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YouTube introduces mini-player for desktop browsers

Sunday  11:01,   21 october 2018

A quality-of-life update for desktop... >>>

NASA's New 'Gamma' Constellations Are Partly Made From Black Holes (And The TARDIS)

Sunday  09:20,   21 october 2018

You'd think with all the astronomical discoveries we've made over the years, we'd have plenty of stars to make new constellations from. Like, thousands of them. And in a way, we do. But why uses boring old stars, when you can use black holes... >>>

Chunk of moon fetches $600,000 at auction

Saturday  19:20,   20 october 2018

A chunk of the moon that fell to Earth as a lunar meteorite has fetched more than (AUD) $ 842,700 at... >>>

Samsung may add in-screen camera and fingerprint sensor to future phones

Saturday  13:42,   20 october 2018

Samsung is reportedly working on new mobile display... >>>

The Pixel 3 removes the ability to unlock your phone with your voice

Saturday  13:41,   20 october 2018

Google has quietly removed the Voice Match function from its latest Pixel 3... >>>

Chrome’s latest update brings picture-in-picture support to Windows and macOS

Saturday  13:31,   20 october 2018

While the removal of a controversial feature might be the highlight of Chrome 70 -- the latest update for Google's browser -- there is at least one exciting addition as... >>>

Tim Cook wants Bloomberg to retract its spy chip story

Saturday  11:10,   20 october 2018

Bloomberg had reported that China infiltrated hardware of Apple, Amazon and others in a mass surveillance campaign. Apple has denied the... >>>

YouTube video embeds now include a 'Subscribe' button

Saturday  11:10,   20 october 2018

Up until now, if you saw a YouTube video you liked embedded in a website, you had to click through the video to YouTube's page in order to subscribe to that... >>>

How to view your notification history on Android

Saturday  10:55,   20 october 2018

Works on Pixels, Razer Phones, and a few other... >>>

OnePlus 6T launch event moved up a day to not conflict with Apple’s event

Saturday  08:56,   20 october 2018

Just last week, OnePlus announced that it would unveil the highly-anticipated OnePlus 6T on Tuesday, October 30th - just over five months after the launch of the OnePlus... >>>

Facebook launches "Hunt For False News" debunk blog as fakery drops 50%

Saturday  08:45,   20 october 2018

Facebook hopes detailing concrete examples of fake news it's caught -- or missed -- could improve news literacy or at least prove it's attacking the misinformation... >>>

Here's a Look Inside Banksy's $1.4 Million Paper Shredder

Saturday  07:45,   20 october 2018

It looks pretty beefy, but the Sotheby's auction prank didn't go quite according to... >>>

Comment: Dad prepared me for the AI apocalypse, but all we got were dumb robots

Saturday  06:56,   20 october 2018

I was raised in a house designed to keep us safe when doomsday came, but now I live in one filled with idiot AI assistants and incompetent... >>>

Revealed by earthquakes, Earth's inner core may be softer than previously thought

Saturday  02:35,   20 october 2018

A new technique for analysing existing data is peering into our planet's deepest interior and hinting that Earth's inner core isn't all that it... >>>

New Online Piracy Laws: What Australians Need To Know

Saturday  02:35,   20 october 2018

The federal government has tabled new draft legislation that will further empower rights holders as they try to block and take down sites that either directly distribute or enable access to licensed content. The Copyright Amendment (Online... >>>