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Gay couple sues over US refusal to recognize kid as citizen

Wednesday  08:25,   24 july 2019

A same-sex couple in Georgia said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that the U.S. State Department is unconstitutionally refusing to recognize their daughter's rightful American... >>>

North Korea just revealed one of its most potentially dangerous weapons yet

Wednesday  08:16,   24 july 2019

The revelation is clearly a message for... >>>

Trump sues Congress, New York to keep his tax returns a secret

Wednesday  07:10,   24 july 2019

Donald Trump is suing the state of New York and the United States Congress in an extraordinary bid to stop his tax returns being released publicly. In a lawsuit filed in federal court, Mr Trump's attorneys have argued that Democrats in the House of... >>>

Trump and Johnson: Allies in Disruption

Wednesday  05:51,   24 july 2019

Since the start of the Trump administration, Britain has helped lead the quiet resistance to a president upending American foreign policy and straining the trans-Atlantic alliance. That may change with Boris Johnson’s ascent to the post of prime... >>>

Girl tossed into air by bison at Yellowstone

Wednesday  05:30,   24 july 2019

A bull bison at Yellowstone National Park charged a group of people ignoring park safety rules and tossed a 9-year-old girl into the... >>>

Who is Boris Johnson, Britain's new prime minister?

Wednesday  05:06,   24 july 2019

Johnson cultivated a reputation as a charming upper-class womaniser, cheat and liar - and some Britons love him for... >>>

The Russian oil allegations gripping Italy

Wednesday  05:06,   24 july 2019

Prosecutors are reportedly investigating an alleged secret scheme to fund the ruling League... >>>

South Korea asks Japan to cancel plan to remove the country from white list

Wednesday  05:06,   24 july 2019

South Korea asks Japan to cancel plan to remove the country from white... >>>

'Extremely racist' cartoon slammed as cursed princess turns 'black'

Wednesday  04:55,   24 july 2019

"The fact that a lot of children are watching this makes my blood... >>>

Bernie Sanders' campaign accused of interrogation of employee

Wednesday  04:50,   24 july 2019

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been accused of illegal interrogation and retaliation against staffers during a bitter union dispute. A formal complaint was made to the National Labor Relations Board this week with five allegations of misconduct,... >>>

Opinion: Why Does Trump Want a Second Term?

Wednesday  04:15,   24 july 2019

He hasn’t offered many new ideas for another four years—and hasn’t accomplished most of what he aimed for so far in his first... >>>

What Boris Johnson has said about other countries

Wednesday  04:10,   24 july 2019

One country will "sacrifice many sheep in Boris' honour". Even if its president might not be... >>>

Robert Mueller’s Testimony Is Tomorrow. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Wednesday  03:55,   24 july 2019

After two years of silence and one brief public statement, the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, will finally sit for prolonged questioning at two House hearings on Wednesday. Though he has expressed reluctance about testifying and has vowed... >>>

'My heart is shattered, but I knew the risks he faced': Stunt-woman girlfriend of Vin Diesel body-double left fighting for life in 'induced coma' after 30ft fall on Fast and Furious set holds bedside vigil as Hollywood star is 'devastated'

Wednesday  03:45,   24 july 2019

British stuntman Joe Watts is in hospital battling a serious head injury after plunging 30ft at the Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire, on the set of Fast and Furious 9 in front of Vin... >>>

Boris Johnson: Britain's New PM Was Born in New York City and Was a U.S. Citizen for Decades—Until the IRS Caught up With Him

Wednesday  03:30,   24 july 2019

Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party leader and new U.K. prime minister, renounced his American citizenship after a dispute with the... >>>