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California sheriff calls killing of kidnapped Merced family 'pure evil'

Friday  15:51,   07 october 2022

Sheriff Vern Warnke called the killing and kidnapping of a Punjabi Sikh family in Merced, California "pure evil" as he advises prosecutors to seek the death penalty for suspect Jesus Salgado.The bodies of each of the four family members, including... >>>

Israel disassociates its soldiers from the death of a Palestinian child during an operation in the West Bank

Friday  15:41,   07 october 2022

The Israeli Army has said that its investigation into the death last week of a Palestinian boy during a raid in the West Bank town of Tekoa has determined that […]The Palestinian Ministry of Health indicated that the boy, Rayan Yaser Ali Suleiman,... >>>

France under fire over Ukraine weapons deliveries

Friday  15:40,   07 october 2022

France has repeatedly been in critics' sights over its lower level of military support to Ukraine compared with allies, but officials and experts say capacity rather than political will is at the root of the differences. Even with its far higher >>>

End of Yemen’s truce leaves civilians afraid dark days are back

Friday  15:40,   07 october 2022

The truce lasted for six months and expired on October 2, with efforts to renew it unsuccessful so far.So, when it became apparent earlier this week that the United Nations-brokered six-month truce that had significantly reduced hostilities on the... >>>

Official death toll rises to 23 in double shipwreck near Greek islands

Friday  15:21,   07 october 2022

At least 23 migrants and refugees have been killed by the double shipwreck that occurred on Wednesday night in the Aegean Sea waters near the Greek islands, according to a […]The bad weather in the area has complicated the tracing work of the Coast... >>>

Who are the winners of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize?

Friday  15:21,   07 october 2022

This year’s prestigious award was given to Ales Bialitski, Memorial and the Center for Civil Liberties.The human rights champions were recognised for an “outstanding effort to document war crimes, human right abuses and the abuse of power,” the... >>>

Court triples sentences against 18 migrants arrested in June assault on Melilla fence

Friday  15:21,   07 october 2022

A Moroccan court has tripled the sentences against 18 migrants arrested during the storming of the Melilla fence during June, raising the sentences from eleven months to three years, according […]"The 18 migrants arrested on June 24 have been... >>>

France: The hard strike at Totalenergies, the pressure rises to the Pump

Friday  15:10,   07 october 2022

© Reuters - Benoit Tessier La Réfinerie de Gonfreville -l'Orcher, near Le Havre, which provides 22% of the fuel in France. In France, the queues were lying on Friday in many service stations. Motorists fear a shortage linked to the strike launched... >>>

"LOVE", The new and ultimate album by Serge Lama

Friday  14:40,   07 october 2022

LOVE, The new and latest album by Serge LAMA . I am sick, from adventures to adventures, red balloons ... The singer has always been able to put words on our ills, our despair, our loves. At almost 80 years old, Serge Lama stops his career and... >>>

Großbank Credit Suisse in the need for

Friday  14:30,   07 october 2022

Of course the Swiss banker Axel Lehmann has nothing to do with the former Bank Lehman Brothers, whose collapse in 2008 triggered the global financial crisis. © Ennio Lanza/Keystone/dpa The Swiss Bank Credit Suisse has played its most valuable... >>>

Delivery of weapons to Ukraine: MEP Nathalie LOISEAU "wants France to do more" and "much more Germany"

Friday  14:30,   07 october 2022

while Europeans voted for an eighth train of sanctions against Russia, the deputy European Nathalie Loiseau calls to "now increase the deliveries of weapons" to help the Ukrainian army "to spend the winter". >>>

Bialiatski: veteran rights defender in authoritarian Belarus

Friday  14:01,   07 october 2022

Ales Bialiatski, the head of Belarus rights group Viasna who was jailed last year, won the Nobel Peace Prize in the wake of historic demonstrations and a severe crackdown in his ex-Soviet country. He was previously nominated for the Nobel Peace... >>>

Syria – U.S. kills two top Islamic State commanders in northern Syria

Friday  13:51,   07 october 2022

The U.S. military carried out an airstrike Thursday in northern Syria near the town of Qamishli, killing two senior Islamic State commanders in an operation the White House called a […]At around 18.32 local time (19.32 Spanish peninsular time), the... >>>

What Will Happen in Georgia?

Friday  13:51,   07 october 2022

Millennial and Gen Z voters have serious power in the South.In welcoming remarks, Bryce Berry, a senior at nearby Morehouse College and the president of the Young Democrats of Georgia club, told the group that none of the party’s national-policy... >>>

Hunter Biden: Twitter explodes over news federal agents have enough to file charges against president's son

Friday  13:51,   07 october 2022

Social media users commented on the news that federal charges could be brought against President Biden's controversial son Hunter after a years-long investigation.Federal agents believe they have gathered sufficient evidence to charge Hunter... >>>