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Maryland man convicted of murder in death of worker building secret bomb shelter

Thursday  16:46,   25 april 2019

Daniel Beckwitt, 27, faces up to 30 years in prison for the 2017 death of Askia Khafra,... >>>

American grandmother who was kidnapped on Uganda safari recalls the 'pure fear and terror' she felt when four armed men emerged from a bush to snatch her as she speaks out for first time since her $30,000 rescue

Thursday  16:45,   25 april 2019

Kimberly Endicott, 56, was snatched from her jeep in the Queen Elizabeth National Park along with her driver on April 2. She was held for five days by a group of kidnappers before being dropped off on the border between Uganda and Congo in exchange... >>>

Leaked recording reveals Michael Cohen reneging on some guilty pleas

Thursday  12:26,   25 april 2019

Michael Cohen, former attorney for President Donald Trump, apparently reneged on his admissions for some of his alleged crimes, indicating that he only pleaded guilty to avoid dragging his wife through a prolonged legal battle. The revelations came... >>>

Kim, Putin vow to seek closer ties at first talks

Thursday  11:40,   25 april 2019

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un meet in Russia's Far East for their first-ever summit on Thursday, with the North Korean leader looking for support in his nuclear stand-off with the United... >>>

Sky Tower NZ's tallest poppy for Anzac Day

Thursday  09:25,   25 april 2019

A 13-metre poppy emblem is also projected onto its... >>>

Anzac Day dawn service at Gallipoli goes ahead with beefed-up security despite ISIS terror threat and just hours after the arrest of a man, 26, for allegedly planning a revenge attack for Christchurch

Thursday  08:40,   25 april 2019

The annual service went ahead with increased security measures after Turkish police on Wednesday night arrested an alleged ISIS member who was thought to be planning an attack. Turkish forces were conducting security checks every couple of hundred... >>>

Pregnant wife of Sri Lanka bomber detonates suicide vest, killing children and police

Thursday  08:21,   25 april 2019

Two sons of a wealthy spice merchant are thought to have masterminded the Sri Lankan terror... >>>

Texas executes white supremacist convicted in gruesome 1998 hate crime

Thursday  07:50,   25 april 2019

One of James Byrd Jr.'s killers, John William King, was executed Wednesday in Texas for his role in one of the worst hate crimes in modern... >>>

'Spy vulture' held in war-torn Yemen

Thursday  05:45,   25 april 2019

Griffon vulture Nelson crossed into war-torn Yemen in search of food but ended up in the hands of Yemeni fighters -- and temporarily in jail for suspected... >>>

How angry pilots got the Navy to stop dismissing UFO sightings

Thursday  05:05,   25 april 2019

The Navy abandoned "safety through ignorance" and drafted guidelines to report UFO... >>>

Trump’s defiance puts pressure on Congress’s ability to check the president

Thursday  04:55,   25 april 2019

Since taking office, President Trump has consistently treated Congress as more of a subordinate than an... >>>

Millions of children miss measles shots, creating outbreaks: UNICEF

Thursday  03:40,   25 april 2019

Millions of children miss measles shots, creating outbreaks:... >>>

Prince William attends Auckland service as snipers watch over

Thursday  03:30,   25 april 2019

Police declined to comment on the snipers'... >>>

The secret world of Russia's North Korean workers

Thursday  03:25,   25 april 2019

North Korean migrants working in Russia are facing uncertainty due to UN... >>>

Ebola first responders threaten strike if security not improved

Thursday  03:07,   25 april 2019

Ebola first responders threaten strike if security not... >>>