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Alaska thunderstorms could triple if climate trends continue, scientists warn

Wednesday  22:07,   24 february 2021

Alaska thunderstorms could triple if climate trends continue, scientists warnANCHORAGE (Reuters) - Alaska may need to brace for more thunderstorms — along with the landslides, floods and wildfires they can bring — if current climate trends continue, >>>

Smuggled photos used against Syrian regime in landmark torture trial

Wednesday  21:53,   24 february 2021

Thousands of images of dead Syrians smuggled out of the country by a photographer known as "Caesar" showed the world the horrors detainees allegedly suffered at the hands of President Bashar al-Assad's regime. The so-called Caesar files... >>>

Iran promises response to Ukraine plane crash 'ambiguities'

Wednesday  21:53,   24 february 2021

Iran will provide "detailed responses" to accusations by a UN expert over Tehran's accidental downing last year of a Ukrainian passenger jet, the foreign ministry said Wednesday. On January 8, 2020, Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752... >>>

Carlos Ghosn case: Three accomplices in his escape sentenced to prison in Turkey

Wednesday  21:40,   24 february 2021

The Turkish legal proceedings have shed light on the spectacular conditions of the ousted magnate's flight to Lebanon © Miho Ikeya / AP / SIPA Carlos Ghosn TRIAL - Turkish legal proceedings have shed light on the spectacular conditions of the... >>>

Florida man charged with trying to join ISIL fighters

Wednesday  21:29,   24 february 2021

The man, who had been on US law enforcement radar for a decade, was arrested earlier this month.The grand jury on Tuesday charged Mohamed Suliman, 33, with attempting to provide material support to a designated “foreign terrorist”... >>>

Supporters of jailed Georgia politician rally outside prison

Wednesday  21:14,   24 february 2021

Hundreds protest in Rustavi, expressing solidarity with opposition leader Melia a day after his arrest.Georgia has been in the grip of a crisis since parliamentary elections in October last year, which opposition parties denounced as rigged after... >>>

“I feel like my ancestry is the story of America”

Wednesday  21:14,   24 february 2021

3 Black Americans who unlocked personal history using DNA testing and online historical databases.What Baldwin spoke to is a reality for so many Black Americans. Deeply connecting to that personal history, and understanding where we and our families >>>

Will Texas Republicans Pay a Price for the Blackouts?

Wednesday  21:14,   24 february 2021

The state’s energy disaster is over. The fallout is just beginning.Assessing political liability for a natural disaster is tricky. Texas is still a Republican state. Despite Democrats’ progress in recent elections, the power-grid collapse of 2021 is >>>

Evelyne Dhéliat: this famous show in which she refuses to participate!

Wednesday  20:30,   24 february 2021

© C. CHEVALLIN / TF1 Evelyne Dhéliat: this famous show in which she refuses to participate! Present on TF1 since the creation of the channel, Evelyne Dhéliat is not ready to do anything to be on the air. In an interview, the latter revealed what... >>>

UN Eritrea expert urges probe of refugee camp attack in Ethiopia

Wednesday  20:29,   24 february 2021

The UN's special rapporteur on Eritrea on Wednesday demanded a swift, independent investigation into allegations that the country's troops attacked refugee camps in neighbouring Ethiopia and abducted Eritrean asylum seekers. Reporting to the >>>

Pubs, restaurants and shops to reopen in Sark

Wednesday  20:29,   24 february 2021

Gatherings of up to 30 will be allowed for the island's 500 residents from Thursday.The change also means gatherings of up to 30 people, inside or outside, can take place in the island from... >>>

Covid-19: deputies vaccinated outside the official circuit, aid to Lebanon threatened

Wednesday  20:15,   24 february 2021

© Mohamed Azakir, Reuters Lebanese get vaccinated in Beirut on February 16, 2021. Vaccination against Covid-19 by deputies outside the official circuit arouses strong indignation in Lebanon. The World Bank has gone so far as to threaten to suspend... >>>

Anis Naccache, death of an authentic "Islamo-leftist"

Wednesday  20:15,   24 february 2021

© Supplied by Liberation Undated portrait of Anis Naccache. Anis Naccache, who died Monday at the age of 70, in Damascus, as a result of the coronavirus, could have rightly claimed to be the true precursor of "Islamo-leftism". The Lebanese... >>>

Freed Algeria journalist vows to fight on for press freedom

Wednesday  19:35,   24 february 2021

Prominent Algerian journalist Khaled Drareni, released after almost a year in prison following a presidential pardon, has vowed to keep up the fight for the "sacred, untouchable" freedom of the press. "I hope that my time in prison will contribute... >>>