places or restaurants and then forward you information about new places to see -- again using Google's algorithm and advanced learning. It's that kind of convenient-creepy that futurists and dystopian sci-fi authors have been writing about for years.


Google also announced a group planning feature that allows you to create 'shortlists' within the app and then send that shortlist to a group of friends you're trying to plan an evening or lunch with. Once you've all voted on it, you'll be able to use Maps to book the reservation and even find a ride.

Of course, none of this helps you if you're not a Google Maps user. However, it's safe to assume that competing apps will respond to these innovations in kind. No matter which GPS app you use, things are about to get better.

Google will make its paid storage plans cheaper .
Google is rolling out new changes to its storage plans that include a new, low-cost storage plan and half off the price of its 2TB storage option, the company announced today. Google One will get a new $2.99 a month option that gets you 200GB of storage. The 2TB plan, which usually costs $19.99 per month, will now cost $9.99 a month. Finally, the 1TB plan that costs $9.99 a month is getting removed. The other plans for 10, 20, or 30TB won’t see any changes.

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