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Prince Harry back on royal duties after candid speech about Sussexes' future

Monday  14:06,   20 january 2020

A smiling Duke of Sussex today arrived alone to the UK-Africa Investment Summit in central London, where he is scheduled to take part in multiple bilateral meetings with leaders. The summit, hosted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, brings... >>>

University student from New Zealand creates an 'earth sandwich' by sharing a slice of bread with a stranger on the exact opposite point of the world

Monday  12:32,   20 january 2020

The New Zealand student took a photo of him stood with a slice of bread on the ground at a beach in eastern Auckland, while the stranger in Spain placed a slice on the ground at the same time. The New Zealand student took a photo of him stood with a >>>

Germans are slamming Elon Musk's plans to clear 740 acres of forest for a $45.36 million Tesla factory

Monday  08:00,   20 january 2020

Tesla is gearing up to clear 740 acres of forest near Berlin, Germany for its fourth Gigafactory. But some Germans, who have seen their native forests threatened by droughts and fires in recent years, don't want the factory in their native land. >>>

Police arrest organizer of Hong Kong protest after rally turns violent

Monday  07:40,   20 january 2020

Police arrest organizer of Hong Kong protest after rally turns violentVentus Lau was arrested on Sunday evening on charges of "obstruction of police administration" and violating terms set when permission was granted for the protest, the Hong Kong... >>>

2 dead, 5 injured as patron opens fire 'indiscriminately' at bar

Monday  06:40,   20 january 2020

The man opened fire after an argument at a concert.San Antonio Police Department responded to a shooting at a bar called Ventura, steps from the San Antonio River, at 8 p.m. local time. An altercation appears to have broken out between customers... >>>

Comment: Iran’s Leaders Have a Problem They Can’t Fix

Monday  05:45,   20 january 2020

The downing of a plane showed citizens what’s wrong with the Iranian government, but the regime has no plans to change.When Ayatollah Ali Khamenei led prayers at Tehran’s Grand Mosque for the first time in eight years on Friday, Iran’s supreme... >>>

Cult 'anointed by God' kills 7 in Panama Jungle

Monday  05:27,   20 january 2020

Bibles rest on a wooden altar next to percussion instruments — a guiro and a drum — in the room where a religious sect allegedly forced a pregnant woman and five of her children to walk through fire in this remote hamlet. WARNING: The following >>>

Canada asks Iran to send airliner's black boxes to Ukraine or France

Monday  05:05,   20 january 2020

Canada on Sunday repeated its request that Iran quickly hand over to France or Ukraine black boxes from the Ukrainian airliner which Tehran's forces accidentally shot down. Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Francois-Philippe Champagne... >>>

2 police officers dead in Hawaii shooting: Officials

Monday  05:05,   20 january 2020

The incident occurred about 10 a.m. local time.The incident unfolded at a home near the Honolulu tourist destination, officials said. Hawaii Gov. David Ige confirmed the officers' deaths on... >>>

Israel to welcome the world for Auschwitz anniversary

Monday  04:51,   20 january 2020

World leaders are to travel to Israel this week to mark 75 years since the Red Army liberated Auschwitz, the extermination camp where the Nazis killed over a million Jews. It is set to be one of the most important events ever organised by the... >>>

The Chinese Population Crisis

Monday  04:45,   20 january 2020

In recent days both this newspaper and The Wall Street Journal have carried reports on one of the most important geopolitical facts of the 21st century: The world’s great rising power, the People’s Republic of China, is headed for a demographic... >>>

Two men are in prison for the same Florida murder. One may be innocent. He also may be executed.

Monday  04:20,   20 january 2020

On a June morning in 1985, a 30-year-old jail inmate named Jack Pearcy sat in an administrative room of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Did you really see Jimmy Dailey stab Shelly... >>>

Cervical cancer 'could be eliminated' thanks to HPV vaccine and rollout of better screening

Monday  04:20,   20 january 2020

Under the new system, cells from cervical samples will be tested for HPV infection firstThe health service has completed its rollout of a new screening method which sees cervical samples first checked for the human papilloma virus... >>>

Roads and crops damaged in Tonga by Cyclone Tino

Monday  03:55,   20 january 2020

Top officials from Tonga's Ha'apai group say infrastructure is in urgent need of repair in the islands after Cyclone Tino swept past overnight. The storm brought winds of up to 180 km/hr and torrential rain but it had weakened and moved out... >>>

Dershowitz distances himself from White House response to Democrats’ impeachment charges

Monday  03:55,   20 january 2020

His comments come as both sides preview their arguments for Trump’s impeachment trial, which begins in earnest this week and is only the third such trial in U.S. history. © Jefferson Siegel/Reuters Alan Dershowitz is one of four lawyers who were... >>>