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34 goals during the first weekend in Ligue 1, never seen for 45 years

Monday  18:30,   08 august 2022

The elite of French football deserves its title. This first weekend of our beautiful Liguain saw a festival of goals crossing France. 34 To be more precise, an exceptional total that has never been seen for 45 years and the 1977-1978 season (42... >>>

Ryan Giggs, ex-star of Manchester United, before the courts for domestic violence

Monday  18:20,   08 august 2022

The trial of the former Welsh international opened in Manchester on Monday. View onononews © Lindsey Parnaby/AFP or Licensors The former Red Devils star arrives at the Tribunal in Manchester, 08/08/2022 The former Manchester United star, Ryan Giggs >>>

Plus belle la vie (spoiler): Roman in great danger, a fatal stop for Emma on France 3

Monday  18:10,   08 august 2022

supplied by all TV Emma comes out of a crucial investigation to have the truth about the disappearance of Caesar In Plus belle la vie . After having hunted down Camille, the young woman is jostled by the internment of her sister and her husband's... >>>

truck burns on Elbbrücken: Railway traffic restricted

Monday  18:00,   08 august 2022

A truck fire at the Hamburg S-Bahn station in Elbbrücken on Monday significantly disturbed rail traffic over the Norderelel. The trains of lines S3 and S31 would no longer drive between Hammerbrook and Wilhelmsburg until the end of the operation,... >>>

Export controls could stop Russian weapons - report

Monday  17:41,   08 august 2022

Russian weapons could be permanently degraded by tougher export controls in the West, a think tank says.Almost all Moscow's modern military systems depend on western-made microelectronics, the report... >>>

Barca boss claims: De Jong wants to stay!

Monday  17:41,   08 august 2022

Manchester United? FC Chelsea? According to Barca boss Joan Laporta, Frenkie de Jong apparently wants to stay at FC Barcelona. © provided by Sport1.de Barca boss claims: De jong wants to stay! The Dutch international Frenkie de Jong wants to remain >>>

DFB sports court blocks Hradecky for a game

Monday  17:30,   08 august 2022

his dismissal was indisputable, but even referee Felix Brych showed pity with Lukas Hradecky. The DFB sports court now expressed the minimum lock against Leverkusen's keeper. © Imago/Kirchner-Media Dr. Felix Brych explains Lukas Hradecky the... >>>

Final preparations for Jersey's Battle of Flowers

Monday  16:11,   08 august 2022

Competitors are putting the finishing touches to their floats for the 2022 Jersey Battle of Flowers.This year the event is celebrating its 120th... >>>

Why K-12 schools aren’t requiring students to get Covid-19 vaccines

Monday  16:01,   08 august 2022

Mass indifference is one big factor.One thing is clear: Almost none of them will be requiring... >>>

Israel razes homes of Palestinians suspected of axe murders

Monday  16:01,   08 august 2022

Israel demolished the homes of two young Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on Monday suspected of carrying out an axe attack in May that killed three people. Bulldozers tore down the family homes of Assad Yussef al-Rifai, 19, and Subhi Imad Abu >>>

Man who molested sleeping man at flat is jailed

Monday  16:01,   08 august 2022

The pair had been out drinking in Douglas before the victim awoke to find himself being assaulted.Stuart Gawne, 30, had been drinking with the man before returning to a flat in Douglas in the early hours of 5 July... >>>

Italy. A 450 kg bomb dating from the Second War discovered in the Pô Consecounted River

Monday  16:00,   08 august 2022

© Flavio Lo Scalzo / Reuters of the members of the Italian army removing a bomb on the Pô river, August 7, 2022. A 450 bomb Kg dating from the Second World War was found following a drop in water levels caused by the historic drought that strikes... >>>

Can Europe Dispense With ‘the Indispensable Nation’?

Monday  15:02,   08 august 2022

The conundrum facing America’s allies is how to cope with a great imperial power in decline that is still a great imperial power.Again and again, when I spoke with officials, diplomats, politicians, and aides in Britain and Europe over the past few... >>>

Amnesty International stumbles on human rights in Ukraine, provoking global outrage

Monday  15:02,   08 august 2022

In calling out a Ukrainian violation of international humanitarian law, the human rights organisation has wandered deep into the grey area.Late last week, Amnesty International released a report asserting that Ukraine was violating international... >>>

found in locker?: Scholz knew nothing of higher cash sum at Kahrs

Monday  15:00,   08 august 2022

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, according to his spokesman, didn't know anything about a possible larger cash sum in possession of the former SPD member of the Bundestag Johannes Kahr. He could rule that out, said government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit on >>>