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Researchers Discover Method to Make Bacteria Harmless

Saturday  02:35,   20 october 2018

The newly discovered molecules could bring vitally important in a world of superbugs and ineffective antibiotics. Ever since the invention of penicillin, doctors have used antibiotics to kill hostile bacteria and end infections, but over the past... >>>

Huawei tussles with US startup over theft of technology

Friday  13:56,   19 october 2018

The startup was co-founded by a former Huawei... >>>

A ton of people don't know that Facebook owns WhatsApp

Friday  13:45,   19 october 2018

Americans looking to reduce their reliance on products from tech's most alarmingly megalithic companies might be surprised to learn just how far their reach... >>>

Google Play update enables smaller app installs

Friday  13:40,   19 october 2018

Google has implemented changes to the Play Store, which could translate to smaller applications that are much, much kinder to your phone's storage and... >>>

Is turning off your notifications the ultimate productivity hack?

Friday  09:07,   19 october 2018

Enabling notifications is essentially giving other people permission to schedule blocks of time in your... >>>

Now you can share your ETA in real time on Google Maps for iOS

Friday  08:32,   19 october 2018

OMW! >>>

Facebook’s confusion about its Portal camera is concerning

Friday  08:32,   19 october 2018

Facebook couldn't have picked a worse time to introduce Portal, a camera-equipped smart display designed to make video chatting in your home... >>>

An Aussie Startup Just Launched Gum You Can Swallow

Friday  07:16,   19 october 2018

Mast Chew is a new brand of Aussie chewing gum that you can safely... >>>

Fossil of flesh-eating fish and its victims captured in 150-million-year-old crime scene

Friday  03:48,   19 october 2018

The exquisitely preserved fossil of a strange bony reef fish that lived during the time of the dinosaurs has been discovered — along with some of its potential victims. The 150-million-year-old fish, dubbed Piranhamesodon pinnatomus, was a master of >>>

China plans to launch artificial moon bright enough to replace city's streetlights by 2020

Friday  03:30,   19 october 2018

China is reportedly in the process of creating three "artificial moons" that would light up the south-western city of Chengdu, saving $240 million in annual electricity... >>>

This optical illusion uses sound to trick your eyes — here's how it works

Thursday  22:31,   18 october 2018

Caltech created the "Rabbit Illusion," an optical illusion that uses sound to trick your eyes, and people across the internet are stumped. Here's how it... >>>

Snapchat's latest Lens creation tools bring 2D objects to life

Thursday  20:10,   18 october 2018

It might be easier to create and share Snapchat Lenses these days, but Snap clearly knows they need a little more... >>>

Google introduces Gmail integrations for Dropbox, Box and more

Thursday  20:10,   18 october 2018

Today, Google announced new Gmail integrations for G Suite, which is its enterprise offering for... >>>

Panasonic has invented a cubicle for your face

Thursday  20:10,   18 october 2018

Open-plan offices are distracting. They’re anxiety-producing. But what if you could work distraction-free, limited from seeing anything beyond your central vision? What if this... >>>

The Butterflies That Hear With Their Wings

Thursday  19:30,   18 october 2018

When Jayne Yack speaks, she knows that her butterflies can hear her. T hey’re listening with their wings.Yack, a professor at Carleton University, studies a group of butterflies called nymphalids, which include well-known species like the monarch,... >>>