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Photos show what American life was like after the Great Depression

Saturday  14:10,   08 august 2020

These incredible color photographs reveal what it was like to live in rural America amid the struggles of the Great Depression and World War... >>>

Huge explosion in Somali capital kills several

Saturday  14:10,   08 august 2020

The explosion hit a military base in Mogadishu, killing at least eight people, an official says.It was not yet clear what caused the blast but witnesses told local media a car loaded with explosives attacked the compound near a... >>>

PHOTO - Denis Brogniart: his greetings to Emmanuel Macron in Brégançon

Saturday  13:40,   08 august 2020

© JACOVIDES-MOREAU / BESTIMAGE PHOTO - Denis Brogniart: his greeting to Emmanuel Macron in Brégançon Passing through the Var for his holidays, Denis Brogniart certainly hoped to meet Emmanuel Macron. In his Instagram story, this Friday, August 7,... >>>

In China, a village cordoned off by the plague

Saturday  13:26,   08 august 2020

© Supplied by Slate Bubonic plague causes sores and pustules, called buboes, on the skin of victims. | Screenshot via YouTube A small village located in Inner Mongolia is placed in isolation after the appearance of a case of bubonic plague and the... >>>

Children's author dies after daytime shooting outside home

Saturday  13:11,   08 august 2020

A children's author who was shot in broad daylight outside his home has died, local leaders have said. © Other Former parish councillor James Nash died after severe head injuries. Pic: James Nash/Facebook The victim, named locally as James Nash, >>>

Israel's Lebanon aid offer unlikely to find a taker

Saturday  13:11,   08 august 2020

For some it's a gesture of goodwill, to others sheer hypocrisy: Israel's offer of humanitarian aid to Lebanon after the massive Beirut blast is unlikely to be taken up. Hours later the government offered humanitarian aid to Lebanon. "Israel... >>>

The Fearless Journalist Targeted by a Murderous Dictator

Saturday  13:11,   08 august 2020

Ramona Diaz’s latest documentary, A Thousand Cuts, stars former CNN correspondent and Rappler co-founder Maria Ressa, a formidable Filipino reporter who was born in the country yet spent much of her youth, as well as her college years, in the U.S.... >>>

Grief to anger as disaster-hit Beirut braces for protests

Saturday  13:11,   08 august 2020

Thousands of Lebanese prepared Saturday for a major protest against a political leadership they blame for a monster explosion that killed more than 150 people and disfigured the capital Beirut. Two days after a landmark visit by French President... >>>

Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? Only at the Science-Free Creation Museum

Saturday  13:10,   08 august 2020

Summer travel in the United States has slowed but not stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. Among those destinations that have recently reopened is, as of June 8, the Creation Museum, a museum dedicated to promoting the Biblical story of Genesis... >>>

Taiwan airlines offer sight-seeing flights during pandemic

Saturday  13:10,   08 august 2020

Faced with the coronavirus collapse in travellers, Taiwanese airlines have begun offering sight-seeing "flights to nowhere" on their passenger jets -- including flight attendant lessons for children. Local enthusiasm for the trips has been helped by >>>

Speculation about Scholz: SPD wants to nominate candidates for chancellor in late summer

Saturday  13:07,   08 august 2020

Leading social democrats recently pushed for a quick decision to run for chancellor. The time will come soon, says SPD General Secretary Klingbeil. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa Federal Finance Minister and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). SPD... >>>

Beijing's top office in Hong Kong slams 'ridiculous' US sanctions

Saturday  12:06,   08 august 2020

Beijing's top office in Hong Kong slams 'ridiculous' US sanctionsThe criticism on Saturday came hours after Washington announced sanctions on Luo Huining, the head of China's Liaison Office, as well as Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam and... >>>

UN: At least nine children killed by air raids in northern Yemen

Saturday  12:06,   08 august 2020

UN says at least seven more children and two women were wounded, but casualty exact figures still under investigation.Lise Grande, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, said in a statement on Friday a group of mostly women and children were hit >>>

Mali's Keita appoints Constitutional Court judges to ease crisis

Saturday  12:06,   08 august 2020

Nine judges chosen by presidential decree as part of a compromise intended to ease months-long political turmoil.The Sahel nation is in the grip of a political impasse between Keita and an increasingly strident opposition intent on securing his... >>>