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Climate: Germany has lost a glacier, the southern part of the Schneeferner, in the Bavarian Alps

Tuesday  02:23,   27 september 2022

Ten meters in 2018, the ice does not even reach two meters in many places. © supplied by Franceinfo The southern part of the Schneeferner glacier, in the Bavarian Alps (Germany), melted at accelerated speed during this particularly hot summer. And... >>>

The rail traffic between China and North Korea resumes after several months of stopping

Tuesday  02:22,   27 september 2022

© AP - 092611+0900 rail traffic between China and North Korea resumed this Monday morning after almost five months of 'stop. The rail traffic between two of the most closed countries in the world since the start of the health crisis resumed this... >>>

9 Reader Views on the State of Immigration Policy

Tuesday  01:31,   27 september 2022

“America is by no means running up against scarcity,” one writes.Last week, I asked about your views on... >>>

Plans to demolish Douglas quayside site rejected

Tuesday  01:21,   27 september 2022

A bid to revamp a terrace of some of the Isle of Man capital's oldest properties is rejected.Developer Kelman Limited had bid to turn the registered 18th Century former warehouse on Douglas' North Quay into 10 flats and food and drink... >>>

New Met chief promises to be 'ruthless' in kicking out corrupt officers

Tuesday  01:21,   27 september 2022

Scotland Yard's new commissioner has promised to be "ruthless" in kicking out corrupt, misogynist and racist police officers, but admitted he will need help. © PA Sir Mark Rowley wrote in an open letter: "I have taken over as the leader of an... >>>

How Abe's murder increased scrutiny of the Unification Church

Tuesday  01:21,   27 september 2022

The assassination of former prime minister Shinzo Abe has renewed scrutiny of the Unification Church in Japan, with accusations being made that the sect cultivates political connections and pressures members to donate. But the accusations resurfaced >>>

Kremlin says no decision to seal Russia’s borders amid chaos

Tuesday  01:21,   27 september 2022

Thousands are fleeing the country to avoid call to fight in Ukraine after Russia ordered first mobilisation since WW II.Asked on Monday about the prospect of the border being shut, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: “I don’t know... >>>

Father and Son Charged in $100 Million Sandwich Scheme

Tuesday  01:11,   27 september 2022

It was the caper of the century: a minuscule New Jersey deli not only became a publicly traded entity, but mysteriously grew to have a market value north of $100 million. Now, three men are being charged with illegally pumping up the company’s... >>>

FBI arrest of Pennsylvania pro-life activist an attack on 'pro-life Christians,' spox says

Tuesday  01:11,   27 september 2022

A representative for Mark Houck, the pro-life Pennsylvania man who was arrested by the FBI last week, said the arrest was an "attack on pro-life Christians.""This was clearly a message to the pro-life movement to get out of our way and comply,"... >>>

Uruguayan president’s security chief arrested for forging passports for Russians

Tuesday  01:11,   27 september 2022

The head of security for Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou has been arrested as part of the investigation into a gang that made fake Russian passports for their holders to […]The arrested man is Alejandro Astesiano, who acted as a facilitator of... >>>

CCTV of Georgia Mom’s Final Shopping Trip Deepens Mystery of Her Death

Tuesday  01:11,   27 september 2022

Debbie Collier, the Georgia mom who was found dead and severely burned in a ravine earlier this month, was last seen alive at a Family Dollar store buying a refillable torch lighter and a tarp, authorities revealed on Monday. Surveillance footage... >>>

scandal speech: Wolfgang Kubicki describes Erdoğan as a "channel rat"

Tuesday  00:02,   27 september 2022

Wolfgang Kubicki is famous and notorious for his sometimes hearty verbal attacks, but this time he could have gone too far. At a campaign event of the FDP in Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, he described the Turkish President Erdoğan as a "sewer rat". © >>>

Republicans rave about Meloni: One of the elections of the Trumpists

Tuesday  00:00,   27 september 2022

America's rights cheered on the election victory of right-wing radical Giorgia Meloni, and Steve Bannon even raves about a national populist revolution. President Joe Biden sees it very differently. But the White House tries to demonstrative... >>>

massacre at Russian school: Many children dead and injured

Tuesday  00:00,   27 september 2022

A 34 -year -old man is said to have caused a bloodbath among children at his former school in the Russian city of Ichewsk in the Republic of Udmurtia. © Uncredited/AP/dpa at a school in Ischewsk, Russia in Russia, there were many deaths at a... >>>

Iran reproaches US for withdrawing from nuclear deal and intermediate nuclear weapons treaty

Monday  23:42,   26 september 2022

The Foreign Ministry’s deputy representative for legal and international affairs, Reza Nayafi, has reproached the United States on Monday for withdrawing in recent years from two key treaties such as […]"These are concrete examples of how (the... >>>